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Seth Myers – Don Jr Gets Subpoenaed As Trump Lies About Mueller Report/ Colbert – VEEP / Colbert Crossover/ Obstruction Junction/Report Kooks , Call 911

May 10, 2019

















Colbert – New Trump Nicknames For 2020 – Seth Myers : Trump Lies About Manafort And Tim Apple – Jimmy Kimmel: R. Kelly

March 12, 2019

Common Dreams – Daddy’s Boy: Trump Lifetime Of Lies And Corruption Revealed By NYTimes

October 3, 2018


Last Word/Lawrence O’Donnell – Kavanaugh Hearings: Chuck Grassley Is Lying!

September 20, 2018

Colbert: Comparing Apples And Orange Man -SethMyersCloserLook: Trump Avoids Reporters And Lies About His Tariffs – Tony Shallub Talks About “The Marvelous Mrs Maisel”

July 27, 2018

Melania’s Disappearance Is Like A Hitchcock Movie: The Lady Vanishes

June 11, 2018


DodgyDagger/TonyV – Mayor McGrady Lied!: “Mayor McGrady Convinced All Of Those Voters That The Water And The Tax Bills Would Go Down If He Were In Office.”

August 8, 2017



Presidential Lies And Truth

February 18, 2017

George Washington: I Cannot Tell A Lie.

Richard Nixon: I Cannot Tell The Truth.

Donald Trump: I Cannot Tell The Difference.


Seth Myers – Trump Doubles Down On Lies And Conspiracy Theories

January 27, 2017

The Intercept – Trump Contradicts Himself And Reality at Press Conference

January 12, 2017


Rachel Maddow – Trump Lies About Released Russian Intel Report

January 8, 2017

Daily Show -Fantastic Boasts: Adapting To Donald Trump Lies

November 30, 2016

ThinkProgress – Trump Campaign Mgr Lies On CBS And CNN And Melts Down On CNN

September 16, 2016

Stephen Colbert – Trump Only Knows Whats On The Internet

March 15, 2016

BillMaher/Real Time – /03/11/16 – Monlogue/Trump Lies Like No Ones Checking Facts

March 12, 2016

BillMaher/RealTime – NewRules – Lies Are The New Truth

January 31, 2016

ThinkProgress – NRA Bombards New Town Families With Robocall Lies

March 25, 2013

NYTimes/Charles Blow – The GOP Fact Vacuum – The Romney Campaign Will Not Be Dictated To By FactCheckers

September 2, 2012

David Letterman – Ann And Mitch Romney Lies

August 31, 2012

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