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Media Matters – Fox News Is A White Nationalisim Manifesto !

August 5, 2019



Media Matters- Study Finds Major Media Outlets Twitter Accounts Amplify False Trump Claims An Average of 19 Times Per Day

May 4, 2019

Media Matters: CBS Evening News Highlights Dangerous Pro Gun-Group Funded Program That Encourages Teachers To Carry Guns

September 20, 2017




Media Matters – Trump White House Trys To Deligitimize Anything That Gets In The Way of Their Propaganda

March 9, 2017


Media Matters – Trump Sunday Surrogate Steve Miller Sent Out To Dodge, Lie And Attack the Media – CNN Still In BlackList Doghouse! – (KellyAnne “QVC” Conway Takes Weekend Off From Lying)

February 13, 2017


Media Matters – Media Outlets That Are Going To Become Trumps Personal Propaganda Machine

January 3, 2017


MediaMatters – NBC Financial Relations With Trump Is Unacceptable! Tell NBC To Dump Trump!

January 3, 2017


MediaMatters/Variety – NBC Big Bet On Megyn Ryan Is Risky Journalism

January 3, 2017



ReliableSource – How Media Botched Coverage of The FBI Letter

October 31, 2016


MediaMatters – Bob Woodward Attacks Hillary For “Shouting”

February 6, 2016



MediaMatters/MDPolitics – Baltimore Sun Cuts Ties With Conservative Blog

March 12, 2014


MediaMatters – Why Did Baltimore Sun Hire Conservative Republican Blog Red Maryland To Do, Speculative Gossip Commentary? Why Not Hire the Opinions of The Dodgy Daggers Rt-Wing Libertarian Inuendo and Smear Blog ? And What Happen To Mild-Mannered Conservative (Richard) Cross Purposes? And Will The Sun Offer the Same Contract To David Moon At the Fact-Based Democartic Maryland Juice?

February 24, 2014


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