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Lower Shore Progressive Caucus Decision To Not Give Allison Galbraith Another Speaking Engagement Is A Kangaroo Court Decision! It Is Petty, Arbitrary, Undemocratic, Unfair and Un-Progressive!

January 3, 2018


The decision by the LSPC to not allow Allison Galbraith another speaking engagement is petty, arbitrary, undemocratic and unfair. The decision making process did not give any analysis to extenuating circumstances. It did not allow  a thorough investigation of all the evidence. It was a spiteful, rushed to judgement decision. It was a judgement and punishment outside regular legal procedure, It was no way an example of a progressive definition of  justice. It was  kangaroo court justice!

Memo: To Lower Shore Progressive Caucus

January 2, 2018


If you fragment the progressive/moderate Democrtic vote in the 2018 Congressional primary you may accidently allow a conservative or rightwing candidate to win the Primary.  This occurred two years ago in Aberdeen , Maryland’s Mayor’s race. In a nonpartisan town election the Democratic progressive/moderate vote divided over two candidates and the Tea Party Republican won a four year term with 33.6% of the vote.

Jesse Colvin from White Marsh, Maryland is a Conservative Democrat running for Marylands Congressional First District. Does the Eastern Shore want another Baltimore County Conservative for Congress. Colvin’s go to response to issues is a military solution. He doesnt want a  real Wall on the border . He wants a virtual electronic wall with sensors, blimps ,drones and electronic survielance  of Mexicans and Americans. He states on a Chestertown Spy video that if the President tries to start a war with North Korea on twitter he will personally stop him. He believes because he has a “bipartisan marriage” (Repub wife), he is prepared to work with Republicans.

Be careful how fairly and democraticly you try to decide the fate of the  First District.  At least half of the progressive/moderate Democratic  vote resides on the Upper Bay area . ( I cant believe White Marsh is lst district)







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