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WashPost/Margaret Sullivan – Moderators Of Debate Were Smart To Get Out Of The Way Of Kamala-Biden Political Moment

June 29, 2019 Step Back


WashPost/Margaret Sullivan – Media Must Avoid The “Electability” Delusion

June 17, 2019–and-why-the-media-keep-making-the-same-mistake/2019/06/14/495c3b12-8de9-11e9-b08e-cfd89bd36d4e_story.html?utm_term=.bade0f69fa7b

WashPo – Sexism Already On Display In 2020 Race

February 19, 2019



WashPost//Margaret Sullivan – Om Florida , Telegenic Voices For Gun Control Change

February 19, 2018



WashPo – Did Kellyanne Conway Ghost Write This Book by Fox Cables Media Reporter?

January 30, 2018

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