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Melvin Taylor For Mayor of Aberdeen, Maryland

October 10, 2019

AEGIS – Aberdeen City Council Approves 80 Acre Gilbert Road Annexation With 4 To 1 Vote. – Only Lindecamp Opposes Annexation – Mayor Patrick “Shady” McGrady , His Corrupt Handpicked Crony Steve Goodin, Sandy “Land Deal” Landbeck And Melvin “Misinformed By Landbeck” Taylor Vote For Annexation! Only a Petitioned Referendum Vote Can Stop Over Developement Land Grab Annexation!

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Republican Aegis -Democrat Councilman Melvin Taylor To Run For Mayor of Aberdeen / Incumbent Republican Mayor McGrady Says He Is Undecided About Running For Re-Election! McGrady Is A Leader of The Racially Challenged Tea Party! He Is A Gun Nut Advocate!And He Will Have Great Difficulty Wining Against the Most Popular Politician In Aberdeen!

August 16, 2019



Councilman Melvin Taylor is running for Mayor of Aberdeen, and current Mayor Patrick McGrady says he is undecided if he will run again.

Why would the Republican ego freak think of not re-run for Mayor? Because he cant beat  Melvin Taylor.

Taylor was voted the most popular elected official in the last election. (899 v0tes)

McGrady won by a fluke  in the Mayors race.

Four Candidates divided the Democratic /Independent vote  three ways and McGrady won with a solid but weak  33.6%  minority of the vote. (602 Tea Party Republicans)

Besides McGrady is an unpopular candidate. He is  a racially-challenged  Tea Party Republican  who is a vigorous supporter of our racist President Donald Trump and has associates with White Nationalists and Gun Nuts who want  Texas-style Right to Carry for Maryland citizens.

McGrady is an extreme right wing Republican joke who has attempted to run the office of Mayor as a tin horn dictator.

He does not like the democratic process . His first act as Mayor of Aberdeen was to rig the democratic process  for a tie vote between two councilman candidates.  Instead of a democratic vote on the two candidates that tied  he appointed a political crony who did not participate in the town election.

McGrady also voted against democratic reform of the Aberdeen City Charter! He even attempted to stop the democratic reforms with a failed referendum/petition effort!

MCGrady cant win re-election against Taylor.

He would lose badly. He would be politically embarrassed . He’ll retire to raise his growing family and try to leverage some political power out of his corrupt Aberdeen Annexation land grab deal.





Aberdeen Mayor McGrady Says “There Is Nothing We Can Do About (the Poor)…” And He Does Nothing! – Councilman Taylor Says We Need A Homeless Commission To Focus On A Strategy To Do Something! – The Rest of The Council Is Asleep At The Wheel Again!

December 16, 2016

taylorSUGGESTION: If the City owns the empty Moose Lodge and you cant find any Moose this winter to put in the lodge then  open up part of the Moose Lodge as a night shelter for the homeless in Tent City. Usually this time of the year the churches take the homeless in for the winter nights. If they are not being contacted or they are not interested then common sense says the City government should seize responsibility for the winter-protection of the homeless on the streets. Then the Mayor/Council should seriously consider Councilman Taylor’s suggestion! Make a plan for the future  homeless problem! The Mayor can get away with stalling a crooked  rigged run-off election but he cant get away with stalling on the winter sheltering of the homeless. Human lives are in jeopardy while the  Mayor  hesitates and the Council procrastinates. “Don’t do something, just stand there” is not an acceptable policy. Merry Christmas!

P.S.  Taylor,Landbeck and Lindecamp all received more votes then the Mayor. Melvin Taylor is actually the President of the Council . His direction should  deserve some council respect.


Councilman Taylor Suggests Need For Homeless Commission

November 26, 2016

RepublicanAegis – Aberdeen Police Chief Henry Trabert Takes The Lead On Dealing With Homeless Problem After Mayor/Council Passed The Buck – Councilman Melvin Talyor Steps Up, Calling For A Homeless Commission To Focus On Finding A Strategy

November 23, 2016













Unfair Aberdeen Trash Tax Increases July 1st – Increases Tax On Those That Create The Least Trash!

July 5, 2016


The new Mayor  of Aberdeen , Tea Party Republican Patrick McGrady,  cant seem to do anything right. For four or five months he didn’t know how to properly solve an election tie-vote on the City Council. When he finally resolved it , he ignored the 654 voters that voted for Democrat Stephen Smith and chose  instead a Tea Party Republican /Church crony who never received a single citizen vote.  His first decision as Mayor was to corrupt the democratic process with autocratic arrogance and cronyism.

Next, the new Mayor overrode the city councils unanimous support  for hiring a professional to help find a new city manager. Instead he loaded a commission with more Tea Party cronies and selected  a city manager who has had a questionable  and controversial experience as a city manager.

Third, the new Mayor rather then properly discuss with the council and public about changing city worker heath insurance  just autocratically  (with the help of another Tea Party/Church crony) decided by himself to change insurance . To hell with democratic input.

Finally, the Mayor all of a sudden wants to double the city trash tax —-but just for those who  produce the least trash….. Say what? The new tax increases the  50 cent trash sticker to $1.00, putting the total burden of the increased costs on those that create the least trash…. WTF? Those citizens who have been trash hogs keep paying the same….. Fair? Equitable? Democratic?… Hell , no! If the costs of landfilling  the trash goes up, everyone should share the burden—that’s democratic, fair and equitable. . If the new tax had  raised  the purple sticker to 60 or 65 cents and the yellow sticker to $1.35 then the burden of the tax would have been shared with all the households.

The main problem with Aberdeen City government is the City Council is failing to question and check the Mayors corruption, stupid mistakes and unfairness.  The Council should flex their political muscle and stop rubber stamping what ever the autocratic Mayor wants. The Mayor received only 600 votes or 33% of the vote.. The Council members all received more public support in the election than the Mayor. Taylor received 898 votes (49.6%). Landbeck  got 802 votes (44%). And Lindecamp got  782 votes (43%) .Does the Council speak for the public interest or are they just the Mayors  lapdogs. The City Council played dead   with the Mayors autocratic insurance decision and with the unfair trash tax increase.The Council should be alert and active watchdogs  and on the trash tax they should have been junk-yard dogs.  The Council should put a  stop to the Mayors  political b.s. shenanigans.

(P.S.  Cordova, Alaska has a charter election law that says that any elective official who wins with less than 40% should  have to have a runoff election” WITH IN THREE WEEKS”. )



RepublicanAegis – Its Time For Leadership In Aberdeen!

March 7, 2016


  • Aberdeen is clinging to a wrong-headed (legal) opinion…
  • Its McGrady’s fault that Aberdeen doesn’t have a complete city council.
  • For McGrady its way past time to lead Aberdeen out of this political morass



RepublicanRecord (Aegis/Sun) Doesnt Quite Give The Full Story About the Special Aberdeen City Meeting

January 22, 2016

021The Republican Record (Aegis/Sun) did not quite tell the whole story about the special Aberdeen City meeting. Aegis reporter David Anderson reported : “the mayor and council did discuss in open session Tuesday whether the city should hire a consulting firm to conduct a search for the city manager or APPOINT A VOLUNTEER SEARCH COMMITTEE but again they did not reach a decision, according to Miller…..

Lindecamp said he favors hiring an outside firm, since “your hiring the chief executive officer of the city.”

According to  reliable unofficial sources Mayor McGrady at one point suggested Aberdeen doesn’t need to spend $20,000 or more on a consulting firm. He suggested instead that the City personnel department could put together a City Manager job description and put it on MONSTER DOT COM.   You know, save some money.City Manager  Doug Miller agreed with Lindecamp and Councilman Melvin Taylor that the search should be done by a professional consulting firm.  MONSTER DOT COM???? Is the Mayor joking? Is the Mayor playing with a full deck? The Mayor’s behavior  fluctuates between being naively juvenile and arrogantly ignorant! He also obviously appears to disrespect the democratic process and the will of the Aberdeen voter on  the tie-vote fiasco. The Mayor must nominate Stephen Smith—the other candidate that TIED with DeBonis.   DeBonis had his shot with the Council. He was rejected. SOLVE THE TIE-VOTE PROBLEM ! Nominate the other tie-vote candidate. It shouldn’t take ten weeks to resolve a tie-vote fairly. . New Windsor, Md (1999) did it in 8 days. The Mayor is making his administration look corrupt and incompetent.. Follow the law and the will of the voters. Stop hacking Aberdeen’s democracy!



RepublicanAegis/DaveAnderson – Aberdeen City Council Declines DeBonis Nominee, Mayor Appears To Be Out Of Touch With Political Reality

December 22, 2015


RepublicanAegis – Aberdeen Mayor And City Council Sworn In , Fourth Council Member Must Be Appointed And Approved

November 11, 2015


Misrepresentative Democracy – After 123 Years Aberdeen Elects Its Third African American To City Government

November 9, 2015



Melvin Taylor, Aberdeen pastor, won one of four seats on Aberdeens  city council on November 3, 2015.  Raymond Warfied was the first African American to be elected  to the city counsel in the 1980’s. Macon Tucker was the second . Mr. Taylor becomes the third. Political progress sure  takes a  long time in the blue town ,in the red county, in the blue state of Maryland.

RepublicanAegis – McGrady Wins Aberdeen Mayors Race – Sarah Landbeck Re-Elected To The Council Observed That “Its A Hollow Victory” – Melvin Taylor Who Got The Most Council Votes Said: “The System Works”

November 4, 2015



Mayor “Shady” McGrady: “If They (City Council) Want To Make It A War Against Me, Thats Their Perogative” Oct 2011

November 4, 2015


Patrick “Shady” McGrady, Tea Party Republican Wing-Nut ,Wins Mayors Race In Aberdeen With 33.7% Of Vote – Taylor , Landbeck And Lindy Win Council Seats, – McGrady Without Any Council Support Can Only Mis- Lead,

November 4, 2015



The vote devided up three ways . McGrady got 33.7%. Bennett got  30.9%  Posey-Moss (21%) and Elliot (17%) got 38%.  That makes McGrady ironically  a minority-Mayor. 68% of voters did not vote for him.. I think we need a run-off election. McGrady is an extreme Republican reactionary that most voters dont want . And he didnt drag any of his KnowNothing TeaParty “team” onto the council.   It was the number one question last time. How can you govern when you dont get along with anyone. Now that question is a reality. McGrady cant govern as a one-man band. The Council will have to govern and drag McGrady around an embarrassing four years and hope his clownish immaturity doesnt degrade the image of Aberdeen as a progressive community. McGrady wont get anything done unless he co-operates with the council programs.He will be “out -gunned” and out voted with any of his crazy ideas. I have a feeling Aberdeen will become the laughing stock of Maryland. Move over Pocomoke!

Honest Political Flyer For Melvin Taylor, Candidate for Aberdeen City Council

November 3, 2015


Word of Faith Pastor Melvin Taylor , Candidate For Aberdeen City Council, Gives The Opening Prayer At Town Meeting And Asks Voters To Please “Don’t Turn Your Back On Me” .

November 1, 2015


Melvin Taylor,candidate for the Aberdeen City Counsel,  is the bishop and founder  of the Word of Faith International Outreach in Aberdeen. He is also a  member of the towns Appeals Board..  His volunteer work on the Zoning Appeals Board  prompted The Aegis t(Oct 23,2015)* to state: “He has the qualifications that  make him look like a good addition to the city council”. Taylor also serves on the board of Harford Familly House .

In the  Aegis’s ” Nine Candidates” (10/23/15) article  Tayor states “I think I could add a little diversity…I am a visionary, so I think my perception as to how Aberdeen could look, I could add that to the overall vision of  Aberdeen”

*Nine Candidates Run For Aberdeen Council” , Bryna Zumer, The Aegis 10/23/15

Aberdeen City Election – Tuesday, Nov 3, 2015 – The Winning Democrataic Ticket For Aberdeen

October 29, 2015


Melvin Taylor Is A Candidate for Aberdeen City Council

October 16, 2015


DodgyDagger – Bennett Faces Three Challengers In Aberdeen Mayoral Race, Three Tea Party Republican Stooges Try To Take Over City Council In Nine Candidate Race

October 6, 2015





RepublicanAegis/ErikaButler – Aberdeen Town Election : Councilwoman Ruth Elliot Challenges Mayor Michael Bennett

September 7, 2015


The Republican/Aegis reports that current Aberdeen Mayor Michael Bennett will be challenged by Councilwoman Ruth Elliot in this years town election on November 6th.   Appointed Councilman Steve Smith will seek voter approval to keep his political seat. And council members Ruth Ann Young and Sandra Landbeck are undecided about reelection.

Tea Party Republican Patrick McGrady who lost his bid for mayor four years (2011)  ago in a close race has lost his political fire  since getting married .  McGrady told the Republican Aegis “…I have no definitive plans at this point today.” McGrady also lost  in 2010  when he ran for House of Delegates  in the Maryland General  Assembly. But McGrady did say he was “dissatisfied with the current stock of candidates for mayor and city council, so I may have to run.” There is an open seat and one new challeger.

At the August meetng of the New Harford Democratic Club  it was also announced that Rev. Melvin Taylor would be a candidate for the city council.



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