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Harford Republican Know-Nothing Wing-Nuts (Anti-Immigrant, Anti-Environment, Anti-Consumer-Protection): Glenn Glass, Mike Blizzard , Wayne Norman And Susan McComas

September 23, 2014




MarylandReporter – M-D James Among Maryland Legislators Getting High Marks From Consumer Group But Not GOP… And Not Harford GOP

September 19, 2014







M-D James earned an 86% Rating  in 2014 from the Maryland Consumer Group (a 79% rating for the four year term).

Glenn Glass earned a failing Consumer Protection Grade for 2014 of 47%  and an over all term  failed rating  of 60%

North Harford legiislator all recieved failed ratings  Wayne Norman 48%, Sifler 47%, McComas 66%

Sen. Nancy Jacobs only one of two State Senators with failing grade 63% for 2014, 59% for four year term

SeventhState – Maryland Juniciary Committee Vote To Decriminalize Illegal Smiles (13 To 8) , Harford Republicans Reactionaries McComas And Glenn Glass Vote Against Reform

April 6, 2014




WBAL/Dodgy Delegates – All Harford Republicans Vote Against Raising Minimum Wage While Gonzales Poll Shows 82% of Voters Support Wage Hike – The Usual Suspects Are Glenn Glass, Stifler, McComas, Norman, Impallaria, McDonough, and Szeliga

March 10, 2014


Maryland League of Conservation Voters 2013 Legislative Scorecard: South Harford’s Know-Nothing Republicans Sen. Jacobs And Del.Glass Vote Against All Major Environmental Protections With Zero Score , Harfords Only Democrat In Annapolis Del. Mary-Dulany James* Sadly Only Votes 50% Of Time For Environmental Reforms* , North Harfords Del.Norman, Stifler, McComas and Senator Glassman Vote Against Protecting Environment Most of the Time

August 11, 2013

glass10-e13094001207451198-1-1238b1198-1-3193b009008010 The average score for Democrat delegates was 81%. The average for Republican delegates was 26%. That makes James-Dulany a Mugwump. *

Harford County Delegation In Annapolis

April 12, 2013


Progressive Maryland 2011 Legislative Scorecard: North Harford County Legislators Among The Worst In State (District 35,) Sen. Barry Glassman (20%) Del H.Wayne Norman (11%) , Donna Stiffler (11%) ,and Susan McComas (11%)

October 30, 2011

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