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Intercept/Maureen Dowd – Pelosi vs The Squad – Scaling Woke Back Mt

July 18, 2019



IrishTimes.NYTimes – Paul Krugman : Racism Comes Out Of The Closet

July 16, 2019

Intercept – Nancy Pelosi Has Chosen Her War And Its With Her Own Partys Future

July 7, 2019

Bill Maher May 31, 2019 – OT/ Jim Jefferies – Sararh Silverman Free Speech/ Trevor Noah-Mueller /J.Kimmel – Trump/Nancy Pelosi /Galifianakis /

June 1, 2019






ONION – Pelosi Slams Edited Video Of Her By Fox , Says “Youll Know When I’m Fuckin Drunk”

May 29, 2019


NYMag – Trump Sics Raptors On House Dems, Pelosi Calls Impeachment A Trap

May 22, 2019

Intercept – Nancy Pelosi Promises To Hand Cuff Progressive Ageda With “Pay-Go” If Dems Win The House

September 5, 2018

Intercept – Why Is Nancy Pelosi Afraid of the Word “Socialism”? Shouldnt She Should Be Afraid of the Words “Autocratic Undemocratic Rigged Primary”?

July 6, 2018



Mike ‘The Fixer’ Miller And MD-DCC Created the MD-1 Republican District By Stacking The Deck! Nancy “The Boss”Pelosi & Steney “the Bastard”Hoyer D-CCC Rigged the Democratic Primary By Fundraising And Cheery-Picking A Neo-Conservative Pikesville Carpetbagger To Trick Voters Out of Participatory Democracy!

July 6, 2018








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