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Harford Democrat Pat Murray Named Maryland Democratic Party Director

July 18, 2015



     Pat Murray who ran  unsuccessfully for a seat in the Maryland House of Delegates in Harford County District 34A last year  has been named director of the Maryland Democratic Party. . Murray grew up in Harford County and was a former top aide to House Speaker Michael Busch and Senate President Mike Miller.. Murray was also a political strategist in Kansas, Virginia. New York, and Utah.

MarylandReporter – New Maryland Dem Party Director Pat Murray Says “Voters Chose Divided Government Not GOP Government”

July 17, 2015


Pragmatic Prognosis (Political Crystal Ball) Election Forecast – Democratic Primary House of Delegates Dist 34A (South Harford) – Race Is A Virtual Four Way Tie, It Depends On What Voters Show Up –

June 21, 2014



Could Pat Murray Be The Progressive “Brat” In Harford County? Could He Knock Lisanti Out of the Race For House of Delegates Dist 34?

June 15, 2014


Pat Murray Goes Door-To-Door In Aberdeen

April 22, 2014


Riddle – Question: Whats The Opposite of Glenn Glass? Answer : Pat Murray!

March 10, 2014


Riddle –  Q: Whats the opposite of Glenn Glass?  A: Pat Murray

South Harford Countys Delegate Glenn Glass (R-Dist 34) is perhaps the most incompetant legislator in Annapolis. In four years he has accomplished nothing. He doesnt know what he’s doing. He has no  understanding of his job as an elected legislator. How could he? His prior experience was a two-year hitch in the Army and he was a laborer at a recycling plant.  Last week he made a complete fool of himself  attacking smart meters saying: “I believe smart meters only benefit the utility companies and not the citizens of Maryland.” No qualifications. No experiece in politics,  No political connections except for the  racially-challenged  Know Nothing Tea Party Republicans Impallaria and McDonough(Dist 7). No results. Zip a dee do dah.

Then there is Pat Murphy. He grew up in Bel Air—North Harford not South Harford. Thats like the differance between Brooklyn and the Bronx. But for six years he was a legislative assistant to the two most powerful state legislators in Maryland —- Senate President Mike Miller and speaker of the House Michael Busch. Since then he has worked as a savy campaign strategist in Governor races and congressional races in Virginia, Kansas, New York, and Utah. He currently works as a legislative lobbyist for Johns Hopkins University. He knows the political process. He has connections and influence with the politically powerful.  He knows what the job of a legislator is and he knows how to do it. In his own words: “Its all about sending folks to Annapolis who are able to get results for the county and I think I’m better equiped to do that than anybody in the race.”

So he is not from  South Harford. Bel Air is still politically,  John Wilkes Booths home town. And even  ex-Bel Air Councilman and Mayor Bob Casssilly  (contact info: 112 Broadway,Bel air, Md) is running for South Harford State Senate(Dist 34). I know Steve Johnson and Mary Ann Lisanti are supposed to be the next delegates in 34 and Marla Posey Moss and Maria Terry want a shot …but  Pat Murphy is a progressive who can get results for Harford. Maybe he should tell everyone he’s from South Bel Air?

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