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The Sun – Sunpaper Lies About Lisanti – She Said From The Begining That She Did Not Remember Saying N-Word But She Accepted What Del. Jay Walker Says He Overheard Her Say!

March 4, 2019

The N-Word Is A Racial Epithet/Slur!

March 1, 2019


Thw Root – Was Lisanti Stricken With Selective Amnesia Or Did She Experience Alcohol Induced Prejudice And Blackout?

February 27, 2019

Harford County Delegate Mary Ann Lisanti Is Striped of Her Leadership Position Because Of Her Racial Slur Allegation

February 26, 2019

WashPost – Gov. Larry Hogan Judicial Picks States Atty Beau Oglesby Who Was Accused Of Racial Misconduct! Is Hogan A Racist Or Just A Good Ole Boy?

January 5, 2018





DailyBeast – Ice Cube Tells Maher : ” Thats Our Word Now. You Cant Have It Back!”

June 10, 2017

Repub/Aegis – Harford Citizen Uses “N-Word” At County Public Council Meeting – Council Immediately Reacts Week Later – Declares ‘N-Word’ “totally inappropriate -( We Only Use That Word In Harford At Closed Meetings)

March 15, 2017


TheGuardian/RebeccaCarol – Larry Wilmore N-Word And Black Pride

May 3, 2016


LarryWilmore Calls Carl Stokes “Straight-Up Boss of the Week”

April 30, 2015



Raw Story – Santorum Denies Calling President Obama The “N-Word”

March 31, 2012

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