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Police Chaoticly Search For Suspected “Active Shooter”! Tackle/Handcuff Michael Bennett. Release Bennett When Learn He Is Not Just Another “Thug”! (Police Jargon For Average Black Man)

September 12, 2017

Why Michael Bennett Lost Relection As Aberdeen Mayor – Spoiler Alert – Republican Ruth Elliot Diverted Votes From McGrady – Democrat Marla Posey Moss Diverted Votes Away From Bennett – 2015 Democratic Candidates Win 52% Of Vote ,Bennett Loses By 46 Votes ( Bennett Won 52% Of Vote In 2011 And Won By 26 Votes)

November 23, 2015



DodgyDaggerBozos – Aberdeen Voter Suggests That The Incoming Mayor Should Be Able To Appoint The Tie Breaker. But This Is An Election Not A Partisan Appointment . The Fair Thing To Do Is Have The New Mayor/Council Vote On The Matter, You Bozo

November 7, 2015



DodgyDaggerBozos – Mike “Annex”Hiob Is Trying Too Hard To Oversell Tea Party Patrick McGradys Political Win – “Shady” McGrady Is A “Lame Duck”Or Weak Mayor . He Only Recieved 33% Of The Vote While Councilman Melvin Taylor Won 76% Of The Vote, You Bozo!

November 5, 2015


Is Mike Hiob now a Grand Wizard in the Tea Party?

RepublicanAeigis – The Official Results Of the Aberdeen City Election Show Incumbent Councilman Stephen Smith And Challenger Sean DeBonis Are Tied With 655 Votes Apiece – Aberdeen City Attorney Must Determine How To Decide Winner –

November 5, 2015

012 ph-ag-0394-aberdeen-election-results-jpg-20151105stunned

The drama is not over yet in Aberdeens city elections. The  defeat of three-term incumbent Mayor Michael Bennett to the   snarky inexperieced  29 year old Tea Party Republican Patrick McGrady was not expected . Now, surprise number two,  the fourth seat in the city council  election is declared an electoral tie. Incumbent  Stephen Smith and Tea-Party challenger Sean DeBonis  both recieved 655 votes. County election officials said Aberdeens city attorney must determine how to decide the winner. They could flip a coin, cut a deck of cards, draw straws or hold a runoff election.

Also, The Republican Aegis (The Record/AegisOnline)  printed a photo of the defeated Mayor Bennett after the election and labels it  a “stunned “look. It really just looks like he took off his glasses and is thinking. He doesnt look stunned,he looks TIRED.


Patrick “Shady” McGrady, Tea Party Republican Wing-Nut ,Wins Mayors Race In Aberdeen With 33.7% Of Vote – Taylor , Landbeck And Lindy Win Council Seats, – McGrady Without Any Council Support Can Only Mis- Lead,

November 4, 2015



The vote devided up three ways . McGrady got 33.7%. Bennett got  30.9%  Posey-Moss (21%) and Elliot (17%) got 38%.  That makes McGrady ironically  a minority-Mayor. 68% of voters did not vote for him.. I think we need a run-off election. McGrady is an extreme Republican reactionary that most voters dont want . And he didnt drag any of his KnowNothing TeaParty “team” onto the council.   It was the number one question last time. How can you govern when you dont get along with anyone. Now that question is a reality. McGrady cant govern as a one-man band. The Council will have to govern and drag McGrady around an embarrassing four years and hope his clownish immaturity doesnt degrade the image of Aberdeen as a progressive community. McGrady wont get anything done unless he co-operates with the council programs.He will be “out -gunned” and out voted with any of his crazy ideas. I have a feeling Aberdeen will become the laughing stock of Maryland. Move over Pocomoke!

Aberdeen City Election – Tuesday, Nov 3, 2015 – The Winning Democrataic Ticket For Aberdeen

October 29, 2015


DodgyDagger – Bennett Faces Three Challengers In Aberdeen Mayoral Race, Three Tea Party Republican Stooges Try To Take Over City Council In Nine Candidate Race

October 6, 2015





State Farm Insurance Endorses Progressive-Democrat Marla Posey-Moss For Mayor of Aberdeen – Dodgy Right-Wing, Libertarian/Republican Ex-Mayor S. Fred (Tax!Tax!Annex!)Simmons Tries New Trick To Defeat His Old Democrat Opponent, Michael Bennett (Syphon Votes From Bennett To Help His Political Pal, Patrick “Shady” McGrady, Win)

September 24, 2015




Aberdeen Election For Mayor Turns Into Three Candidate Donnybrook: Marla Posey-Moss, Community Advocate Enters Race

September 9, 2015


Is it time for a change in Aberdeen city government? Councilwoman Ruth Elliot thinks so and is challenging incumbent mayor Michael Bennett. And now ,community advocate Marla Posey-Moss also wants to challenge the incumbent mayor.

 Posey-Moss says on her web site that we need a “forward looking leader” to devise and implement  “an innovative developement plan for the city of Aberdeen that embraces the vision of residents , churches, civic organiztions and bussiness” She believes the concerns of most residents include: :”economic development, transportation, youth recreation, homelessness, crime, general assistance for seniors and housing”

Ms. Posey-Moss will hold a Aberdeen Leadership Community Rally on Thursday Sep 17th (6:30 -730PM) at Scotts Transportation, 309 W. Bel Air Ave in downtown Aberdeen. Her campaign slogan is “We Can Do Better!”.

RepublicanAegis/ErikaButler – Aberdeen Town Election : Councilwoman Ruth Elliot Challenges Mayor Michael Bennett

September 7, 2015


The Republican/Aegis reports that current Aberdeen Mayor Michael Bennett will be challenged by Councilwoman Ruth Elliot in this years town election on November 6th.   Appointed Councilman Steve Smith will seek voter approval to keep his political seat. And council members Ruth Ann Young and Sandra Landbeck are undecided about reelection.

Tea Party Republican Patrick McGrady who lost his bid for mayor four years (2011)  ago in a close race has lost his political fire  since getting married .  McGrady told the Republican Aegis “…I have no definitive plans at this point today.” McGrady also lost  in 2010  when he ran for House of Delegates  in the Maryland General  Assembly. But McGrady did say he was “dissatisfied with the current stock of candidates for mayor and city council, so I may have to run.” There is an open seat and one new challeger.

At the August meetng of the New Harford Democratic Club  it was also announced that Rev. Melvin Taylor would be a candidate for the city council.



DodgyDagger – The CCRC Political Negotiations In Aberdeen Ended When PH And Del. M-D James “Went Down To Play Games In Annapolis Behind Everyones Back” James Turned The Negotiations Into Political Blackmail—Give PH/CCRC A Tax Break Or Aberdeen Gets No Hotel Tax (HB 584)

April 12, 2014


Aberdeen Patch – Harford Judge Admonishes Aberdeen Ethics Commission, Exonerates Mayor Bennett, Ethics Comission Defied “Common Sense”, McGrady Declared “Shady”

November 21, 2013


Judge Stephen Waldron is quoted in the Republican Aegis in reference to Patrick McGrady: He “abandoned the complaint and lost all interest once his opportunity vanished to derive any further political benefit from the same.”

Aegis/Sun – Hearing Set For Aberdeen Mayors Appeal Of Rush-To-Justice Adverse Ethics Commission Ruling, Commission May Have Rushed Wrong Decision To Assist Republican Tea Party Candidate

April 7, 2013


AberdeenPatch – Aberdeen Mayor And City Council Sworn In for Four More Years,Bennet Is Considering Legal Advice On Whether To Pursue Defamation Action Against McGrady But Will Definetly Pursue Legal Action Against Ethics Commission

November 15, 2011


RepublicanAegis/Record – Bennett By A Field Goal (Or A Nose)*

November 13, 2011



AberdeenPatch – Bennett Wins “Dirtiest Campaign”, Bennett To Begin Legal Action Against Ethics Commission On Monday For “Violating” The Process

November 9, 2011


RepublicanAegis – Bennett Beats McGrady 51.5% To 48.5% – You Cant Fool All Of The People All Of The Time

November 9, 2011


No one said the Ravens won by a “tiny” or “slim” margin last Sunday against the Pittsburg Steelers. They just won! But the local media emphazised how Bennett “eked out” or “edged out” a victory. Bull shit , he won. He beat a “gutter” politician. with out getting into the gutter. Mayor Bennett said it best.  “A win is a win.”And McGrady, the down and dirty politician, is in hiding  from the press, unable to explain why his cheap smear campaign  tactics didnt work.


November 9, 2011

DodgyDagger“The majority of the folks are happy with the job we are doing and we’ll continue to do that job”  Michael Bennet told the Dodgy Dagger.

You Can’t Win Aberdeen Elections If Your In The Tea Party

November 5, 2011

    You cant win Aberdeen elections if your in the Tea Party. As soon as you say Tea Party you loose 40 to 50% of the Aberdeen vote. The liberal-moderate common sense voters make up most of the voters in Aberdeen.  Your fighting for every one of the other 50%. It cant be done. Patrick “Shady” McGrady use to brag he was a Tea Party organizer. He attended all the Harford Campaign for Liberty rallies. During his short-run campaign for Mayor of Aberdeen he never mentions the dirty little words. Maybe everyone will forget. They wont. He doesnt mention that he’s a libertarian either. He just tells us he’s for smaller government. Aberdeen is small government, about as small as your gonna get. What does he mean he wants small government.? Grover Norquest , the libertarian tax nut spells out what the Republican libertarians want. He says “I want government small enough so I can drag it in the bathroom and drown it.” Thats what  I think McGrady wants. Our last experiment with libertarian government wasnt so long ago. What was his name?…Simpson? …Simmons?…Fred Simmons? We learned quickly after his mysterious campaigin (Who Is FredSimmon?/Who Is John Galt?) that he  was an Ayn Rand libertarian fanatic. And his grand scheme for Aberdeen was to Annex the Wetlands Golf Course and allow his libertarian paradise of overdevelopement to be built. His libertarian dream was deferred by a mass uprising in Aberdeen and a special referendum election. When that didnt quite put a stake in the heart of the libertarian “land deal” the crazy voters threw Mayor Simmons and one his political allies out of office. I forget his allies name, some grubby mysoginist who self-destucted with his black berry e-mails and other nonsense. That was 2007.  ( Bennett 54.88%-Simmons 37.65%) In 2009 the libertarian   “vampire” tried to return under the guise of Mike Hiob’s challenge to Aberdeen Mayor Bennett. Hiob was for reviving the “land deal” . Its a new ball game. The past is past. Now is now. Wetlands Annex is a  good idea now. Hiob got lots of developer money to run his campaign to take back the “libertarian dream” . Didnt he have a billboard down by the B&O? And the last week of the election  he had this expensive campaign van driving all over town with electronic campaigning messages eminating from it. It was silly .   (Bennett 52.89% – Hiob 39.71%)

      Now  McGrady , the Libertarain Tea Party candidate, wants to “restore honesty to government”. McGrady tells the AberdeenPatch journalists that he’ll have no problem being Mayor  because he has been talking to some of the conservative members of the City Council and they agree with him.  Instantly the conservative members of the City Council  e-mail the AberdeenPatch and deny they have spoke with McGrady and deny agreeing with him.  This is McGrady’s idea of “restoring honesty to government”. Lieing to the press and  the public. (Is that ethical?) He also has no experience.    I wonder why no one ever asked McGradys opinion  about the “land deal”? It doesnt really matter. Because you cant win Aberdeen elections if your in the Tea Party. Its the demographics. You might win in Bel Air or Havre de Grace. But you cant win in Aberdeen. The demographics are rigged against the Tea Party in Aberdeen.


Mayor Michael Bennett Begins His “Down the Stretch” Campaign For Re-Election Emphasizing Experience And Accomplishments

November 4, 2011

AberdeenPatch – Aberdeen Mayor Michael Bennett Defends His Augusta Trip After Ethics Commission Gives Him A Warning

November 4, 2011


AberdeenPatch – Bennett Campaign Sign Upstages McGrady Town-Library Meeting

November 2, 2011


Aberdeen Patch Gives McGrady A Chance To Win Aberdeen Election Straw Vote , Let Bel Air And Augusta Teabaggers Vote

November 1, 2011


Aberdeen Patch – Bennett “The People Are Convinced We’re Doing The Job Of The Citizens..That We’re Getting The Job Done.”.”

October 31, 2011


Unprecedented Political Opposition To Tea Party Candidate Running For Aberdeen Mayor – Entire Aberdeen City Council Endorses Bennett For Mayor In Letter To The Aegis/Record

October 30, 2011


Top 10 Reasons Michael Bennett Will be Re-Elected Mayor

October 29, 2011

10. Most McGrady supporters live in Augusta!

 9. Everyone in Aberdeen has seen McGrady’s “Youtube moment”!YouTube

 8. Michael Bennett does not put political lawn signs in front of churches!

 7. Michael Bennett has more lawn signs!LawnSigns

 6. Michael Bennett is not a libertarian!

 5. Michael Bennett is not a “trust fund baby”!TrustFundBaby

 4. All the local “crony capitalists” support McGrady!

 3. McGrady got the Libertarian Dodgy Dagger “Bump”! (the Curse)

 2. Michael Bennett got the Republican Aegis endorsement! (the Albatross) Aegis/Record

 1b. Entire Aberdeen City Council endorses Bennett for Mayor

 1a. Experience! Experience! Experience!

Signs of the Times In The Bel Air Ave “Corridor”

October 24, 2011

At The End of Town Meeting (10:10:11) Mayor Michael Bennett Talks About His Visit To Augusta, Georgia For Ripken Baseball

October 21, 2011

Aegis/Sun – Tea Party/Repub Patrick McGrady Demands Ethics Investigation, Mayor Bennett Says “From What I Understand He Is Kind Of Babbling…McGrady Can Babble All He Wants”..

October 21, 2011


Aberdeen Patch – Race For Mayor – Mayor Michael Bennett On Jobs

October 20, 2011


Augusta,Georgia Tea Party Republicans Try To Help Aberdeen Tea Party Republican Patrick McGrady In His Race for Mayor By Distorting Facts About Mayor Bennett’s Visit To Augusta On Behalf of Ripken Stadium Baseball

October 19, 2011

BaltimoreSun   CityStink  The City Stink is a Libertarian Tea Party Blog in Augusta, Georgia.  Lori Davis is one of the main writers for the City Stink. Lori Davis ran for Mayor last year as a Republican Tea Party  {Registered: Republican, Claims: Independent, TeaParty:Associated Not Affilted?} candidate. She was soundly defeated garnering only 18% of the vote. Deke Copenhaver, the Democrat {Registered: Independent, Declined Challenger for U.S. Senate, Democrat}, won with 64% of the vote. Lori Davis and several other writers have been writing about Aberdeen Mayor Michael Bennetts recent visit on behalf of the Ripken Baseball Group. They have distorted the facts about Mayor Bennett and the Ripken Baseball Group. .

The City Stink Tea  Party Republicans write about the Ripken-Aberdeen stadium deal based on the “grab line” in Justin Fentons    article  in the Baltimore Sun. The first line in the story says “The minor league Ripken Stadium , which opened to accalim and sold-out games five years ago, has proved to be such a financial drain to the small town of Aberdeen that the mayor now wants to sell it”  They don’t tell you the rest of the story. They act like they didn’t read the rest of the story. The guts of the story  is not in the overly  simplified dramatic first line meant to hook you. The most important part of the story that the Tea  Party City Stink and  the Tea Party Pat McGrady ignore is the truth they wish to distort. Sun reporter Fenton states, “The True windfall was expected to be the 30 acres of adjacent land for developement, including restarunts, shopping venues and a  movie theatre . Real estate , property and amusement taxes were supposed to bring in $900,000 annually and easily cover the city’s expenses.”   “From the start the viability of the project hinged on development around the stadium only some of which came to fruition.” “The operating expenses of the stadium would never have been completely offset by the income of the stadium (Chris) Flannery said.”       l

AberdeenPatch – McGrady And Bennett Disagree On Augusta Trip, Paying Attention Clarifies The Facts

October 18, 2011


Political Innuendo: Tea Party Republican Candidate For Aberdeen Mayor, Patrick “Shady” McGrady Distorts The Facts About Mayor Bennett Visit To Augusta For Ripken’ GreenJackets, Bennett Said Aberdeen Hit Financial Hard Times Because of Economic Facts, But Ripken Park Was Not The Problem

October 16, 2011

BallParkDigest   AugustaChronicle Ball Park Digest reports that : “The problem: the city (of Aberdeen) had  unrealistic expectations of development at the ballpark site SUBSIDIZING DEBT, things like a hotel and retail/restaurant space didnt happen after the economy went south. The lease for thew ball park was pretty standard but the city had  unrealistic expectations of future growth”

   “Opponents of the new Green Jackets ball park are using a Baltimore Sun article as an indictment of a potential new park”

   “…cuurent Aberdeen Mayor Michael Bennett went on to explain that the financial problems were the city”s doing–a small town bit off more than it could chew.

AugustaChronicle ” Ripken Basball Group  “…brought Mayor Michael Bennett to help dispel accusations that Ripken Baseball left Aberdeen in financial trouble when the team joined with city and state to build a stadium”

The Ides of October – McGrady’s Cheap Political Stunt At Town Public Meeting Backfires – Over Night, Town Blooms With Bennett Lawn Signs Alongside Landbeck Lawn Signs In Bi-Partisan Response To McGrady Disrespect For Democratic Government Procedures And Juvenile Understanding Of Free Speech

October 16, 2011

Political Blowback In Aberdeen After The McGrady Kerfuffle At City Meeting

October 15, 2011

Patrick McGrady Tries To Campaign At Aberdeen Town Meeting (Video)

October 14, 2011

AberdeenPatch – Tea Party Republican Patrick McGrady Tries To Campaign For Mayor During Aberdeen Town Meeting, Mayor Michael Bennett Says No Campaigning, Ask A Question Or Sit Down

October 12, 2011


DodgyDagger – Mayors Race Only Contest In Aberdeen Elections, Only Four Candidates Run For Four Council Seats, Bennett’s Only Challenger Is Weak/Amateur Tea Party Republican

October 10, 2011


AberdeenPatch: Tea Party Republican Patrick ‘Shady’ McGrady Says He Will Run For Mayor of Aberdeen, But He Does Not Get Immediate Republican Dodgy Dagger Endorsement*

August 24, 2011

Aberdeen/Patch *The last two political endorsements by the Republican Dodgy Dagger ended up being defeated. The  Dodgy Dagger began as a blog by endorsing the re-election of WetlandsAnnexation-Republican Fred Simmons in  2007 against  Democratic challenger Michael Bennett. The Dodgy Dagger endorsed WetlandsAnnexation-Republicrat City Councilman Mike Hiob for Mayor in 2009 against  Democrat incumbent Michael Bennett.

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