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Heartless Bastard ICE Agents Arrest Husband Taking His Wife To Give Birth at Hospital l

August 19, 2018

NYMag – Don Trump Jr : “You See The Nazi Platform in the Early 1930s…And You Look At The DNC Platform Today, You’re Saying, Man, Those Things Are Awfully Similar!”

August 3, 2018


Media Matters – When Violence Against The Press Becomes Normal

May 28, 2017



Slate – Republicans Are Party of Thugs And Nazis

May 28, 2017


C-SPAN – Colson Whitehead – Underground Railroad – Slavery,American Oppression, Nazis & the Donald Trump Zig-Zag

November 21, 2016


RollingStoneMag -Matt Taibbi – How Trump-Era GOP Is Reimagining Itself As A White Workers Party (Didn’t Nazi Germany Try This With the NSDAP?)

August 9, 2016


ChicagoReader – The Old Drumph (Trump) Party And The New

March 15, 2016


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