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NYTimes/MaureenDowd – Hillary Is Not Sorry

April 18, 2016

MaureenDowd/NYTimes /RealClaerPolitics – Will Trump Be Dumped???????

March 20, 2016


MediaMatters -NYTimes Maureen Dowds Latest Attack on Hillary Clinton

February 6, 2016

NYTimes/Maureen Dowd – The Beauty of Trump

January 31, 2016

NYTimes/Maureen Dowd – Trump The Disrupter – Megan Kelly Taunts Trump Into Post-Debate Alleged Misogyny Outburst

August 9, 2015


NYTimes/Maureen Dowd – Granny Get Your Gun

April 21, 2015


NYTimes/Maureen Dowd – Phony Impeachment Talk By GOP (Gratuitiously Ousting Presidents) Turns Repubs Into Unwinable Political Coalition

August 9, 2014

NYTimes – 1. Maureen Dowd – Thunder Road – 2. Charles Blow – As The Political World Turns

January 12, 2014



NYTimes/Maureen Dowd – Fools Erand – House Republicans Hold Their Breath Until The Country Turns Blue, Obama Wins Big

October 20, 2013

NYTimes/Maureen Dowd – Obamas War Within/Who Do You Trust?

September 14, 2013


NYTimes Maureen Dowd – Zombie Scare With A Zombie Chaser

June 24, 2013


NYTimes – Maureen Dowd – Democratic Party Has Messianic Urge To Finish What It Started In 2008…Bust Up The Worlds Most Exclusive White-Bread Old Boys Club

April 8, 2013

NYTimes/Maureen Dowd – The Mayans Were Kinda Right. The World Will End in 2012 For The GOP Universe of Arrogant, Uptight, Entitled, Bossy, Retrogressive White Guys

December 9, 2012


NYTimes/Maureen Dowd – Mitt Romney Is President…Of White Males

November 11, 2012

NYTimes/Maureen Dowd – The VP Debate: A Donnybrook With Irish Uncle Joe And Paul “Malarky” Ryan

October 14, 2012

NYimes – Maureen Dowd – “If (Mitt Romney) Were A Bain Company He Would Shut Himself Down”

September 23, 2012

NYTimes/Maureen Dowd – NeoCons Slither Back

September 16, 2012

NYTimes/Maureen Dowd – The Repub Convention Is A “Orwellian Makeover Of Republicans As Generous Communitarians” – “A Masquerade Party To Cover Up The Final Takeover of The Republican Party By The Right”

September 2, 2012

Maureen Dowd Calls Paul Ryan “The Fresh Face” Of The GOPs “Taliban Creed” – Todd Akin Reflects A Stance On Abortion That Many In His Party Embrace Including Paul Ryan

August 24, 2012

Ryan…may look young and hip and new generation, with his iPod full of heavy metal jams and his cute kids. But he’s just a fresh face on a Taliban creed…the andidiluvian, anti-woman,anti-immigrant, anti-gay conservative core.

Maureen Dowd/NYTimes – Paul Ryan: Cutest Package Cruelty Came In (His Ayn Randism Philosophy Is A State Of Arrested Adolescence)

August 19, 2012

NYTimes – Maureen Dowd – Mitts Otherness, Whose On Americas Side

July 18, 2012

NYTimes/Maureen Dowd – Dreaming of A Superhero

June 5, 2012

NYTimes – Maureen Dowd- Seeking Original Bliss

May 13, 2012

NYTimes/Maureen Dowd – The GOP Greek Tragedy

March 4, 2012

NYTimes/Maureen Dowd – Ghastly Outdated Party: Richie Rich vs Cotton Mather And The “Barking-Mad Republicans Of Virginia”

February 26, 2012

NYTimes – Maureen Dowd – Tension on the Tarmac

January 29, 2012

NYTimes – Maureen Dowd – Rick Santorum: The Revival of Bushian Uncompassionate Conservatism

January 8, 2012

NYTimes/ Maureen Dowd And President Obamas Fav New TV Show: Showtimes “Homeland” – Masterpiece of Paranoia

December 18, 2011

NYTimes – Maureen Dowd – Dirty Harry Meets Dirtier Edgar

November 13, 2011


NYTimes – Maureen Dowd – Anne Frank, A Mormon? Magical Underware And Baptizing Dead People

October 23, 2011


NYTimes – Maureen Dowd – The Re-Election Tango

September 25, 2011


NYTimes – Maureen Dowd – Mitt Romney “… Corporations Are People, My Friend”.

August 14, 2011


NYTimes – Maureen Dowd – The Withholder-In-Chief

August 11, 2011


NYTimes – Maureen Dowd – The Downgrade Blues

August 11, 2011


NYTimes – Maureen Dowd – Your Tweetin Heart

June 12, 2011


NYTimes – Maureen Dowd – The Irish Find What They’re Looking For / CBSNews – Obama Fever Strikes Tiny Irish Town (Whats The Craic Barack?)

May 22, 2011

CBSNews   NYTimes

NYTimes/Maureen Dowd – Old Man With A Clicker – Kathryn Bigelow And Mike Boal Began Workimg On A Movie About the Hunt For Bin Laden In 2008. Now They Have An Ending. Planned Release Is In 2012. Just Before the Elections? Come On Thats Not Fair.

May 15, 2011


NYTimes – Maureen Dowd – Killing Evil Doesnt Make Us Evil

May 8, 2011


NYTimes – Maureen Dowd – Obama Is Ayn Rand’s Nightmare – Atlas Without Angelina

April 18, 2011


Maureen Dowd – Nuking The White House

November 21, 2010


NYTimes – Maureen Dowd – Myth And Madness ‘Christine O’Donnell Is In A Fantasy World. Literally.’

September 19, 2010


NY Times – Maureen Dowd – No Love For Lefties – Robert Gibb Should Be Yanked As WH Press Secretary

August 15, 2010


NYTimes – Maureen Dowd – Are Cell Phones the New Cigarettes?

June 27, 2010



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