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DodgyDagger – Mike Hiob Confesses: “I Am a Democrat…I Didn’t ‘Allign Myself With Fred Simmons (Republican)’…Rather, I Voted With Him…” ” I Voted For Nancy Jacobs (Republican) Because She Was Running Against You Art (Democrat)…”

January 12, 2014


Top 10 Dumbest Moments In Harford County Politics In 2013 – #9. Nancy Jacobs Loses Argument Against Regulating Semi-Automatic Assault Weapons

January 2, 2014

Maryland Senate Votes To Decriminalize Marijuana 30 To 16. – South Harford Republican Sen. Nancy Jacobs (For Personal Reasons) Leads Six Republican Votes In Favor Of Social Justice, North Harford Senate Republicans Barry Glassman And Jennings Vote To Continue Injustice

April 9, 2013


MCLV 2012 Environmental Legialative Scorecard – District 34A (South Harford): Jacobs Remains Senator Zero with Zero% (Zero in 2011), Glenn Glass 14% (Up From Zero) And Dem Mary-Dulany James 40% (Down from 75%)

July 15, 2012

Aberdeen Patch – GOP Congressional Debate Offers Insight On “Giraffe House Earmark”

March 21, 2012

AberdeenPatch – Right-Wing Republican Sen. Nancy Jacobs Recieves Another Award From Rt-Wing Political Lobby Maryland Business For Republican Government

February 20, 2012

AberdeenPatch – Del. Mary-Dulany James, Harford Blue Dog Democrat Joins Fat Cat Reactionary Republicans To Oppose Maryland Marriage Equality Act

February 19, 2012

CecilTimes/Nancy Schwerzler – Sen. Nancy Jacobs (R) Explores Congressional District 2 Run Against Dutch Ruppersberger (D), CD2 Is Majority Democratic And Jacobs Is Hard Core Conservative Making Her Appeal To Independents Uncertain

December 8, 2011

The Paranoid Big Brother – ABC2News – Sen.Nancy Jacobs On Bridge Tolls And Speed Cameras: “I Think Its A Growing Tide of People Who Are Upset with Big Brother Continuing To Get Bigger Everyday.”

July 8, 2011


MBRG – Libertarian Republicans On Steroids

July 3, 2011

MarylandConsumersCoalition    MediaBistro

The MBRG (Maryland  Business for Right-Wing Government) is often defined  as    “A State business advocacy group with a bipartisan mission.” That doesnt quite describe MBRG. They are actually a very Libertarian Republican business group that is essentially anti-worker protection , anti-consumer protection  and anti-environmental protection.  Every year they rate Maryland state legislators based on a dozen or more legislative bills, and every year  the far-right Republicans get 100% ratings and the progressive Democrats get zero or near zero ratings. Its a sophisticated political joke.

This year Harfords Sen. Nancy Jacobs (R-Dist34) even brags about her ridiculous annual MBRG rating of 100% by e-mailing it to the Dodgy Dagger . It’s as if she’s jumping up any down yelling “I voted against worker, consumer and environmental protection! Yahoo!.” Of course Sen. Jacobs doesn’t elaborate on how she voted to get her 100% score. And of course the Dodgy Dagger and the Aegis/Sun don’t elaborate  or examine the matter . Knowlege is dangerous. The Suzanne Collins public relations job  just tells us she got a 100%.  Wow! Sounds cool!  A good indication of how Jacobs got the high economic-libertarian score is the annual Maryland League of Conservation  Voters (MLCV) legislative scorecard where once again she has made the top ten worst enviornmental legislators  in Annapolis with a 20% score. [Religious right/Know Nothing Del. Glenn Glass (R-Dist34B)  and Right-Wing Tea Party Del. Rick Impalliria (R-Dist.7) also representing Harford joined her in the Top 10 Worst circle . ]

Another indication of what the MBRG score really means, is to compare her voting record with the  the legislation advocated by the Maryland Public Interest Group (MaryPIRG) ,which works for environmental, energy, consumer,tax, and open government reform. MaryPirg worked for one bill this year that seemed above suspicion by most observers, the Job Application Fairness Act,SB 132. The bill makes it illegal as of July 1, 2011 for most businesses to use credit  information as part of the job application procedure in Maryland. Sounds like a good idea for the average citizen. But  MBRG was against it.  And Jacobs along with all Harford County Republicans voted against it. The Republicans  and the MBRG seem to be saying,  to hell with the fairness rights of Maryland citizens seeking employment.Republicans making the hard times, even harder.

The MBRG’s  annual Roll-Call scorecard is a libertarian-Republican joke on the average  voter. Its used by Republicans to raise corporate money for re-election  while not bragging too much about the specifics that might offend even some Republicans.  And the annual lack of analysis  of MBRGs scorecard scam from the local and state media  keeps the average voter in the dark about what its really all about. So, it goes.

MdLCV – Worst Legislative Envrironmental Scores In Harford For 2011: Sen. Nancy Jacobs (R-Dist34) (20%), Del. Glenn Glass (R-Dist34A) 20% And Richard Impallaria (R-Distr-7) 17%

June 30, 2011


Cecil Whig Promotes A Sen. Nancy Jacobs/Patrick “Shady” McGrady, Republican-Tea Party Rally Against Maintaining And Repairing Our State Bridges (And Redistricting Jacobs Out of Cecil County?)

June 17, 2011

GazetteNet – Pipkin And Jacobs Elected To State Senate Minority Leadership

January 21, 2011

BrinkleyReplacesJacobsAsMinorityWhipHarfobama   JacobsReplacesKittlemanAsMinorityLeaderGazetteNet

GazetteNet – State Senate Elects New Whip – Brinkley Will Replace Jacobs

December 4, 2010


LettersToTheDagger – Democrat Sore Loser Mike Hiob Attacks Rovall Washington For Not Being A Sore Loser, Political Bitterness Now Giving Aid And Comfort To Republican Nancy Jacobs Re-Election Bid

November 1, 2010


      Mike Hiob has been in the Teed-Off Party ever since he lost his campaign for Mayor of Aberdeen. Now he is giving support to the Tea Party in Harford County in its efforts to re-elect Nancy Jacobs to the State Senate. Last week Hiob threw another political tantrum, upset that Rovall Washington (in The  Dagger and The Aegis) would endorse a Democrat who defeated him in the primary. Thats the normal thing you do in a democracy. Hiob once again personally  attacks Helton . And he attacks Washingtons ‘integrity’ for doing the right thing. Hiobs support for Republican proposed over-developement land policies in Aberdeen are what most likely cost him his first political  defeat last year . And  Dan Riley’s support for him in the Mayors race probably cost Dan his  recent primary defeat. Now his antics threaten to damage Democrats in what could be  a close race for the state Senate.  As BSMeter comments in The Dagger blog :”Mr.Hiob, how in the hell can you consider yourself a Dem if you would prefer Jacobs over Helton?…You have no standing as a Democrat if you would work in favor of Jacobs over any Democrat (she is to the right of Attilla the Hun).”

        Who is Mike Hiob? And where is his political integrity?


HarfObama/ Political Crystal Ball* – Maryland State Senate – Art Helton 51% – Nancy Jacobs 49%

October 31, 2010

MdElectionCenter/JacobsCampaignContributions      SenateDist34VotingHistory*”Arthur Helton recieved a write-in vote for Senate in District 34 even though he was on the ballot, bringing his Harford County  Election day total to 12,041. Harford chose Helton over Jacobs who garnered 11,935 votes but was defeated  when Cecil County overwhelmingly selected Jacobs” The dagger , Nov 7,2010

Nancy ‘No Show’ Jacobs Joins The Tea Party – Endorses Radical Right-Wing Tea Party Organizer Patrick McGrady for House of Delegates

October 28, 2010

      Sen. Nancy Jacobs (R-Dist34) has moved further to the political right, if that is possible. Already known for being “way too right” and “shrill and ineffective” ( and  “among the most conservative legislators in a fairly moderate district” and an “obstructionist” (The Aegis),she now discloses in  her mailers and with her street signs that she is linking her political fate with Right-Wing Libertarian Tea Party organizer, Patrick McGrady in his bid for the House of Delegates in District 34A.  The  Tea Party was recently described by the Tea Party Nationalism Report as a political organization that “provides a platform for known racists and anti-semites”. Opinion  polls reveal that “racial animosity” permeates the membership of the Tea Party. And the NAACP sees the Tea Party as a “threat to democracy” because it harbors racist and nativist  individuals and groups that threaten human rights and civil rights .TeaPartyNationalism     GazetteNetTheList

City Paper/SunPaper – Green Bugs And A Red Faced Nancy Jacobs – Harford Legislators Stab At Humor Hurts Repubs

October 25, 2010

BaltimoreSun  CityPaper

Knife In The Water (Pt. 2) – Right-Wing Repub Dodgy Dagger Endorses Nancy Jacobs for State Senate By Promoting Her New Lame Attack-Website, While Refusing To Print the Total Contents of Art Helton’s Political Telephone Ad

October 25, 2010


Art Helton’s Telephone Political Ad :

     Hi, I’m Arthur Helton. I’m asking for your vote for State Senate. I have a record of getting things done unlike your current State Senator Nancy Jacobs. Her poor attendance record in Annapolis has earned her the nickname “No-Show Nancy”. She constantly votes against funding  programs she supported. I can do better , and I will.  But I need your vote.

Blond On Blond -The Dodgy Dagger Suggests Nancy Jacobs Was Potential Ehrlich Running-Mate, More Likely It Was Political Shenanigans To Placate Harford Repubs, The List Called Jacobs ‘Too Partisan’ And ‘Way-Right-Wing’

August 2, 2010

The List 

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