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Republican Aegis – Law Firm Representing Alleged Racially Profiled Black Lawyer Has Received Other Complaints About Police Harrassment In Harford

April 1, 2019

DodgyDagger – Senate Candidate Kreamer Decries District 34 Democratic Primary Opponent James Outsize Gift Using Campaign Funds

June 23, 2018


In 2014 Mary-Dulaney James Used Campaign Funds To Buy Lifetime Menbership In The Harford County NAACP. This Information Was Sent To The Aegis, The Baltimore Sun And The Dagger. These News Sources Have Not Reported This Info To The Public.

June 18, 2018






If MD James wants to have membership in NAACP  it should be done with her own personal funds not political campaign funds. Campaign funds are to be  used to run the campaign  and  not to be used to  bribe public interest groups to support your campaign. MD James actions are unethical and corrupting to the political process and the public interest.








Why Did Mary D. James Miss The Harford County NAACP Dinner On May 6th In Havre De Grace?

May 11, 2018



TheRealNews – NAACP Plans March In Pocomoke

November 17, 2015

Romney Says He Can’t Communicate With Black People At NAACP Convention! That’s Disrepectful ! Audience Also Boos Him For Disrespecting President Obama’s Affordable Health Care Act ! Advocates More “Zombie” Economics

July 12, 2012

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