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Krugman/NYTimes – Ryan Is Not A Serious Thoughtful Conservative, He’s A Hard Core Conservative Who Votes Like Michelle Bachman

August 14, 2012

Cracthit Job – Someone Has To Expain To Republicans That Ebineezer Scrooge Is The Bad Guy

November 26, 2011

NewYorker – Leap of Faith

August 31, 2011


MotherJones – Michele Bachmannn – First Republican Presidential Candidate To Get Koch Money

July 19, 2011

HystericalRasins    MotherJones

Mediaite – Maher Thinks Palin Can ‘Absolutely’ Win In 2012 If Economy Goes South, But If He Had To Choose Between Palin and Bachman He’d Choose Bachmann

July 12, 2011


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