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DodgyDagger – Mike Hiob Confesses: “I Am a Democrat…I Didn’t ‘Allign Myself With Fred Simmons (Republican)’…Rather, I Voted With Him…” ” I Voted For Nancy Jacobs (Republican) Because She Was Running Against You Art (Democrat)…”

January 12, 2014


Knife In The Water Pt. 2: Helton State Senate Campaign In Limbo , DodgyDagger/Kreamer/Hiob/James Get Harford County Board of Elections Judge To Reverse Her Decision In July of 2010 On Helton Residency, Harford Blue Dogs Join Republicans To Trash South Harford Democratic Party

December 15, 2013


Raven Little, Baltimore Sun August 2010 – “State law allows a person to establish residency in one place while living in another”  (see Blount case)

Art Helton, The Sun, Aug 2010 – “The state and federal courts are clear. You can live where you want to live. You can own more than one home. …Its a matter of where you want to vote and where you want to live ”

But can a state board of election administrator change the law from year to year based on  a whim or  on her own biased candidate preference?

AberdeenPatch: Tea Party Republican Patrick ‘Shady’ McGrady Says He Will Run For Mayor of Aberdeen, But He Does Not Get Immediate Republican Dodgy Dagger Endorsement*

August 24, 2011

Aberdeen/Patch *The last two political endorsements by the Republican Dodgy Dagger ended up being defeated. The  Dodgy Dagger began as a blog by endorsing the re-election of WetlandsAnnexation-Republican Fred Simmons in  2007 against  Democratic challenger Michael Bennett. The Dodgy Dagger endorsed WetlandsAnnexation-Republicrat City Councilman Mike Hiob for Mayor in 2009 against  Democrat incumbent Michael Bennett.

TheSun/Aegis – Political Landslide – Bennett Wins Big (53% to 40%) – Hiob and Kuperfman Kicked Out For Land Politics

November 5, 2009

michael_hiobronald_kupfermanbennett-248x300The Sun/Aegis

Mayor-Michael Bennett – 982 – Michael Hiob – 739 -Babara Kreamer – 139

City Council – Ruth Elliot – 1236 – Bruce Garner -1123 – Sandy Landbeck -1077 – Ruth Ann Young – 1014– Ron Kupferman -967 – Trudie Norman – 285 – Zenobia Todd – 439

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