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Carol Bruce Candidate For Aberdeen City Counsel At Aug 24th , 2015 Council Meeting : Did We Need To Spend $26,000 For Riot Gear For Our Recent Accreditation? Whats The Status of The Office Space For Parks And Rec?

October 12, 2015

According to the Republican Aegis  ace political reporter Bryna Zumer , Carol Bruce  “has been coordinating the citys tennis programs and said she wants to see Aberdeen better acomodate its parks and recreation office”. Ms Bruce stated :“My biggest issue is I couldn’t get any answers from the current administration ,or action. It was always somebody elses issue, and then aberdeen has spent funds for the Moose Lodge  (Rogers St.) and I haven’t been able to get any plans for the use of a building.” Ms. Bruce also stated : “I just feel that the citizens of Aberdeen deserve more…Havre de Grace can get a brand new post office, and a brand new senior center and a multistory library and Aberdeen keeps saying ‘It’s someone elses problem’.”

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