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What Are The Ulterior Motives of the Three Leaders of the Expel Lisanti Protest???

March 26, 2019


Would the leaders of the Expel Lisanti Protest  all seek to be nominated by the HarfDCC to replace her???

Is that the  real  ulterior  motive of this  protest to stir up racial animosity against Mary Ann Lisanti?

Are they exploiting a personal racial mistake by a Progressive Democrat for political self interest and personal gain?

Is it all about stealing an elected officials political seat with a  corrupt undemocratic appointment by the Harf DCC?

Lisanti  has been sufficiently punished for allegedly making  a alcohol-induced racial slur!

She has apologized . She has been censured. And she has vowed to work for restitution for her racial faux pas or blunder!

Does the Expel Protest seek justice with mercy or injustice with malice?


  •  Carlos Taylor says no, but thinks Lisanti is just getting a  “slap on the  hand”. Really?  An alcohol induced racial faux pas means no apology accepted?. What kind of  person  would be so cruel , cold and heartless?
  • Marla Posey-Moss and Sarahia Benn did not respond to my inquiry.

Carol Bruce Inquires About Bus Stop Shelters/ Mayor Confuses Marla Posey-Moss With Carol Bruce

December 26, 2015

Why Michael Bennett Lost Relection As Aberdeen Mayor – Spoiler Alert – Republican Ruth Elliot Diverted Votes From McGrady – Democrat Marla Posey Moss Diverted Votes Away From Bennett – 2015 Democratic Candidates Win 52% Of Vote ,Bennett Loses By 46 Votes ( Bennett Won 52% Of Vote In 2011 And Won By 26 Votes)

November 23, 2015



DodgyDagger – Bennett Faces Three Challengers In Aberdeen Mayoral Race, Three Tea Party Republican Stooges Try To Take Over City Council In Nine Candidate Race

October 6, 2015





State Farm Insurance Endorses Progressive-Democrat Marla Posey-Moss For Mayor of Aberdeen – Dodgy Right-Wing, Libertarian/Republican Ex-Mayor S. Fred (Tax!Tax!Annex!)Simmons Tries New Trick To Defeat His Old Democrat Opponent, Michael Bennett (Syphon Votes From Bennett To Help His Political Pal, Patrick “Shady” McGrady, Win)

September 24, 2015




Aberdeen Donnybrook Election For Mayor Turns Into Free-For-All That Almost Guarentees Bennett Re-Election, Anti-Bennett Vote Will Be Divided Among Conservative REPUBLICAN Ruth Elliot And Reactionary/Tea Party Republican Patrick McGrady, Progressive Democrat Posey-Moss Will Probably Attract New Voters And Drain Some Of Bennett Support

September 19, 2015



The Bennett vote over the last three elections averaged 1,013 votes. His opposition (Simmons, Hiob, & McGrady) averaged 800 votes. If the opposition divides in two it cant come close to winning. Elliot has already picked up the early conservative opposition support. And McGrady’s  entry gets to pick  up his usual reactionary Tea Party opposition support. Posey-Moss , who probably had a good chance to win a council seat ,will have difficulty pulling large amounts of Bennett”s progressive and moderate support. She will probably bring in a small amount of new voters .

Aberdeen Election For Mayor Turns Into Three Candidate Donnybrook: Marla Posey-Moss, Community Advocate Enters Race

September 9, 2015


Is it time for a change in Aberdeen city government? Councilwoman Ruth Elliot thinks so and is challenging incumbent mayor Michael Bennett. And now ,community advocate Marla Posey-Moss also wants to challenge the incumbent mayor.

 Posey-Moss says on her web site that we need a “forward looking leader” to devise and implement  “an innovative developement plan for the city of Aberdeen that embraces the vision of residents , churches, civic organiztions and bussiness” She believes the concerns of most residents include: :”economic development, transportation, youth recreation, homelessness, crime, general assistance for seniors and housing”

Ms. Posey-Moss will hold a Aberdeen Leadership Community Rally on Thursday Sep 17th (6:30 -730PM) at Scotts Transportation, 309 W. Bel Air Ave in downtown Aberdeen. Her campaign slogan is “We Can Do Better!”.

Marla Posey-Moss Will Win A Close Race In the House of Delegates Dist 34A, But She Will Beat Out Mary Lisanti BY a 2% Margin

November 2, 2014


Candidate for House of Delegates (Dist 34A) Marla Posey-Moss Stays Motivated With County Council President Candidate Jim Thornton

September 23, 2014




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Change Is Gonna Come But Not Neccessarily To The Aegis/Vought Right-Wing Assumptions And Bias

July 14, 2014


Pragmatic Prognosis (Political Crystal Ball) Election Forecast – Democratic Primary House of Delegates Dist 34A (South Harford) – Race Is A Virtual Four Way Tie, It Depends On What Voters Show Up –

June 21, 2014



Marla Posey-Moss , Candidate for House of Delegates Dist 34A, Supports Guthries Livability Code Reform – Where Are The Rest of the Candidates in 34A and Dist E? ???

May 9, 2014

Democratic Primary For House Of Delegates – D34A (SouthHarford) – Who Is The Fairest of Them All? Mary Lisanti, Maria Terry Or Marla Posey-Moss?

April 7, 2014


Four years ago the Democratic primary for House of Delegates D-34A was won by M-D James and  Marla Posey-Moss. Popular incumbent Democrat Dan Riley was surprisingly defeated. Riley’s political upset provoked him  in to making disparaging remarks  about Posey-Moss and not supporting her campaign.   South Harford ended up wih the disasterous incompetent Repupublican Glenn Glass. Glass’s lack of any kind of political or administrative experience  forced him to become a political puppet of  the Know Nothing  TeaParty Republicans Pat McDonough and Rick Impallaria (dist 7).  Everybody knows by now that the Glass is empty. Two seats are wide open. The conventional wisdom says that.Harford County Councilwoman Mary Lisanti and Aberdeen businessman Steve Johnson will be the nominees.  But newcomer Pat Murray declares that his political experience and contacts as a legislative  political operative make him the most qualified.   Aberdeen business woman Marla Posey-Moss says she has upset the conventional wisdom before. And Havre de Grace business woman Maria Terry has been on the Harford County Board of Elections the past four years talking with the upset Dan Riley and planning  her own political surprise. 013

MarylandPolitics – Harford Populuation Growth May Return One More Full Delegate To District 34, Dan Riley Can Come Back , Lori Maslin or Marla Posey-Moss Can Knock Off “Know-Nothing” Glenn Glass And Mayor Mike Bennett or Barbara Wagner Can Retire Mary Dulaney James

April 24, 2011


The Top 10 Dumbest Moments in Harford County Politics In 2010 – #4. – Patrick”Shady” McGrady’s Desperate Last Minute Political Ad Blitz of Lies, Deceit and Fear Mongering

December 26, 2010


Patrick McGrady, the Right-Wing,Libertarian,Tea Party  Republican candidate for the House of Delegate in District 34A,was the “chosen one” for the Ehrlich/Jacobs Stalwarts. The Ehrlich simplistic slogan, “More Jobs, Less Taxes” became McGrady’s slogan. His “window of opportunity” opened with the primary election defeat of Democrat Dan Riley by challenger  Marla Posey-Moss  and it opened further when “Grisley” Dan agrreed with his “Republican friends” that Posey-Moss could not win. When McGrady’s late polls showed him coming up short he paniced and went negative with an unfocused  political ad blitz of  lies and fear mongering.

The Top 10 Dumbest Moments In Harford County Politics in 2010 -#6. Democratic Sore Loser Mike Hiob Attacked State Senate Candidate Rovall Washington For Not Being A Sore Loser

December 25, 2010


After losing his Democratic primary election for State Senate to Arthur Helton, Rovall Washington in a letter to The Dagger and to his own website endorsed Helton in the general election. Mike Hiob, still upset over his defeat in the Mayorality  election in Aberdeen, attacked Washington for his endorsemnent, thus aiding and abetting the eventual Republican victory of Nancy Jacobs. In the same primary election Dan Riley lost his House of Delegates seat to challenger Marla Posey-Moss . Dan Riley  upset over his surprising defeat  claimed that he was a “conservative blue-dog Democrat” despite a voting record as a progressive. Riley also stated he feared Posey-Moss could not win the general election. Riley stated ,”This consensus is shared by many of my Republican friends in that they now have a good chance of winning my seat.” Riley would go on to support his “Republican friends” “shared consensus” by not endorsing Posey-Moss in the general election thus aiding and abetting the eventual  Republican victory of Glenn Glass.

HarfObama/ Political Crystal Ball – House of Delegates Dist 34A – Mary-Dulany James 33% – Marla Posey-Moss 27% – Partrick McGrady 23% – Glenn Glass 17%

October 31, 2010


General Election Results: *Mary-Dulany James (12,639) 29.22%; Marla Posey-Moss (9745) 22.5%; *Glen Glass (10,931) 25.27%; Pat McGrady (9188) 22.86%


Too Much,Too Little, Too Late – McGrady Internal Polls Force Desperate Last Minute UnFocused Political Ad Blitz of Lies, Deception And Fear Mongering

October 31, 2010

     Patrick McGrady, the  typical Right Wing, Libertarian ,Tea Party Republican. For six months he parrots Bob Ehrlichs simplistic  slogan ‘More Jobs,Less Taxes’. Then in the last week before the Election his internal polls don’t look good. So he desperately sends out eight or more different political mailers  in the last three days – an unfocused political blitz of lies, deception and fear mongering.

     One of the three mailers on Saturday attacks Democrats Mary-Dulany James,   Marla Posey-Moss and even  McGrady’s co-conspirator Republican Glenn Glass. The attack is basicly the lie that  Democrats equal higher taxes. No facts, just malarky. The second Saturday mailer just attacks the Democrats,  James and Posey-Moss. This one repeats the the ‘higher taxes’ fear-mongering lies, but this time its written in one inch letters on the back of the mailer. Not only does McGrady think Dist 34 voters are stupid, he thinks their blind.

     The third mailer McGrady attacks just Marla Posey-Moss.  The attack now changes. Posey-Moss is a “progressive”. Its written  in one inch letters again on the front and back.  McGrady is an extreme right-wing libertarian Tea-Party Republican and he thinks that Dist 34 voters are against “progress” and are very blind.

     So who is  McGrady  running against? Everyone? Any Democrat? Or just one “progressive” Democrat? And what is he running against? Taxes or Progress? If  McGrady wanted to run a successful lying Republican campaign he  should have patterned  himself after the disgraced Chuck Boutin campaign eight years ago.

  l.  Boutin didn’t run his campaign against everybody. He picked one target (Dan Riley) and made up lies just about him

 2. And Boutin didnt just lie with mailers. He lied with newspaper ads. He lied with radio ads. And he lied with tv ads.

 3. And finally, Boutin didn’t just lie for the last three or four days. He lied early and late. He lied for weeks on end. He lied during the whole campaign. He lied so much for so long  and in so many media outlets that he fooled enough voters to win.

     McGrady’s campaign  failed to focus, focus, focus. Too many targets, too little media, too little time. Too Much, Too little, Too late.

Aegis/Sun – Republican Aegis Endorses James And Posey-Moss For House of Delegates

October 23, 2010


Aegis/Sun – Moderate/Progressive Democrats Mary Dulany James And Marla Posey-Moss vs. Right-Wing Tea Party Republicans Patrick McGrady and Glenn Glass

October 21, 2010



Arthur Helton and Marla Posey-Moss Endorsed By Maryland State Education Association (MSEA)

October 15, 2010


DodgyDagger – Chrisopher Boardman Questions Dan Riley’s Dissing Marla Posey-Moss After Her Close Upset Democratic Primary Victory (2,525 to 2,472) – Kumbaya or Tea Party?

October 12, 2010

          “Now, I have to say that I always thought my good friend Dan Riley was a progressive Democrat…but I noticed in the article that he was calling himself a blue dog Democrat and a conservative. Dan is a very smart guy and I give him credit for a lot of things, but in this case he was a little too cute by half in order to court the right wing nut jobs.  Marla Posey-Moss came out and said what she is.  She was honest about that and Dan would have looked a little bigger if he’d come out and said he was supporting Marla’s election rather than say she would lose the seat to the Republicans. He comes accross as a sore loser from a tough loss and perhaps that is a little too much to expect.

            But I support Marla and she deserves the support of the voters and Democrats especially, and she supports a lot of things Dan supported so I don’t know why he wouldn’t support her. She will be a fine legislator if she gets to Annapolis and I hope she does.”           Christopher Boardman,  (Oct 10, 2010, The Dagger,’ Posey-Moss Secrets To Her District 34A Democratic Upset’)

Which Is Scarier? A Delaware Witch-Politician or A Fortune-Telling Aegis Journalist?

October 7, 2010


                 Allan Vought, the Republican Aegis’s chief political anaylist states in the Aegis (nov6,2010, More Cold Times In Future for Harford Democrats):

       “One close contest did materalize for one of two House of Delegates seats in District 34 where incumbent Dan Riley eventually lost. That loss may PORTEND a general election loss of one of two  remaining legislative seats the Democrats still hold in Harford County”

Portend? One Democratic progressive losing to another Democratic progressive is an omen of political misfortune for Democrats?  I think Mr. Voughts political analysis is thin gruel. Perhaps it is even a bit racist. And  surely it  is a political curse. It is an expressed wish for misfortune to befall the Harford Democrats. Perhaps Mr.Vought is a  warlock?

Surge Voters May Sweep Helton Into State Senate And Posey-Moss Into House of Delegates

September 30, 2010

The Dodgy Dagger ‘Reports’ That Del. Dan Riley Calls Himself a ‘Conservative/Blue Dog Democrat’, But Progressive Maryland (91%), MarylandPIRG (100%) and Md League of Conservation Voters (100%) All Say He Is A Progressive! Can Marla Posey-Moss Live Up To Dan’s Legacy?

September 23, 2010

MarylandPIRG   MdLeagueofConservationVotersProgressiveMaryland        DodgyDagger

Mary-Dulany James Won Big (3017), But Harford’s Best State Legislator “Grizzly Dan” Riley (2472) Was Defeated In Democratic Primary By Marla Posey-Moss (2524) – (Absentee Ballots Which Could Change The Outcome Will Be Counted On Wednesday Sep. 22 )

September 16, 2010


Aegis Primary Editorial Endorsements For Dist 34 Suggests Patrick ‘Tea Party’ McGrady And Democrats Marla Posey-Moss and Rovall Washington Are Not Ready For Prime Time

August 29, 2010


      The Republican Aegis  endorsed Randolph Craig, son of County Executive David  Craig, and John ‘Plagarism’ Paff for House of Delegates in Dist. 34 in the Republican primary.

      The Republican Aegis also endorsed Arthur Helton  for the Maryland  Senate  and  incumbents  Mary-Dulany James and  Dan Riley for the House of Delegates in the Democratic Primary


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