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The Nation – Why Are The Media Taking the CIAs Hacking Claims At Face Value??

April 9, 2018


NYReviewofBooks – The Making of the Tabloid President

July 19, 2017


Trump Steals SNL Chevy Chase’s Signature Line From Weekend Update! Will Chevy Sue?

July 4, 2017



Lawrence O’Donnell – Trump Worst Impulse Is Appointing Incompetent People

June 1, 2017

RolligStone/Matt Taibbi – Why Russia Is A Minefield For Democrats and The Media

March 9, 2017


C-Span/ WashJournal – Is The Media the “Enemy of the People”

February 20, 2017


Bill Maher/ Real Time – Sen. Al Franken Interview

February 12, 2017

Democracy Now – Matt Taibbi on the Election of Billionaire Hedonsist Donald Trump

January 17, 2017

Daily Show- Processing Trumps Press Conference

January 14, 2017

Wonkette – Trumps Gigantic Brain Doesnt Need Intelligence

January 1, 2017


Alter Net / Robert Reich -Trumps 7 Demagogue Techniques To Control The Media

November 28, 2016



Democracy Now/Glenn Greenwald: Was Bernie Sanders Stronger Candidate?

November 13, 2016

Politico – Will The Comedians And Political Cartoonists Save American Democracy After Cable News Grabbed Ratings For His Race-Baiting?

September 30, 2016


Full Frontal/Samantha Bee – America Democracy Plays Russian Roulette – (A) Fear And Loathing At Hofstra Univ -Act 1, Pt. 1 – (B) Go Ahead, Make Her Day – Act 1, Pt 2

September 29, 2016




Seth Myers Hosts The 2nd Presidential Debate With Hillary Clinton And Donald Trump – Closer Look : First Presidential Debate

September 29, 2016 -Media Trumpwash Clintons Reckless Foreign Policy Record

June 6, 2016

Media Trumpwash Clinton’s Reckless Foreign Record


Bill Maher/RealTime – Trump And the Media – Aug 28, 2015

August 29, 2015

Mediaite – Jon Stewart Mocks Media For Asking Is Everything “Fair Game”

June 8, 2012

Politico – Tea Party GOP Sen. DeMint (S.C.) Blames Dems,Obama And Media For the Tea Partys Declining Approval Ratings Among “Independents”

September 5, 2011


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