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NPR – White Fragility Robin Diangelo

January 20, 2019

NYMag – Facebook Flags Declaration of Independence As “Hate Speech”!

July 7, 2018

06-declaration-of-independence-censored.w710.h473NYMag – Facebook Flags

NYMag/NPR – Trump Supporters On Twitter Spent Fourth Getting Real Mad About Things In The Declaration ofIndependece

July 7, 2018


What The Hell Is A Crunchy Con?

May 16, 2018



NPR – Rising Democratic Political Star Congressman Joe Kennedy To Make The Rebuttal To Trumps State of the Union! – Trump Will Probably Tweet All Night About His New Found Enemy! There Must Be Something Special About Joe Kennedy, He Already Has The Bernie-Burnouts In An Uproar!

January 30, 2018


Media Matters: CBS Evening News Highlights Dangerous Pro Gun-Group Funded Program That Encourages Teachers To Carry Guns

September 20, 2017




NPR/Fresh Air/ Terry Gross Interview With Hillary Clinton – Hillary Says She Might Contest Outcome of A “Crooked” Election!

September 19, 2017


NPR/Fresh Air – The Devils Bargain : Donald Trump/Steve Bannon Relationship

July 24, 2017


President Donald Jackie-Mason Trump Is Our First Stand-Up Comediane President – Laugh And The World Laughs With You!

January 20, 2017


Fresh Air – Ethics Lawyers Call Trumps Business Conflicts “Nakedly Unconstitutional” – The Minute He Takes the Oath He Will Be Violating The Constitutional Conflict Clause (Podcast)

January 19, 2017

Intercept/NPR/Cloud Strike – Here’s The Public Evidence Russia Hacked The DNC -Is It Enough?

December 18, 2016



FreshAir/NPR – Handguns In America And The Rise of the Conceal-Carry Life Style

June 24, 2016


Prof. Daniel Webster, John Hopkins Center For Gun Policy And Research – Senate Testimony – NPR Interview – Letter of Response To Ridiculous And Ignorant Claims of Harford County Republican Dick Slutzky

May 20, 2013


NPR/Fresh Air Interview With ‘Justified’s” Loose-Cannon Lawman Timothy Olyphant

March 31, 2011


NPR/Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me – Cal Ripken Reveals Real Origins of the “Iron Man” Nick Name

January 30, 2011


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