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Village Voice – Michelle Wolf Was Mever Gonna Be Polite

May 2, 2018

Netflix's The Break with Michelle Wolf hosts celebration after the White House Correspondents' Dinner

STephen Colbert – Michelle Wolfe,John Kelly Calls Trump Idiot, Stormy Daniels

May 1, 2018

Trevor Noah- Michelle Wolf’s “Disgraceful” Performance At White House Correspondents Dinner

May 1, 2018

New Yorker – How Michelle Wolf Blasted Open The Fictions Of Journalism in the Trump Age

May 1, 2018


HollywoodRporter – Michelled Wolf Slammed or “Vile” Sarah Huckabee Jokes At White House Correspondents Dinner

April 29, 2018


NYMag – Michelle Wolf At White House Correspondents Dinner! Political Humor Homerun!!!

April 29, 2018

Rolling Stine Mag – Michelle Wolf To Host White House Correspondence Dinner (April 24) – Dont Expect Donald “Bone Spur” Trump To Show Up!

February 23, 2018


Village Voice – Michelle Wolf : The Voice Comedy Needs Right Now

December 2, 2017

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