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TDBalto -Sunpapers Mike Preston Drinks The Vegas Bet-Line Kool Aid – Picks Pats Over Ravens 28 To 24

December 12, 2016

BaltoSun/Mike Preston Predicts Ravens Defeat Sunday 21 to 17. Earlier In Week on Touchdown Baltimore He Predicts A Cincy “Big Win”

January 2, 2016



Sunpaper ace reporter Mike Preston predicts another Raven defeat 21 to 17 this Sunday when they face the Cincy Bengals. Earlier in the week on Touchdown Baltimore He stated that Cincy owns the Ravens . “Begals win BIG ”  Maybe Preston is hedging his bet. Whatever.

OnTheOtherHand :  Stat-wise Cincy  (362yds) is just a nick better that the Ravens  (360yds) offensively.  And defensive-wise Baltimore  (340.1yds) is even-steven against Cincy (340.8yds) Again Cincy will not blowout the Ravens as Preston suggested  on Tuesday’s Touchdown Baltimore.  The Ravens should wear their gold pants and force McCarron into turnover and mistakes.   Ravens are motivated and Bengals are reeling from their Denver defeat and a short  practice-week.


Ravens should win  24 to 17 .  Mallet isn’t Flacco but  McCarron ain’t Dalton. (Dalton barely won in Sept 28 to 24)

TouchDownBaltimore – BaltoSun Reporter Preston Says “Bengals Win BIG” Last Game

December 30, 2015

Sunpaper Sports Writer Mike Preston Apologizes For Making Outlandish Raven-Steelers Prediction. Promises To Be More Objective And Rational In The Future

December 28, 2015



TouchDown Baltimore – MikePreston Says Ravens Will Be Slaughtered By Steelers

December 23, 2015



Mike Viviano/WJZ-TV  : Ravens cannot pull off a win no matter what QB they use.  Pittsburgh 28- Ravens 10

Mike Preston/BaltoSun:  Pittsburgh  50 – Ravens 20. If they leave Big Ben in the whole game it could be 60 to 20.

Bruce Laird/BaltoColt:  They’ve got three good wideouts, a running game and sometimes they have a defense. Steelers 31 – Ravens 9

(OnTheOtherHand: Baltimore’s defense [342yds] is equal to Cincy  [335yds] and Cincy beat Pittsburgh in Pittsburgh 16 to 10. Pittsburgh’s offense  [402yds] is best in AFC but Baltimore offense  [358] stat-wise is just a nick less than Cincy [367yds] .   Ravens should avoid a blowout at home with their chief rival. Playmakers will rise to the  occasion.  Ravens win  27-24 with last minute FG.  …Besides Mike Preston always picks Pittsburgh to win ,even if we have Flacco. He’s bullshit….Also Ravens should wear their golden pants again. It will confuse Big Ben and he’ll throw two or three interceptions. If they can’t wear golden  pants Ravens should blitz Big Ben occasionally  on 1st or 3rd down to force turnovers and mistakes. Big Ben can’t take the pressure and he is prone to injury.)

WJZ-TV – Mark Viviano Predicts A Baltimore Ravens Home Victory Over San Diego Chargers 33 To l0 – Joe Flacco Has a 78% Winning Record At Home

October 31, 2015



Mike Preston sez “I’m not pickin the Ravens until they win one. I’m takin the Chargers 33 to 31”

018012Bruce Laird  says “San Diego 28 to 27.

TouchDown Baltimore – Mike Preston (The Sun) Predicts Balto Raven Defeat 27 To 10 “They re Gonnna Get Beat Pretty Bad” – Mark Viviano (WJZ) Agrees Ravens Lose 31 To 14 -“This Is A Down Year!” – But Mark Maske (WashPost) Thinks Ravens Have a 57.9% Chance Of Winning! “Five Defeats Have Come By An Average Of 4.4pts ” All Their Defeats Have Been Tough Close Loses.

October 26, 2015

TouchDownBaltimore – Mark Viviano (WJZ) Predicts Ravens Win Over 49ers, Mike Preston Ravens Lose 27-24, Bruce Laird Ravens Lose 24-17

October 18, 2015



Mark Viviano (WJZ) says all four Raven loses  have been to coaches who were once Raven assistants. Thus the Raven Ex-Assistant Curse?

But 49ers head coach was never a Raven assistant. “So maybe they’ll beat this guy.”                                                           Mike Preston (Sun) believes in the Ex- Ravens receivers curse. He believes Antwan Boldin And Torrey Smith will beat the Ravens secondary.

Bruce Laird just laughs saying “Ravens will have a togh day”…

RussellStreetReport – TonyLombardi – Critics Like Sunpapers Mike Preston Say Joe Flacco Cant Carry A Team, But In Fact Flacco Is The Ravens Beast Of Burden Without A Core of Talented Recievers ( Mike Preston Should Be Traded to New England For A More Fact-Based Sports Reporter!)

October 14, 2015


TouchDown Baltimore – Mike Preston (Baltimore Sun ) Picks Tom Terrific Over January Joe In Saturday Playoff In Boston , Bruce Laird (Ex-Colt) Also Says Ravens Cannot Win

January 9, 2015



Deju Vu Football Predictions  . Mike Preston  picked the New England Patriots to beat the Ravens two years ago when they went on to win the Super Bowl.  Now again Preston puts his faith in the Los Vegas odds makers not in the Ravens  playoff  success and the Raven intangibles that say Flacco is  the best QB in football and the Ravens are the best team. Preston enthusiasticly bets against the Ravens everytime Vegas bets against them. Unfortunately the more street wise Bruce Laird  reluctantly joins Preston in his folly this time. Mark Vivano (WJZSports)  made no  prediction because he was filling in as modertator. He only pointed out that the the Flacco Ravens  have defeated New England the last two times they’ve met in the playoffs. Preston has become a worn out  cliche of negativity. GO RAVENS!

TouchDown Baltimore – Mike Preston And Bruce Laird Predict Raven Defeat, Only WJZs Mark Viviano Predicts Raven Victory

November 2, 2014

BaltoSun Ace Sports Reporter Mike Preston Predicts Raven Loss To Colts (31-27) Claims Luck Is Better Than Flacco.

October 5, 2014

NFL: AFC Wild Card Playoff-Indianapolis Colts at Baltimore Ravens038

The Baltimore Sundowners are  down on the Ravens this week. Five out of seven predict Raven defeat. Preston leads the pack with the observation that “…despite Joe Flacco being a pretty good QB, Andrew Luck is better”. The  Lucky Colts have beaten up bad teams this year and been beaten up by good ones. The Ravens are “rated” as a better team (power ranking) than the Colts so far this year. Luck is “rated” a better QB, but so are Big Ben  and Hoyer. Andy Luck does not have a Stephen Smith or Justin Forsett. The Ravens  have a  great QB and one of the best teams. You can’t just win with Luck.

Ravens Will Win Big Against Cinncinati Bengals, They Will Repeat Their 2012 Season Opener Against Cincy 44 To 17

September 6, 2014

Houston Texans v Baltimore Ravens   The Sundowners sports writers are predicting the Ravens in week one will repeat last years three point victory over the Bengals . Nothing has changed in the Sundowners minds about the Ravens.The doubts linger. Really? THe national sports writers are all a rage about Cinncinati—- predicting a division championship. Theyve got the Sundowners believing the hype. Dubious Dalton  will trump Joe “Flake-O”. Except things have changed.The O-Line will serve and protect. The Offense will explode. The Best Defense is better. They look more like the 2012 Ravens, not the the 2013 Ravens.  The 2012 season opened with Cincy and the Ravens wiped out Daltons bungling Bengals. It’ll happen again Sunday. Baltimore will blowout Cinncinatti. ( MIKE PRESTON  21-17.Pete

Schmuck 23-20,Jeff Zrebiec 27-23)

Green Bay Packers v Houston Texans

TouchDown Baltimore : Mike Preston Picks Seahawks/ Bruce Laird Picks Manning And The Broncos

February 2, 2014


BRUCE LAIRD : I’m going with offense. And I’m going with Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos. They relive last years nightmare but they only win by two or three points.

MIKE PRESTON:  Seattle wins. Good defense always beats good offense.Peyton Manning, God bless him…made a good run…aint gonna happen!

Predictable Ravens – Sun’s Preston Says New England Patriots Were Calling Out Raven Plays As They Happen With Airplane/Car Codewords

December 25, 2013

Lee_patriotsraven4_rLee_patriotsraven20_rNew England Patriots v Baltimore Ravensdavis_nebal6_spts_r

TouchDown Baltimore – (Bengals Wack Ravens 34-17) Sunpapers Mike Preston Picks Ravens To Win In Cincinnati, Ex-Colt Laird Doesnt Think They Can Get It Done, WJZ Viviano Says Ravens Cant Beat Bengels In Cincy

December 25, 2013


Mike Preston, Baltimore Sun: “I’m picking the Ravens… Whenever Joe Flacco plays poorly, he lights it up. And right now theres a little bit of fire going on between Old John and Joe. And when that happens Joe really wants to show him up. So Joes going to play well. Ravens win!”

Bruce Laird, Ex-Colt All-Pro – My football IQ says the Ravens will be home the New Year. I dont think they can get it done in Cincinnati”

Viviano: I see the Ravens season ending here in Cnicinnati.

TouchDown Baltimore: (Ravens Win 18-16) Only Bruce Laird Thinks Ravens Can Win In Detroit – WJZs Viviano Says They Cant Win On Road – SunDowner Preston Trashes Raven Defense

December 15, 2013


Bruce Laird : ” I dont believe in the Lions. They are crazy. They are psyco. They are goofy.  Ravens some how pull it out!”

Viviano: “The Ravens cant win on the road. Until they do, I’m pickin the other team. Lions win!”

M.Preston: ” TheLions win 28 to 24. The Ravens cant match that kind of physicality on there defense!”

TouchDown Baltimore Experts Mark Viviano-WJZ, Mike Preston-The Sun, Bruce Laird-ExColt Unanimous: Cinncinatti Will Win On Sunday

November 9, 2013

NFL: AFC Wild Card Playoff-Indianapolis Colts at Baltimore Ravens014016012

Mike Preston says the score will be 28-21 Bengals over the Ravens. Bruce Laird took off his rose-colored glasses and predicted Cinncinatti Bengals 24 – Ravens 17. He asks the Ravens to “Show me something”. And  Mark Viviano  just says “Cinncinatti is real. Cinncinatti will win…. Until I see something differant”

Last year the Ravens began their Super Bowl season wiping out the Bengals in Baltimore 43 to 17. In December the Ravens went into a tail spin in  losing four of their last five games. They lost to Cinncinatti in Cinncinatti in the last game of the year in a game that didnt matter, and in which first string starters were rested halfway through the game for the playoffs. The score was 23 to 17.

Could all the experts on Touchdown Baltimore, the  Baltimorte Sun and  o Vinnie & Robb on Sports Radio be wrong again about the Ravens? Is it time to give up all  playoff hopes for the Ravens in 2013? Has there luck and talent run out? Have we retired, traded or given away all our playmakers? Is Flacco just an average-Joe QB?

The Ravens have the 10th ranked overall Defense, They are Second in the Red Zone. And Fourth on Third Downs.  The Ravens rattled Dalton last year into a fumble  and an  interception. Suggs and Dumervil can do that again. A good defense beats a good offense and  we still have the Fourth best QB (Jaws,ESPN) in football.

Ravens Win 20-17

RussellStreetReport/TouchDownBaltimore – Flacco Is A Winner And Earning Every Penny But Mike “Pessimistic”Preston Calls Him “Average Joe” In Friday Sun And Picks Greenbay Packers To Win 30 To 21 On TouchDown Baltimore (Bruce Laird, Mark Viviano & Tom Davis Pick Ravens In Close Game)

October 13, 2013


Joe Flacco has 66 wins since 2008. Thats more Ws than Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Matt Ryan, and Aaron Rodgers.  The Washington Post (Mark Maske) NFL Power Rating this week  rated Baltimore (3-2) at #8. Greenbay (2-2)  was rated at #10. The Ravens have won three of four games since there ugly opening night loss. Green Bay has won every other game.


SportsReportB.S. – Its Official Ravens Cant Win Sunday: SunDowners, And ESPNers Stephen A. And Skip Bayless Down On Ravens In Texas Game, (Eight of Nine Say Ravens Cant Beat TexAs)

September 21, 2013


Ravens stomped Texas 30 -9, Daryl Smith Pick-six, Tandem Doss kickoff TD, Bernard Pierce TD, etc

Fox NFL Analyst Jimmy Johnson Picks Ravens To Upset Giants, BaltoSun Sports Analyst Mike Preston Picks Giants To Win And Suggests Maybe Flaccos Last Game At Ravens Stadium

December 23, 2012

jimmy_20100126220045_0_0013022FoxNFL Analyst Jimmy Johnson picks the Ravens to up set the NY Giants and Eli Manning.”Baltimore cannot keep losing…Everybody has been beating up (Joe) Flacco. He’ll out do Elli (Manning)”.

Mike Preston, BaltoSun sports analyst says “And Sunday could be the last home game for Pro Bowl safety Ed Reed as well as for potential free-agent quarterback Joe Flacco…(Flaccos) stock has tumbled as he has committed six turnovers in the teams three consecutive losses.”

Mike & Mike & Mike: Sun Sports Reporter MIKE Preston Picks RG3 Over JF1 (Joe Flacco) “Ravens Dont Have Anyone Who Can Control RG3 On The Perimeter…” MIKE Greenberg* Agrees RG3 Can Walk On Water, But MIKE Golic** Says Ravens Are The Better Team And RG3 Is Still A Rookie Prone To Rookie Mistakes

December 8, 2012

017109108* Greenberg says of RG3: “He can run . He can throw. He can win.” This just isnt the same Ravens. Suggs is injured. Flacco is struggling. Shoulda beat old man Batch (38) and Pittsburg last week.Old men cant play football , just ask  Peyton Manning (36). There not gonna beat Washington this week.

**Golic says Baltimore still the better team. RG3 is still a rookie, prone to rookie mistakes. Washington is a 500 club for a reason. Theyre sometimes good. And sometimes bad. Baltimore is better.

Baltimore Sun Sports Reporters Unanimously Agree That Ravens Cant Beat Houston Texans This Week, Preston/Cowherd Think Houston Fired Up After Bad Loss To Green Bay, Others Say No Way Ravens Can Stop Arian Foster/ I Predict Ravens Will Be So Pissed Off With The Sun Reporters That Theyll Be Fired Up To Stop Houston, Foster And Dump Matt Schaub

October 21, 2012

Report Card B+ – BaltoSun Ace Sports Reporter Mike Preston Was Mostly Dead On With His Prediction That The Ravens Would Probably Lose To The Philadelphia Eagles: (a) The Ravens Letdown There Game, (b) The Projected Score Was Basicly Right On! (c) But The Eagles Were Just As Bad As They Were With Cleveland ,Four Turnovers Is Baaaad!

September 18, 2012

Mike Preston, BaltoSun Ace Sports Reporter Is Betting That Joe Flacco And The Baltimore Ravens Cant Win Two In A Row, Your Moment of Zen*

September 16, 2012


 *The Baltimore Ravens won there first game last year big time 35 to 7 against Pittsburg, and fell flat in game two losing 26 to 13 to the Tennesee Titans.

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