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2011 Aberdeen Planning Commission Approves Gilbert Road Annexation – Wet Lands Developers And Politicians Return To The Scene of the 2006 Crime Of Over Devlopment!!

August 30, 2019

Twelve Years Ago “Dodgy Dick” * Slutzky Knew His First Election Wasn’t About Experience Or The Issues, It Was About Who Had The Developer Money

October 27, 2014


* (See Video) Slutzky was not a history teacher ,he was a wrestling coach. Slutzky forgot that Abe Lincoln was a Congressman  (1846) before he was President (1860) and he ran for the Senate (1858) where he  became famous during the Lincoln-Douglas debates  and the Copper Union Speech concerning the institutuion of slavery. Unfortunately Slutzky did not turn out to be another Lincoln. He was just another typical Republican who lacked both vision and political courage. And Slutzky was” bought and paid,” for from day one,  with campaign contributions from developers. ($27.100 since 2005 according to Citizens Against Plan For Eva Mar Development ) CAP-EMD




Twelve Years Ago Barbara Kreamer Warned Voters And The Republican Aegis About Slutzkys Developer Ties, Now Shes Warning Voters About Vincenti’s Developer Ties

October 27, 2014








Citizens Against Plan for Eva Mar Development (CAP-EMP) – Eva Mar Project Is Case Study Of A Developer Run Government – County Council Meeting May 6th , 2014 – 7:30PM at 212 South Bond Street

May 6, 2014


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