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The Sun Editorial – County Exec Barry Glassman Joins The Demagogues To Fight Muslim Funded Developement In Joppatowne! Thanks Ba-a-a-rry!

November 1, 2017


CrossPurposes – Pat McDonough’s “Race-Baiting” Stunt May Have Unintended Consequences ,Making This “Bewigged Demagogue” The “Poster Boy” For The Republican Anti-Immigrant Ballot Initiative

May 19, 2012

DodgyDagger – Tea Pastry…er…Tea Party Republican Del. Pat “Doughnuts” McDonough Says If He Was A Congressman/Senator He Would Impeach Obama, And If Frogs Could Fly They Would’nt Bump There Asses When They Jumped

August 25, 2011


GazetteNet – McDonough Files Legislation To Freeze Bridge Tolls, Senate Majority Leader Garagiola Says Plan Not Feasible Without Added Revenue

June 21, 2011


Nativism Watch – Christine O’Donnell Wont Be ‘Dancing With The Stars’ But She Will Be ‘Dancing With The Political Clowns’ In Maryland (Rosedale Fundraiser For Anti-Immigrant Extremist Republican Pat McDonough)

March 7, 2011

OldLineElephant/ McDonoughs First Mistake for 2012   RollCall/ODonnell Funraising For House Challenger

Harf/Balto County Anti-Immigrant Extremist Del. Pat McDonough (R-Dist.7) Announces Run For Congress 2012

February 10, 2011


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