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Daily Show – Michael Cohen Testimony

February 28, 2019

Seth Myers – Closer Look: Cohen And Giuliani Cause Trump Problems / Colbert – The State of The State of the Union

January 24, 2019


CNN – Sources Say Michael Cohen Will Tell Mueller That Donald Trump Knew And Approved Of, Trump Tower Meeting Before Iy Happened!

August 29, 2018

Village Voice /Right Media Watch – Conservatives Contort Themselves To Paint Trump A Winner In Manafort/Cohen Corruption Cases!

August 28, 2018

Last Word / Chris O’Donnell – Avenatti After Cohen Guilt Plea

August 22, 2018

Klepper: Hair To Deam – Colbert: Will Cohen Flip? – Summit Sumerized – Conan: Kim Jong Un Photobomber

June 14, 2018

Bill Maher/ Real Time – 05/18/18 – Michael Cohen Facts – Clint Watts: Messing With The Enemy – New Rule : Above The Law – Monologue: Royally Screwd – Jim Jefferies: Royal Family

May 21, 2018






Seth Myers – Trumps Russia Problem/ Michhael Cohens Bombshell – Kate McKinnon’s Giuliani

May 18, 2018

Vanity Fair – Michael Avenatti Has Left The Republican Right In Denial And Experincing Cognative Dissonance

May 11, 2018


Seth Myers: Trump’s Secret Slush Fund – Stephen Colbert: Cohens Sells Access To Trump – Gina Haspel : Regrets of My Torture

May 10, 2018


New Yorker – Trump Ex-Lawyer Michael Cohen Paid By Russians

May 9, 2018


Mother Jones – Surprising Natioanl Inquirer Cover About Michael Cohen!

April 29, 2018


Village Voice – Meet The Creator of the Fake Michael Cohen Subway Ad

April 21, 2018


Jimmy Kimmel- Sean Hannity Is Michael Cohens Mystery Client – Jordan Klepper: At War With James Comey

April 17, 2018

Rolling Stone – The History of Michael Cohens Ties To Russian Crime

April 12, 2018


Seth Myers/CloserLook – Trump Lashes Out After Michael Cohen Raid – Jordan Klepper: Coaching Zuckerberg – Bring Your Own Facts, Blame The Left

April 12, 2018

Stephen Colbert – Tucker Steals Colberts Panda Bit – Trump Condemns The “Disgraceful” Raid On His “Mr. Fixit” Lawyer

April 11, 2018

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