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Mike Hiob Is A Walking Conflict Of Interest -He Has Been Bought And Paid For By Aberdeen Land Developers In Two Elections – Now He Sits On The Aberdeen Land Planning Commission – Show Me The Developer Benjamins!

February 20, 2019

2009 Aberdeen City Election  $11, 000 Campaign Contributions


2007 Aberdeen City Election – $4,825 Campaign Contributions





RepublicanAegis -Mayor Pat McGrady Appoints Two Cronies To Aberdeen Planning Commission : Mike Hiob & Jason Kolligs

March 3, 2017


Mayor McGrady has appointed two cronies to the Aberdeen Planning Commission.  Crony number one is Mike Hiob, a former councilman and a failed candidate for mayor. Mr. Hiob was thrown off the Council by voters for his efforts in support of the Wetlands Annexation political shenanigans.

The second McGrady crony appointted to the Planning Commission is Jason Kolligs. He was defeated in the  last election for city council. The Mayor tried to appoint  crony Kolligs to  the city council to fill the  tied-vote empty seat but failed. The seat was later filled by another McGrady crony.



Help Clean Up Aberdeen Political Corruption – Mike “Wetlands-Gate” Hiob And Patrick “TieVote-Gate” McGrady

June 16, 2016


DodgyDaggerBozos – Mike “Annex”Hiob Is Trying Too Hard To Oversell Tea Party Patrick McGradys Political Win – “Shady” McGrady Is A “Lame Duck”Or Weak Mayor . He Only Recieved 33% Of The Vote While Councilman Melvin Taylor Won 76% Of The Vote, You Bozo!

November 5, 2015


Is Mike Hiob now a Grand Wizard in the Tea Party?

Del. M-D James Looks Despearate, Goes Negative On Helton! Do Internal Polls Show She Is Losing??? Sophomoric Smear Ad Looks Like the Work of Devious Republican Joe Snee!!!

June 4, 2014



Del. M-D James is getting desperate. Has internal polling shown that she is behind? There’s only ten days until early primary voting.  Her first five or six mailers emphasize positive messages about jobs and education. But number seven goes nutty negative. It claims that Helton “didn’t do his job  1,019 times”, because he “skipped 1,019 votes as Senator” in eight years. When you go to there “get the facts”website  there are no facts, just the same unverified claim. This is cheap sleazy smear politics. It appears James has turned over her campaign to sleazeball wannabe Republican Mike Hiob and/or cunning real time Republican boss Joe Snee.  M-D James has given up on honesty and integrity!

Who Will Replace Stephen Colbert on Comedy Central? Samantha Bee? Jason Jones? Assif Mandvi? M-D James? Mike Hiob? Or Luke Horah?

April 14, 2014


DodgyDagger – Watcher : “You Should Know About Lying Mike Hiob. You Took the Big Campaign Donations To Sell Out Aberdeen And Give Developers A Free Ride…Thats Why We Put You Out Of Office And Didnt Vote You In For Mayor…”

January 12, 2014


Can Mike Hiob Make A Political Comeback By Exploiting the Aberdeen Salary Raise Issue? Or Will Salary Compensation Reform Attract Better Candidates To Defeat Special Interest Candidates Like Hiob?

June 30, 2013


Mike Hiob is a reactionary Democrat who joined council Republicans   (Fred Simmons, David Yensen and Ron Kupferman) in 2006 to support the Aberdeen annexation of the Wetlands Golf Course. The annexation proposal was opposed by a large massive Aberdeen citizen revolt  (Aberdeen Communities Together) even before it was voted for by the Council. The citizen outrage resulted in a referendum that defeated annexation by almost a two to one vote. Hiob said he still supported annexation after the referndum vote. He is a captive political stooge for the special interests that wanted to overdevelope the town of Aberdeen for fast-and-furious profit despite massive public opposition. Now he wants to make a political comeback as a false populist opposed  to mayor and council salary compensation reform. The reactionary Republican Aegis has also opposed the proposed salary reform with irrational and irresponsible fallacies rather than reasoned argument and facts.

AEgis Open Forum – Former Aberdeen Councilman Opposes Pay Raises For City Council ! Watch Out! This Is First Time The Reactionary Republican Aegis Editorial Board And The Reactionary Democrat Mike Hiob Have Join Political Forces Since They Both Supported The Re-election Of Reactionary-Republican Libertarian Fred Simmons For Mayor

June 13, 2013


The Top 10 Dumbest Moments In Harford County Politics in 2010 -#6. Democratic Sore Loser Mike Hiob Attacked State Senate Candidate Rovall Washington For Not Being A Sore Loser

December 25, 2010


After losing his Democratic primary election for State Senate to Arthur Helton, Rovall Washington in a letter to The Dagger and to his own website endorsed Helton in the general election. Mike Hiob, still upset over his defeat in the Mayorality  election in Aberdeen, attacked Washington for his endorsemnent, thus aiding and abetting the eventual Republican victory of Nancy Jacobs. In the same primary election Dan Riley lost his House of Delegates seat to challenger Marla Posey-Moss . Dan Riley  upset over his surprising defeat  claimed that he was a “conservative blue-dog Democrat” despite a voting record as a progressive. Riley also stated he feared Posey-Moss could not win the general election. Riley stated ,”This consensus is shared by many of my Republican friends in that they now have a good chance of winning my seat.” Riley would go on to support his “Republican friends” “shared consensus” by not endorsing Posey-Moss in the general election thus aiding and abetting the eventual  Republican victory of Glenn Glass.

LettersToTheDagger – Democrat Sore Loser Mike Hiob Attacks Rovall Washington For Not Being A Sore Loser, Political Bitterness Now Giving Aid And Comfort To Republican Nancy Jacobs Re-Election Bid

November 1, 2010


      Mike Hiob has been in the Teed-Off Party ever since he lost his campaign for Mayor of Aberdeen. Now he is giving support to the Tea Party in Harford County in its efforts to re-elect Nancy Jacobs to the State Senate. Last week Hiob threw another political tantrum, upset that Rovall Washington (in The  Dagger and The Aegis) would endorse a Democrat who defeated him in the primary. Thats the normal thing you do in a democracy. Hiob once again personally  attacks Helton . And he attacks Washingtons ‘integrity’ for doing the right thing. Hiobs support for Republican proposed over-developement land policies in Aberdeen are what most likely cost him his first political  defeat last year . And  Dan Riley’s support for him in the Mayors race probably cost Dan his  recent primary defeat. Now his antics threaten to damage Democrats in what could be  a close race for the state Senate.  As BSMeter comments in The Dagger blog :”Mr.Hiob, how in the hell can you consider yourself a Dem if you would prefer Jacobs over Helton?…You have no standing as a Democrat if you would work in favor of Jacobs over any Democrat (she is to the right of Attilla the Hun).”

        Who is Mike Hiob? And where is his political integrity?


TheSun/Aegis – Political Landslide – Bennett Wins Big (53% to 40%) – Hiob and Kuperfman Kicked Out For Land Politics

November 5, 2009

michael_hiobronald_kupfermanbennett-248x300The Sun/Aegis

Mayor-Michael Bennett – 982 – Michael Hiob – 739 -Babara Kreamer – 139

City Council – Ruth Elliot – 1236 – Bruce Garner -1123 – Sandy Landbeck -1077 – Ruth Ann Young – 1014– Ron Kupferman -967 – Trudie Norman – 285 – Zenobia Todd – 439

Political Countdown 2009 Aberdeen Elections – Postcard From the Edge – We Can’t Afford Them Anymore!

October 30, 2009

(This message was delivered by postcard in the U.S. Mail)

During Mike Hiob and Ron Kupferman’s last 6 years on the Aberdeen City Council
– Your property taxes were raised 56%
– Your water and sewer bills were doubled
– They did nothing to solve the city’s water shortage
-They stood idlt by while vital city infrastructure deteriorated
– They voted twice for large developer driven land annexations that would cost you and the city $$$ millions after you, the voter, rejected the annexations


The Sun/ Record – Hiob ($11,000) Raises More Campaign Funds Than Bennett ($3965)

October 23, 2009


The Record/Sun – Making the Run – 10/16/09 – Councilman Kupferman Supports Annexing Wetlands! Is Hiob-Kupferman-Landbeck the Winning Ticket For Wetlands Annex?

October 16, 2009


The Brains – Money Changes Everything

October 12, 2009

The Dagger – ProudDemocrat – Is Mike Hiob a Dino ?( Democrat In Name Only)

October 12, 2009

dino-t3030michael_hiob ProudDemocrat,Oct 11, 2009, 5:58pm (The Dagger, Hiob Campaign Raises $11,000..)2.1.3
1. ” The sad thing is the fact that you teabagger types are so quick to defend Hiob is one thing that makes me so afraid of him. You have Rinos, we have Dinos, and it’s becoming increasingly clear that Hiob is one of them”
2. ProudDemocrat, Oct10,2009,10:41pm (The Dagger) “This has all the feeling of a typical Republican style campaign…defer to special bussiness interests, not the will of the people.
If the people dont vote the way you want them to, raise tons of money so that you can mis-lead them into doing what’s in the bussiness’s best interest. Sad.”
3. ProudDemocrat, Oct 10, 2009,10:53pm (The Dagger) “Mr. Hiobs cronies have contributed thousands in an effort to elect a person that openly defies the will of the people by expanding the cities limits beyond where the voters live. The resulting change in land-use and zoning would allow said developers to make millions upon millions by defying the will of the voters of Aberdeen.”
4. ProudDemocrat, Oct 10,2009, 10:45pm (The Dagger) “Mike Hiob indicated at the infamous NHDC meeting that he intends to annex property adjacent to the current Aberdeen borders. He indicated that he feels the referendum of 2 years ago no longer applies because the zoning situation has changed in the county. He is arguing on a technicallity that voters don’t care about zoning.
They were against expanding the city limits in an effort to satisfy afew very rich developers. The election has everything to do with the referendum. The question is does the will of the people mean anything?”

The Dagger – Hiob “Inside-Out” Campaign Raises $11,000 – Mainly from Developers, Mike Bennett “It’s About Trust” Campaign Raises $3,989 – $300 From Arthur Helton

October 10, 2009

michael_hiobmayor_bennettThe Dagger

Hiob Notable Campaign Contributions:
HCS LLC (Wetlands) $1000
DD &SP LLC (real estate) 500
Craig Vickers 1000
Joseph Salvo – 1000
Kerean Pantel – 1000
Ferrel Fuel – 1000
Hickory Ridge Invest LLC (rep by Curtis Coon) 1000
Del Mary Dulaney James – 500
Eight East Bel Air LLC – 200
Glenville Prop LLC ( Real Estate Mgmnt)) 250
Involved Citizens for Riley – 250

ClearChannel Outdoors (Billboard) $1200
Allsigns – $1462
Bright Star Printing – 2144

Michael Bennett Notable Campaign Contributions
401 Market, LLC ( Helton) $300
McPhailWoods, LLC – $1000
Carsin Run LLC (P.Bosworth) – 500
Morris & Ritchie Assoc – 150
Ruth Young – $30
Aaron Tomarchio – 30

Bottomless Cup $1000
OfficeCenter & ABC Signs $1400

The Sun – A Three Way Race For Mayor of Aberdeen – Bennett, Kreamer and Hiob

October 1, 2009


Political Countdown 2009 Aberdeen Town Elections : Mike Hiobs Political Theme Song

September 30, 2009

Political Countdown 2009 Aberdeen Town Election: Mike Hiobs New Political Slogan Doesn’t Make Any Sense

September 30, 2009

michael_hiob Aberdeen city councilman Mike Hiob released his first political mailer this week. The flyer includes an unusual political slogan : “Leadership from the inside out …not the outside in”. What does that mean? It sounds like a good football play but not a good political idea. And doesn’t “inside-out” mean “backwards”? Here’s a better slogan for Mike Hiob : “What would Fred Do?” Mike Hiob has been endorsed by the right-wing Republican political blog ,The Dagger, which began as a blog two years ago to help Fred Simmons get re-elected. And when he lost the endorsement of his own New Harford Democratic Club he attacked the Club in the Dagger stating:”I didn’t want nor do I need the A&A (Art & Ann) Club endorsement to assist me in MY EFFORT TO RETURN CONTROL OF THE OFFICE OF MAYOR TO A CITIZEN WHO ACTUALLY LIVES IN ABERDEEN”. Hiob also atttacked his political opponent after losing the endorsement stating: “The endorsement is just another confirmation that Helton and Bennett are connected at the hip (or somewhere else).” Hiob even attcked the endorsement itself stating that it “will allow the club to spend thousands of their PAC dollars directly to the benefit of Mike Bennett and the spreading (sic) slime about me.”.Leadership inside-out or outside-in should not resort to vulgar personal attacks or irrational tirades if one doesnt get ones way.

Political Countdown 2009 – Harford Democratic Club Endorses Mike Bennett for Mayor of Aberdeen. Angry Mike Hiob Burns Political Bridges.

September 6, 2009

The Sunmayor_welcomeThe New Harford Democratic Club(NHDC) endorsed Mike Bennett for Mayor of Aberdeen by a vote of 17 to 14. Mike Hiob and Mike Bennett sought the endorsement by speaking and answering questions at the monthly meeting. Mike Hiob after seeking the endorsement and being rejected ridiculed the NHDC in the Right-Wing Republican blog ,The Dagger,stating :”I didn’t want nor do I need the A&A (Art & Ann) Club endorsement.” In a bitter response to losing the endorsement Hiob went on to deride the winner with a vulgar personal attack ,stating, :”This ‘endorsement’ is just another confirmation that Art Helton and Mike Bennett are connected at the hip (or something else?)”. Hiob also angrily attacked the ‘endorsement’ itself because he believes it : “…will allow the club to spend thousands of their PAC dollars directly for the benefit of Mike Bennett. And for the spreading(sic) slime about me.”

Political Countdown 2009 : Has Mike Hiob Missed His Window of Political Opportunity? Or Has Aberdeen Been Shrugged?

July 13, 2009

michael_hiobThe Right-wing Republican political blog The Dagger has endorsed Mike Hiob , a Democrat, for Mayor of Aberdeen.
Hiob was a Democrat who joined council Republicans to strongly support Aberdeen Annexation of the Wetlands Golf Course.
The last political candidate the The Dagger endorsed was the ill-fated Fred Simmons bid for re-election as Aberdeen Mayor.
Hiob also worked to relect Fred Simmons as Mayor and Dave Yensan as counlcilman, who were both strong advocates of the Wetlands Annexation.

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