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The Nation – Guess Who’s Profiting From Pot Prohibtion? The Sheriff Depts Budget Under Confiscation Laws

July 14, 2014


Harford Top Cop Says Marijuana Decriminaliztion Is A Mistake…But He Never Said Racial Disparities In Marijuana Arrests *Was A Mistake! Whatsup With That? The Sheriffs Dept Said They Wanted To See ACLUs Data…But They Never Acknowleged Or Denied The FACTS!

May 6, 2014




7thState – MarylandHouse Votes To Decriminalize Marijauana 75 to 55 (SB364) , James And Glass Vote Against Reform, Harford Dodgy Repubs McDonough And Stifler Do Not Vote,

April 6, 2014


*M-DJames vote against decriminaliztion is not the safe blue-dog conservative position she thinks it is. Both of Harford’s consevative Republican State Senators Barry Glassman and Nancy Jacobs voted to support decriminaliztion. What political planet is M-DJames on?

SeventhState – Maryland Juniciary Committee Vote To Decriminalize Illegal Smiles (13 To 8) , Harford Republicans Reactionaries McComas And Glenn Glass Vote Against Reform

April 6, 2014




SeventhState – Marijuana Decriminaliztion Advances In Maryland Senate, Harford Republican Sen. Nancy Jacobs Joins Six Democrats For 8-3 Committee Vote

March 14, 2014


BuzzFeed – Annapolis Top Cop Testifies Against Marijuana Reform Laws With Anecdoted Evidence From A Hoax Satire Blog (Daily Currant), Apoligizes For The Mistake After Sen. Jamie Raskin Points Out Error

March 4, 2014


BuzzKill: Examiner/WBAL -“Sounding Like A Left-Over From 1968”, Harford County States Attorney Joseph J. Cassilly Called Marijuana Reform Laws “A Rush To Judgement” And Attacked Reform Testimony As “Anecdotal Evidence From A Bunch Of Potheads” (And This Guy Wonders Why He’s Not A Judge?)

March 4, 2014


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