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“Team Harford” Candidates Promoted A Political Propaganda Ballot As A Fraudulent “Sample Ballot” This Past Election Day!!! Steve J., Mary L., And Mary J. Need To Apologize For Their Political Chicanery!

July 12, 2018




They illegally handed out this ballot as a “sample ballot” until election judges and the police told them to stop!

“Team Harford” candidates that cooperated with this political fraud were Steve Johnson, Mary D James and Mary Anne Lisanti!!!

None of these Democratic candidates have come forward to apologize for this illegal  instructed behavior of their campaign workers on Election Day!!!

Steve Johnson, Mary D. James and Mary Anne Lisanti need to apologize  for their political chicanery!





New Harford Democratic Club Meeting: APRIL 4 , 2018 – 7:00 PM – Candidate Guest Speakers: Bridgette Johnson , Harford Council, Dist E – Wini Roche, Harford Council, Dist F – Steve Johnson, State Delegate, Dist 34A – Kirk Smith , HDG City Council, – Anne McLhinney Cochran, HDG City Council

March 6, 2018







New Harford Democratic Club Monthly Meeting

APRIL  4TH, 2018 – 7:00 PM





NHDC Member Gordon Koerner Facebook Comments On Lower Shore Progressives UnDemocratic Attack On Allison Galbraith Campaign

January 2, 2018






New Harford Democratic Club: Possible Candidate For First Congressional District Allison Galbraith Was Big Hit At March NHDC Meeting! Rep. Andy Harris’s Job May Be In Jeopardy!

March 2, 2017

Reliable sources say an unusually packed room at the New Harford Democratic Club came out to check out a possible bright new political star in Harford County politics—Allison Galbraith.  Anonymous Sources also noticed that the Sunpapers  and the Republican Aegis had no reporter of interest to witness this dramatic political development.




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