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The Robing Room – How To Rate A Judge – Does Diane Adkins Tobin Have The Right Temperament And Evenhandedness To Be A Judge?

June 6, 2018

  1. Temperament – The characteristic or habitual inclination or mode of emotional response!
  2. Temperamental – Marked by excessive  sensitivity and impulsive  changes of mind!
  3. Evenhanded – Fair – Impartial

Does  Diane Adkins-Tobin  have the temperament and evenhanded judgement to sit on the Circuit Court for the next 15 years. You be the judge.

She is definitely erratic in her campaign habit of going out of her way to canvass  a white gray male voter while on the other hand ignoring a young black woman who is trying to get her attention.

She may be upset that she wasn’t selected previously for the Circuit Court.

The first woman selected to sit on the Harford Circuit Court was  Angela Eaves, a black woman in 2007 ( Martin O’Malley)

. The second woman to be selected for the Harford Circuit Court was Elizabeth Bowens in 2011. (Martin O’Malley). This was the first time Adkins- Tobin was not selected. O’Malley also appointed Susan Hazlett to the District Court in 2008?.

Under   Governor  Hogans term of office Adkins-Tobin was passed up for selection to the Circuit Court twice.   Hogan instead selected Paul Ishak and Lawrence Kreis.

Obviously  Adkins-Tobin is upset that the Republican governor did not select her twice for the Circuit Court

. She  may apparently have some  personal animus towards black females because Gov. O’Malley picked a  black woman  to be the first female selected for the Circuit Court. But Angela Eaves wasn’t the one who first robbed her of a  Circuit Court seat. That was Elizabeth Bowens , a white woman.

Now Adkins-Tobin is out for revenge against the two sitting white males  (Ishak and Kreis)   that  also robbed her twice of a Circuit Court seat. Usually three strikes with the public vote and your out.

But Adkins-Tobin wants another chance. Another strike. She is trying to get back at Governor Hogan for not picking her twice . And she is going to try to do it by taking down one of those white men sitting judges.

Diane Adkins-Tobin is a Republican, but she has  stirred up Democratic women to rally around her against the White Male Conspiracy that’s holding her back.  .

Fact of the  matter is Democratic led  and Republican led nominating  committees  nominated her three times/

Two white male Governors decided she wasn’t the best  choice

. The Democratic white Governor selected three straight woman for the Harford Courts. 1. Eaves 2. Bowens 3.Hazlet

Now a white Republican Governor has selected two straight white men. l. Ishak 2. Kreis

If there is a conspiracy its a Republican conspiracy. The Democrats have done all they can to balance the courts with women.

Adkins-Tobins temperament may or may not be right for  a 15 year Circuit Court job but whats holding her back appointment-wise is not  a white-man conspiracy or  a black woman conspiracy. Its a Republican conspiracy. Republican DNA generally thinks women don’t belong on the court. On any court.

I personally  dont think Adkins-Tobin is  temperamentally suited for the court. I also dont think she is evenhanded , fair,or  impartial as a prosecutor .

Adkin-Tobin  emphasizes first  on her  campaign card that she is a “Tough on crime prosecutor” . She emphasizes lastly   on her campaign card that she is “fair and open minded”.

“Tough on crime” usually is Republican-speak for over-arresting,  over-charging and over sentencing citizens accused of a crime especially non-white citizens.

I think a prosecutor should always be  evenhanded, fair and impartial . Leave it to the bad cops to be impulsive, reckless and prejudice.

I am going to vote for one of the sitting judges   Paul Ishak because of his experience. And in November I’m going to vote  Tom Ashwell,  a public defender on the Libertarian  ticket.

Only 13% of judges are public defenders. We need more criminal defense lawyers on the court to stop the over prosecuting of all  citizens.






Two Republican Appointed Judges Have Two Challengers In Harford Circuit Court Election (Democrat DA Tobin, Independent Tom Ashwell)

April 24, 2018





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