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HDGPatch – Candidate for Mayor Clip – Mitch Shank -“We Need A New Direction…We Need A New Vision… New Leadership Can Make Things Happen in HDG In A Positive Manner.”

April 29, 2011


HDGPatch – HDG Candidates Come Out Swinging In First Forum 04/15/11, Shank Attacks Doughertys “Confidential” Budget, Lauer Still MIA, And Wagner And Maslin Emphasize Their Civic Involvement And Business Experience

April 24, 2011


Aegis – Mitch Shank, Candidate for HDG Mayor – Shank Wants To Work With Delegates And Aberdeen Mayor Bennett To Build Bridges For The City – “Havre de Grace, the Last Four Years, Has Not Been Building Any Bridges…When You Burn Bridges Or Don’t Build Bridges It’s Dangerous”

April 23, 2011

DodgyDagger/Shank  MitchShank

TheAegis/What The HDG Candidates Stand For/04/22/11 – …Shank believes there should be a seperate, countywide water and sewer authority that would remove liabilities from the city.

He also said economic development is another problem in Havre de Grace and he wants to focus on developing the Route 40 corridor…

The third issue, Shank says, is communication and transparencey. . The e-mail alert system should be used to send out information on council meetings as well as explanations of ordinances and potentially “confidential” information.

“I believe the citizens have a right to know”, he said. “Just because the mayor says  its confidential doesnt mean its confidential.”

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