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Maryland League of Conservation Voters 2015 Environmental Scorecard – Harford County’s Best Environmental Legislators- Democrat Del. Mary Ann Lisanti (Dist 34A) 100%, Republican Del. Andrew Cassilly (Dist. 35A) 83%

July 22, 2015


Maryland League of Conservation Voter Scorecard- BlueDog(?) MD James Refuses To Vote On Wildlands Expansion Bill, Joins Mediocre Harford Republicans With Failing Grade on Environment

July 25, 2014


Maryland League of Conservation Voters 2013 Legislative Scorecard: South Harford’s Know-Nothing Republicans Sen. Jacobs And Del.Glass Vote Against All Major Environmental Protections With Zero Score , Harfords Only Democrat In Annapolis Del. Mary-Dulany James* Sadly Only Votes 50% Of Time For Environmental Reforms* , North Harfords Del.Norman, Stifler, McComas and Senator Glassman Vote Against Protecting Environment Most of the Time

August 11, 2013

glass10-e13094001207451198-1-1238b1198-1-3193b009008010 The average score for Democrat delegates was 81%. The average for Republican delegates was 26%. That makes James-Dulany a Mugwump. *

MCLV 2012 Environmental Legialative Scorecard – District 34A (South Harford): Jacobs Remains Senator Zero with Zero% (Zero in 2011), Glenn Glass 14% (Up From Zero) And Dem Mary-Dulany James 40% (Down from 75%)

July 15, 2012

MdLCV – Worst Legislative Envrironmental Scores In Harford For 2011: Sen. Nancy Jacobs (R-Dist34) (20%), Del. Glenn Glass (R-Dist34A) 20% And Richard Impallaria (R-Distr-7) 17%

June 30, 2011


Maryland League of Conservation Voters – 2010 Environmental Scorecard – Only Del. Dan Riley (D) (100%) and Del. Mary Dulaney-James (60%) Get Passing Grade In Harford, Worst Score was Sen. Nancy Jacobs (8%)

June 26, 2010


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