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WBOC – Racially-Challenged Wicomico Sheriff Is Upset With Geneflecting NFL Players Protesting Racists Police Behavior – Sheriffs Deleted Facebook Post Almost As Dumb As Harford County Sheriffs Facebook Reaction!

October 19, 2017



Republican Aegis – Harford County States Attorney Joe Cassilly Offers Crude , Petty And Envious Comments On NFL Protests!

September 27, 2017


Joseph Cassilly E-Mail: These spoiled brats with jock straps for brains think getting overpaid entitles them to shame the struggles, sacrifices and beliefs of millions of Americans… I feel like putting a sign on myself and say ‘I’d love to stand up but I lost my legs in Vietnam’!

HuffingtonPost – NFL Players Erupt In Anger Over Trumps “Son of A Bitch” Speech Urging The Firing Of Protesting Players!

September 23, 2017

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