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Boss Tweed Society* – Aberdeen , Maryland Mayor Patrick McGrady Wins The 2017 Boss Tweed Award For Most Undemocratic Mayor In Maryland (MUM-IM)

August 29, 2017


Congratulations  Aberdeen, Maryland Mayor Patrick McGrady  for wining the 2017 Boss Tweed Award for the Most Undemocratic Mayor In Maryland Award. You earned it!

First, you earned it for introducing legislation in the Aberdeen City Council to fine homeless citizens of Aberdeen $50 per day for living in a tent within the city limits of Aberdeen.

When the Aberdeen and Harford community learned of your cruel and inhuman response to homelessness in Aberdeen they rallied in a outburst of democratic rage at  a City Council meeting with reason and compassion that overflowed the City chambers.

The Mayor had to stop the citizen testimony against the Mayor’s despotic proposal  after an hour and a half of negative  comments and call for a vote to” kill” the measure.

Democracy prevailed but the Mayor came out looking like the  corrupt heartless undemocratic  bastard that he is.

Second, you earned it for opposing democratic reform of the Aberdeen charter.

When the City Council voted democraticly for the Charter Reform you then  tried to overide the Council  vote by attempting  to get citizens to  put the democratic reform to referendum.

Then when you lost the the referendum petition drive you complained that  the referendum process was unfair.

Wow! You are the most undemocratic mayor in Maryland. Once again , congratulations!. You earned it! It is hoped that the voters of Aberdeen will remember your despotic undemocratic nature at the next election.

*Boss Tweed Society is a political satire, political humor, political joke

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