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BaltimoreBeatDown – Flacco Breaks His Single Year Passing Yard Record, Proves To Naysayers (BaltoSun) That He Is An “Elite QB” Who Was Simply In A Slump

December 24, 2012

elit185138--525x21524giants-1-articleLargegiantsweb24s-1-web York Giants v Baltimore Ravens

Flacco And Eli Manning Having Similar “Up-And-Down” Years, But Flacco Stats Better, Flacco QBRate 86.2% – Eli 84%, Flacco 3 More Fumbles, Eli 5 More Intercepts – No New York Newspaper Suggesting Eli May Not Be Back Next Year

December 23, 2012 – Flacco And Eli Manning Having Simlai

Fox NFL Analyst Jimmy Johnson Picks Ravens To Upset Giants, BaltoSun Sports Analyst Mike Preston Picks Giants To Win And Suggests Maybe Flaccos Last Game At Ravens Stadium

December 23, 2012

jimmy_20100126220045_0_0013022FoxNFL Analyst Jimmy Johnson picks the Ravens to up set the NY Giants and Eli Manning.”Baltimore cannot keep losing…Everybody has been beating up (Joe) Flacco. He’ll out do Elli (Manning)”.

Mike Preston, BaltoSun sports analyst says “And Sunday could be the last home game for Pro Bowl safety Ed Reed as well as for potential free-agent quarterback Joe Flacco…(Flaccos) stock has tumbled as he has committed six turnovers in the teams three consecutive losses.”

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