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Chris Rock on Jimmy Fallon – “The Mormons Thought Black People Were “The Devil” Up Until 1978″

June 8, 2012

Bill Maher Interviews Kevin Nealon 5/25/12 – The Mormon Religion Believes God Is a Six Foot Four Flesh And Blood Man Who Lives on The Planet ‘Kolob’. I Do Think I Have The Right To Raise My Hand And Say: “WTF?”

May 27, 2012






Rackjite – New Rules With Bill Maher – 05/04/12 – Those Crazy Mormons

May 6, 2012,-Those-Crazy-Mornmons!-May-4-2012.html


NYTimes – Maureen Dowd – Anne Frank, A Mormon? Magical Underware And Baptizing Dead People

October 23, 2011


Mediaite- Bill Maher Interviews Robert Jeffress On Mormon Cult Remarks

October 16, 2011

Rackjite – Bill Maher New Rules – Maher Examines The Con Man Behind the Mormon Religion, Jokes About Herman Cain

October 16, 2011


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