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Maryland League of Conservation Voters Says Del. Glenn Glass Is The Worst Legislator In Harford County – He Scored A Zero Rating On Environment Legislation In 2018! Glass Has Sold His Vote To The Maryland Businesses For RightWing Government! (MBRG)

September 15, 2018

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Legialative Scorecards – MBRG. MdLCV and MaryPIRG

May 23, 2018

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Voting Against the Public Interest – Maryland Businesses For Right-Wing Government – The 2017 Rollcall To Stop Consumer, Democratic ,Environmental, And Worker Protection –

January 17, 2018

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BizMonthly – MBRG Chief Is Anti-Worker: Opposes Increasing Minimum Wage And Wants Md To Be Right-to-Work-For-Less State

July 24, 2015



Maryland Bussiness For Right-Wing Government (MBRG) Gives South Harford Republican Del. Glenn Glass (R-Dist 34) 100% Rating For His Anti-Consumer, Anti-Worker, And Anti-Environmental Legislative Voting Habits In 2012. Congratulations For Voting Against The Public Interest Two Years In A Row As A Corprate Toady

March 3, 2013


AberdeenPatch – Right-Wing Republican Sen. Nancy Jacobs Recieves Another Award From Rt-Wing Political Lobby Maryland Business For Republican Government

February 20, 2012

MBRG – Libertarian Republicans On Steroids

July 3, 2011

MarylandConsumersCoalition    MediaBistro

The MBRG (Maryland  Business for Right-Wing Government) is often defined  as    “A State business advocacy group with a bipartisan mission.” That doesnt quite describe MBRG. They are actually a very Libertarian Republican business group that is essentially anti-worker protection , anti-consumer protection  and anti-environmental protection.  Every year they rate Maryland state legislators based on a dozen or more legislative bills, and every year  the far-right Republicans get 100% ratings and the progressive Democrats get zero or near zero ratings. Its a sophisticated political joke.

This year Harfords Sen. Nancy Jacobs (R-Dist34) even brags about her ridiculous annual MBRG rating of 100% by e-mailing it to the Dodgy Dagger . It’s as if she’s jumping up any down yelling “I voted against worker, consumer and environmental protection! Yahoo!.” Of course Sen. Jacobs doesn’t elaborate on how she voted to get her 100% score. And of course the Dodgy Dagger and the Aegis/Sun don’t elaborate  or examine the matter . Knowlege is dangerous. The Suzanne Collins public relations job  just tells us she got a 100%.  Wow! Sounds cool!  A good indication of how Jacobs got the high economic-libertarian score is the annual Maryland League of Conservation  Voters (MLCV) legislative scorecard where once again she has made the top ten worst enviornmental legislators  in Annapolis with a 20% score. [Religious right/Know Nothing Del. Glenn Glass (R-Dist34B)  and Right-Wing Tea Party Del. Rick Impalliria (R-Dist.7) also representing Harford joined her in the Top 10 Worst circle . ]

Another indication of what the MBRG score really means, is to compare her voting record with the  the legislation advocated by the Maryland Public Interest Group (MaryPIRG) ,which works for environmental, energy, consumer,tax, and open government reform. MaryPirg worked for one bill this year that seemed above suspicion by most observers, the Job Application Fairness Act,SB 132. The bill makes it illegal as of July 1, 2011 for most businesses to use credit  information as part of the job application procedure in Maryland. Sounds like a good idea for the average citizen. But  MBRG was against it.  And Jacobs along with all Harford County Republicans voted against it. The Republicans  and the MBRG seem to be saying,  to hell with the fairness rights of Maryland citizens seeking employment.Republicans making the hard times, even harder.

The MBRG’s  annual Roll-Call scorecard is a libertarian-Republican joke on the average  voter. Its used by Republicans to raise corporate money for re-election  while not bragging too much about the specifics that might offend even some Republicans.  And the annual lack of analysis  of MBRGs scorecard scam from the local and state media  keeps the average voter in the dark about what its really all about. So, it goes.

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