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Jimmy Kimmel Monologue – Battle Over Obamacare

March 8, 2017

RepublicanAegis – Women March /With Men In Bel Air Target Rep.Andy Harris Support For Trumps ACA Health Care Repeal

February 7, 2017



SethMyers /Closer Look – Trumps Obamacare Fail

October 27, 2016

RollingStone – Obamacare , It’s Working! : Its Hitting Its Goals And Changing The Political Calculus for November

April 10, 2014


Bill Maher Monologue- Obama Care Lies

November 3, 2013

Tea Party Republicans Try To HiJack The Obamacare Train… Just Like In “The Taking of Pelham 123”

October 19, 2013


WashPostWonkBlog – Obamacare Spin 101 – 1.WashPo: Maryland Issues Lowest Rates In U.S. 2.BaltoSun: Obama Premiums To Go Up 25% 3. DodgyDaggerGazettte: Obamacare In Md An 83% Healthcare Tax

August 12, 2013


Conservative Think Tank Ranks Countries With Govt Health Care As Freest In The World, But New Heritage President Called ObamaCare “A Cancer…Fundementally Inconsiatent With Liberty”

January 13, 2013


NYMag – Romney Makes Phony Promise To Keep “Good Parts” of “Obamacare” (Affordable Health Care Act)

September 10, 2012

Charles Blow/NYTimes – Republicans Are Apoplectic. They’ve Lost Again… This Ruling Is An Unmitigated Win For the Obama Administration And The American People

July 1, 2012

NYMag./ Jonathan Chait – Dentist Lobby Plots Against Obamacare

June 28, 2012

Think Progress – GOP Rep. Paul Broun (Georgia) Calls Obama Health Care Bill ‘Worthless As A Confederate Dollar from…the Great War of Yankee Aggression’

April 19, 2010


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