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Bill Maher -March 27. 2015 – Lets Stay Out of Yemen -Barney Frank and Dodd-Frank – Interview With Huckabee

March 28, 2015







ThinkProgress – Mike Huckabee Wants Every One To Be “Forced At Gunpoint” To Learn From Radical Historian David Barton

April 18, 2011


Chris Matthews on Leno Slams Mike Huckabees Obama-Kenya Comments,”It’s Racist.”

March 18, 2011


RackJite – Stephen Colbert, Huckabee, Kenya and President Mau Mau Obama

March 9, 2011


Rackjite – Huckabee Catches ‘Hell’ From Chris Matthews For His ‘Birther’ Lies About Obama

March 6, 2011


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