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September 21, 2019

  1. He rigged the Tie Vote Election by ignoring the normal democratic process and inserted a political crony (2015)!
  2. . He worked on Council legislation to criminalize and fine  ($50 per day) the Aberdeen homeless for living in tents ! (2016)
  3.  He ram-rod-ed the Land Grab Gilbert Road Annexation deal for  his Developer friends! (2018-2019)
  4.  He inserted  two pro-Land Development cronies on the Land Planning Board! (2016)
  5.  He helped raffle off an AR-15 Semi-automatic assault rifle to raise money for the White racist Route 40 Republican Club!
  6.  He held gun rallies in Aberdeen, Bel Air, and Rising Sun trying to stop Common Sense Gun Control in Annapolis!
  7.  He supported Donald Trump for President by posting lawn  signs on the historic Church he renovated on Bel Air Ave and Law Street! (2014)
  8.  He opposed democratic reform of the Aberdeen City Charter  and tried to stop it with a petition referendum. He could not obtain enough citizens to sign the petition! (2017)


Political Humor – Aberdeen Mayor Patrick McGrady Joins The Aberdeen Police Dept! “Being Mayor Is Just Not Enough! I Want To Serve ….And Protect!” (top photo, McGrady speaks at Harford County Council. Second photo, McGrady at Bel Air Gun Rally with known White Nationalist John Stortstrom helping to raffle off AR-15 for Rte 40 Republican Club)

September 7, 2019

Patrick McGrady actually  only wore a police shirt to a Harford Council meeting. He is a wannabe cop.

But he did help Rte 40 Republican Club Vice President John Stortstrom raise money on a raffle for an AR-15.

Aberdeen Republican Mayor Patrick McGrady Blames No County Money For Aberdeen Community Activity Center On Republican County Executive And Republican County Council Discrimination! McGrady Ask Citizens of Aberdeen To Petition County Government!

August 17, 2019

In a letter sent out to all registered voters of  Aberdeen, Mayor Patrick McGrady  says:

“The City Council signed a contract to purchase a 13.4 acre property at 84 W Bel Air Avenue –near the intersection of Niddketon Road an W Bel Air Ave- a location that is convenient for almost all of Aberdeen’s 16,00 residents.


However, the County Executive, and his deputy Billy Boniface, have told City staff that the project might NOT get funded because he County “Administration” is displeased with out Harford County Councilman, Rob Wagner, who voted against the County Budget this year.”


Is the County Administration really so corrupt that it will discriminate against the citizens of Aberdeen for some petty political dispute it has with Councilman Wagner?

Or is this just another McGrady political stunt to gain  election year attention?

Why did McGrady wait until Election year to be concerned about a new Community Activity Center?





Most Aberdeen Council Members Who Support Gilbert Road Annexation Land Grab/Land Deal Dont Want To Run For Reelection , ButThey Want To Blow Up Over Developement,, Create Traffic Nightmare, And Stick Taxpayers With The Bill

August 17, 2019


1. Illegally Appointed Councilman Stephen Goodin told the Aegis by E-mail that he is not interested in running for re-election but supports over developement  annexation Land Deal.

2. Mayor Patrick McGrady told  the Aegis not sure he wants to seek re-election against most popular Councilman Taylor but supports Gilbert Road over developement annexation.

3. Councilwoman Sandra Landbeck says to the Aegis she wants to hang up her council seat after pushing through large over developement  land deal annexation.

Republican Aegis -Democrat Councilman Melvin Taylor To Run For Mayor of Aberdeen / Incumbent Republican Mayor McGrady Says He Is Undecided About Running For Re-Election! McGrady Is A Leader of The Racially Challenged Tea Party! He Is A Gun Nut Advocate!And He Will Have Great Difficulty Wining Against the Most Popular Politician In Aberdeen!

August 16, 2019



Councilman Melvin Taylor is running for Mayor of Aberdeen, and current Mayor Patrick McGrady says he is undecided if he will run again.

Why would the Republican ego freak think of not re-run for Mayor? Because he cant beat  Melvin Taylor.

Taylor was voted the most popular elected official in the last election. (899 v0tes)

McGrady won by a fluke  in the Mayors race.

Four Candidates divided the Democratic /Independent vote  three ways and McGrady won with a solid but weak  33.6%  minority of the vote. (602 Tea Party Republicans)

Besides McGrady is an unpopular candidate. He is  a racially-challenged  Tea Party Republican  who is a vigorous supporter of our racist President Donald Trump and has associates with White Nationalists and Gun Nuts who want  Texas-style Right to Carry for Maryland citizens.

McGrady is an extreme right wing Republican joke who has attempted to run the office of Mayor as a tin horn dictator.

He does not like the democratic process . His first act as Mayor of Aberdeen was to rig the democratic process  for a tie vote between two councilman candidates.  Instead of a democratic vote on the two candidates that tied  he appointed a political crony who did not participate in the town election.

McGrady also voted against democratic reform of the Aberdeen City Charter! He even attempted to stop the democratic reforms with a failed referendum/petition effort!

MCGrady cant win re-election against Taylor.

He would lose badly. He would be politically embarrassed . He’ll retire to raise his growing family and try to leverage some political power out of his corrupt Aberdeen Annexation land grab deal.





Letter To The Editor (The Aegis) – Ripken Vs McGrady Lawsuit Against City May Cost Taxpayers Big Time

May 21, 2019

Gilbert Road Annexation Overdevelopement Is Back Again With No Impact Study As Promised By The Dodgy Mayor McGrady!

May 10, 2019


Its also coincidentally election year in Aberdeen! Developer money will be financing Mayor Paddy McGrady and Councilwoman Sandra Landbecks re-election campaigns. Its time to clean up the dirty Developer money in Aberdeen, again

Stop Gilbert Road Annexation! Throw the dirty money politicians, McGrady and Landbeck, out of office! Stop corruption in Aberdeen elections!

2011 –





STOP GILBERT ROAD ANNEXATION IN ABERDEEN , MD – Stop Overdevelopment – Sign Petition To Sto[ City Council Vote!

February 12, 2019

RepubAegis – McGrady Strikes Out!- Cal Ripken Files Suit Against Aberdeen Claiming Breach Of Contract On Minor League Park!

October 12, 2018

Republican Aegis – Ripkens Ask Aberdeen To Live Up To Their Stadium Agreemnt

October 6, 2018


Tea Party Republican/Gun Nut Mayor Of Aberdeen (Md), Patrick McGrady, Holding Up A AR-15 Semi-Automatic Rifle That Was Raffled Off In 2013 To Raise Money For The Route 40 Republican Club ! Standing Next To The Mayor Is Club VP John Stortstrom, An Avowed White Nationalist!

March 24, 2018





Republican Aegis – Trash Talking In Aberdeen (MD)! But Who Got the New Garbage Can Contract? McGrady Crony? Or Tom Fidler (Mackenzie Real Estate) Crony?

January 31, 2018



Reliable Sources – Trump State Department Considering Nominating Aberdeen Mayor Patrick McGrady To North Korean Negotiating Team!

October 9, 2017

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is seriously considering the first term Mayor of Aberdeen, Patrick McGrady for  a position on his North Korean Negotiating Team. After reading about McGradys “hardball” negotiating tactics over the Ripken Stadium Deal President Donald Trump tweeted ” Mayor McGrady of Aberdeen is the perfect man we need to deal  with Rocket Man!”

The unpopoular Republican Mayor of Aberdeen, Maryland caught the attention of the President and Secretary Tillerson in a little read news story in a newspaper called The Aegis published some where in Bel Air, Maryland in a quaint little county called Harford.

The Aegis on Friday, October 7, 2017 published a letter sent to the City of Aberdeen by the Ripken brothers concerning the forever on-going negotiations  over the local minor league baseball stadium contract.  In the seventh paragraph of the historic letter the Ripkens said:

In one of the first negotiating sessions with SMG, their lead negotiator said, “We strongly encourage you to take this deal because the Mayor has a nuclear weapon he wants to throw your way if you dont.”

This one sentence sent a message around the the internet from Facebook to  Twitter to Instagram to Reddit and back to Twitter . Some how it landed on President Trumps very own twitter feed and President Trump immediately tweeted: “Here is the negotiator I’ve been looking for! I’ll bet they wont call me a moron if I get this son of a bitch on my negotiating team.”

The President called  Secretary Tillerson and demanded he put this Mayor Patrick McGrady on the State  Department negotiating team.

At this time there is no word from the Mayor of Aberdeen if he has been contacted yet by the State Department .The State Department refused comment.




The 2017 Testudo Award For The Laziest Mayor In Maryland

October 8, 2017


Once again, congratulations Mayor Patrick McGrady for all you have not done to win the 2017 Testudo Award for the Laziest Mayor In Maryland.

This year Mayor Patrick McGrady  prolonged the new Ripken Stadium deal for 22 months by intimidating  the Ripken Brothers with the political threat of a “nuclear option” if the Ripkens did not concede to all of Mayor McGradys ridiculous demands.

McGrady apparently does not want a solution. McGrady doesnt want the stadium to be apart of Aberdeen City government anymore. As  a crazy Tea Party libertarian he doesn’t believe  the City should own the stadium  at all. He doesn’t want a deal. He doesn’t want to negotiate . He wants to sell the  stadium to some of his cronies or “blow it up” altogether. Sell it or let it die is McGradys libertarian position. If the Ripkens dont agree then he will go to the “nuclear option”…

Once again  congratulations Aberdeen Mayor Patrick McGrady  for doing nothing for your first two years in office to negotiate a new Ripken Stadium Deal.  You have rightfully earned the 2017 Testudo Award.Keep being an indolent conservative!




Which Way On Aberdeen Stadium Deal? The Ripken Brothers vs. Mayor Pat “Simon Lagree” McGrady?

October 7, 2017




Aberdeen Mayor McGrady vs. Ripken Brothers Over Stadium Deal : SMG Negotiater: “We Strongly Encourage You To Take This Deal Because The Mayor Has A Nuclear Weapon He Wants To Throw Your Way If You Dont!”*

October 7, 2017




Boss Tweed Society* – Aberdeen , Maryland Mayor Patrick McGrady Wins The 2017 Boss Tweed Award For Most Undemocratic Mayor In Maryland (MUM-IM)

August 29, 2017


Congratulations  Aberdeen, Maryland Mayor Patrick McGrady  for wining the 2017 Boss Tweed Award for the Most Undemocratic Mayor In Maryland Award. You earned it!

First, you earned it for introducing legislation in the Aberdeen City Council to fine homeless citizens of Aberdeen $50 per day for living in a tent within the city limits of Aberdeen.

When the Aberdeen and Harford community learned of your cruel and inhuman response to homelessness in Aberdeen they rallied in a outburst of democratic rage at  a City Council meeting with reason and compassion that overflowed the City chambers.

The Mayor had to stop the citizen testimony against the Mayor’s despotic proposal  after an hour and a half of negative  comments and call for a vote to” kill” the measure.

Democracy prevailed but the Mayor came out looking like the  corrupt heartless undemocratic  bastard that he is.

Second, you earned it for opposing democratic reform of the Aberdeen charter.

When the City Council voted democraticly for the Charter Reform you then  tried to overide the Council  vote by attempting  to get citizens to  put the democratic reform to referendum.

Then when you lost the the referendum petition drive you complained that  the referendum process was unfair.

Wow! You are the most undemocratic mayor in Maryland. Once again , congratulations!. You earned it! It is hoped that the voters of Aberdeen will remember your despotic undemocratic nature at the next election.

*Boss Tweed Society is a political satire, political humor, political joke

DodgyDagger/TonyV – Mayor McGrady Lied!: “Mayor McGrady Convinced All Of Those Voters That The Water And The Tax Bills Would Go Down If He Were In Office.”

August 8, 2017



Aberdeen Water And Sewage Bills To Go Up. Tea Party Republican Mayor Paddy McGrady Breaks His Promise To Reduce The Water/Sewage Tax!

August 8, 2017



Republican Aegis – Dodgy Aegis Reports On Aberdeen Mayors Referendum Petition Drive By Reprinting Mayor McGradys Facebook Propaganda Report !!! Is Aberdeen Mayor Now A Stringer/Columinst For The Aegis! Did He Get Paid For His Crybaby Criticism of Referendums?

July 9, 2017






Mayor of Aberdeen (Maryland) Reacts To 8,822 Voters Rejecting His Referendum Petition!

June 30, 2017


Aberdeen Mayor Bid For Referendum On Democratic Charter Reform Falls Flat – Petition Drive 812 Voters Short – Mayor Now Complains That Referendum Petition Drives Are “Unfair”

June 30, 2017


The referendum process is unfair says the Mayor of Aberdeen (Paddy McGrady). Its unfair because it was too difficult to get 1990 petition signatures, not because the citizens werent interested in the referendum.

In 2007 the citizens were concerned about the corrupt Wetlands Annexation and easily petitioned for referendum. Citizens also came out for the referendum and won by a 2 to 1 margin.

The referendum process is not unfair. The Mayor and his appointed stooge Councilman are unfair. The citizens spoke. They didnt support  your referendum and they said so by not signing your petition.  Thats how democracy works. The majority rules  except in your appointment of a crony to the City Council  (Steve Goodin). The Mayor pissed on 655 voters when he deleted a qualified candidate Stephen Smith from eligibilty.

The mayor sent letters to every registered voter in Aberdeen and harrassed many with robocalls urging them to sign the petition, You had a team of canvassers knocking on doors for six weeks. Overturning Council majority endorsed democratic charter reforms is not a burning issue among the citizens of Aberdeen.

The voters voted to stop McGrady corruption of Aberdeen democracy!





RepublicanAegis – Is Aberdeen Mayor McGrady Above The Law??? Why Is He Asking For A Two Day “Extension” On Referendum Petition Signatures? Sounds Like He Is Trying To Corrupt The City Clerk Or City Attorney! (Only 24 Hours To Go!)

June 16, 2017

The Aegis/Record – Friday,June16, 2017

“Because the deadline is on a Saturday, the city clerk is working with the city attorney to DETERMINE IF THE DEADLINE WILL BE EXTENDED UNTIL MONDAY,or if McGrady will have to hand them in at midnight Saturday.”

IF THE LAW SAYS THE DEADLINE IS MIDNIGHT SATURDAY THEN THE DEADLINE IS SATURDAY MIDNITE! The city clerk cannot “work  with” the city attorney to change the law!



Stop McGrady Corruption! – Aberdeen Mayor McGrady Way Behind In Petition Signatures For Referendum With 48 Hours To Go—Is Trying To Get A Two Day Extension From City Lawyer/ City Clerk!

June 16, 2017


June 9, 2017




WARNING: Aberdeen Tea Party Mayor And Wal-Mart Manager To Solicit Door To Door For Opposition To Democratic Charter Reform ! – McGrady Prefers Crony Corruption To Democratic Procedure!

May 30, 2017








Stop Patrick McGradys Tin-Horn Dictator Behavior! Stop McGrady Political Corruption Of Aberdeen Democracy!

May 27, 2017

Tea Party Republican Aberdeen Mayor Paddy McGrady opposes  democratic Charter reform. The Charter reform does not change the form of government, it democratizes the Council-Manager form of government.

McGrady does not tell you that he is the Council member who has  used autocratic procedures instead of democratic ones when he sees fit.

During the resolution of the tie-vote of the fourth council seat he autocraticly threw out 655 votes for democraticly qualified  Stephen Smith because he didnt personally like Smith. Instead he nominated an unqualified political crony who received zero election votes.  He disregarded 655 citizen votes for a nominee with no votes. McGrady rigged the resolution of the tie-vote!

Also during the Charter reform of the tie-vote regulations Mayor McGrady at one point proposed that tie-votes be resolved in the future with a coin flip instead of a democratic citizen vote. McGrady opposed a citizen- vote for a cheap coin-flip!

The vote for Charter Reform was Melvin Taylor (who recieved 899 citizen votes), Tim Lindecamp (recieved 783 citizen votes) and Sandra Landbeck  (recieved  802 election votes).

The vote against Charter Reform was Patrick McGrady (recieved 602 citizen votes) and Steve Goodin (recieved zero election votes).

McGrady doesnt believe in democratic government ,he believes in autocratic abuse of  power.His corruption should be curtailed democraticly. The Charter reform curtails his abuse of power.


“The Thing To Do?” – McGrady Angry Mob Doesn’t Get Enough Signatures On Petitions —–Takes The Law Into Their Own Hands!

May 25, 2017



Post from Dodgy Dagger :


Homeless Advocate Questions McGrady’s ” Voluminous Opportunities” Theory! ( This Is The Political Commercial That Will Bury McGrady If He Runs For Re-election!)

May 21, 2017

Why Mayor McGrady Doesnt Like Aberdeen Charter Reform! He Doesnt Like Democracy!

May 13, 2017

Mayor Pat McGrady Doesn’t Like Aberdeen Charter Reform Because He Doesn’t Believe In Particapatory Democracy!!!

May 13, 2017


Mayor McGrady Doesn’t Like Aberdeen Charter Reform Because He Doesn’t Like Democracy!

May 13, 2017


Mayor McGrady’s Post Office Rally For Handicap Access Gathers 30 to 40 Citizens

May 6, 2017

Unpopular Aberdeen Mayor Exploits Post Office Rally To Save His Political Job

May 5, 2017

The Aegis Friday,May5,2017 Aberdeen Mayor To Lead Post Office Rally Saturday


Is this any way to run a town government? When the Mayor cant get his way instantly as Mayor—— lets hold a citizen rally. Wait a minute? Your the Mayor and you hold public meeting once ever two weeks to deal with problems or solutions. Why don’t you invite representatives from the post office to your little town meeting to explain and argue over the matter. Maybe this will clarify the issue.Maybe you can demand  a new post office if its too  dangerous to put a new ramp in a small old building.

McGrady’s purpose for having a rally is to demonstrate to Postal officials  that  “…people in Aberdeen really need this,they really care about this, so we can fix it.” The Mayor  says he is hoping for a good turnout and believes 30 or 40 citizens showing up would be a success in his book. ( His face book counter says 6 are Going and 31 are interested.)  You can get more people to show up at an organized meeting to demonstrate  a thoughtful concern. But a rally Saturday morning in downtown ? Really? Is this why we hired you as Mayor? To hold street rallys? Are the city chambers with recording camera  not a good enough concept for democracy?

I dont think this rally is just about fixing the handicap access. I think an unpopular politician is trying to exploit a significant problem to gin up his favorability on Facebook.  Just sayin.


This is a video of  the last Saturday rally Patrick McGrady organized in Aberdeen—A Gun Rally that started on McDonald’s  Beards Hill Rd. parking lot. Management threw the gun nuts off their property when it disrupted Saturday morning business. The gang crossed the street and retreated to the APG Credit Union lawn.  The rallying cry that time was “Guns Save Lives!”

Here is another option. “Shady” McGrady as Mayor can get  the City Council   to buy the Merritt Building by Target off Middleton Road and sell or rent it to the Post Office to retrofit a new Post Office. It already has plenty of handicapped/van   parking on both sides of the building. No dangerous ramps in the winter at Merritt. You enter the first floor at ground level.  (This idea was on the Dagger blog site by a person called Mr. LOL – The photos are mine)


011.JPGI like the last McGrady quote in the Aegis article. “We want the US Postal Service to be GOOD NEIGHBORS to the citizens of Aberdeen and this is something they need to do to be good citizens.”

Wow! A couple of weeks ago Mayor McGrady’s idea of “good Neighbor” and “good citizen” was to create a city ordanance to fine the homeless $50 per day for living in a tent.

Aberdeen Tea Party Mayor Pat McGrady Wants A New Ordinance To Make It Illegal To Live In A Card Board Box – McGrady Says ” We Have To Draw The Line Somewhere… Not On My Watch!!!!”

April 14, 2017


Republican/Aegis/Record – Aberdeen Council Move To Get More Control Motivates Mayor McGrady To Play “Dirty Politics”And Deal In Political Bullshit! Political Fire Works April 10!

April 8, 2017

“Move A Foot To Cut Aberdeen Mayors Powers”, The Record, Friday, April 7, 2017 By Erika Butler ( Not available online. Wonder why?Dodgy journalism!)

Angry Mayor Pat McGrady stated in the Republican Record/Aegis that he believes a Council city charter change would “Effectively remove all authority of the mayor” and make the Mayor a “strictly ceremonial position”.

McGrady thinks this is  “politically motivated” by the council because they don’t like the last election outcome.  The council may be motivated by the authoritarian nature of the Tea Party Libertarian Mr. McGrady. He has generally abused his powers and run the city government like an arrogant tin horn dictator.

Remember his first action as Mayor involved a 5 month delay in voting on a council seat  tie-vote. McGrady upended democratic practices and normal procedures to insert a crony in the disputed seat. The mayor acted arrogantly and autocratically. He ignored the 655 votes for Stephen Smith. He threw out that 655 votes and refused a vote on Smith because he didn’t like him. He didn’t like Mr. Smith so he trashed the democratic process.

The new charter doesn’t make the Mayor impotent but it does restrain his  corrupt despotic behavior and  strips the mayor of excessive  powers.

  1. It  removes the mayors power of preparing the budget and gives that power to the city manager. The Mayor last year unilaterally changed the health insurance company used by the city. He made the change with no vote and gave the new contract to a crony insurance agent.
  2. The new charter  now makes the city manager the chief executive and operating officer.
  3.  The city manager will now prepare the city budget thus trying to take the politics and corruption out of the budget.
  4.  Also the city manager will continue to serve the  city council but now any member of the  council can request the city manger to be changed..
  5. If the city manager position becomes vacant the council, not just the mayor will choose a replacement.
  6.  The  entire council will also take charge of appointments not just the Mayor

The crybaby Mayor claims this is  not fair.  ” Its changing the rules after the election”. Democracy is fair. It happens after elections.  That’s how change occurs. There was no proper democratic way of dealing with the tie-vote problem in the Aberdeen charter so McGrady abused his power to resolve it in an undemocratic way.  The Mayor didn’t want to deal with changing  the problem charter-wise  until the State government demanded all jurisdictions amend their charters.

The sulking juvenile Mayor says the  change is “willy-nilly”. He claims Aberdeen is turning into a third-world country. It was turning into a despotic government because of the abuse of power by Mr. McGrady. “Change is good. How it differs from the rocks” (Grace Slick)

Mr. McGrady’s complaints are  pure political b.s. and he knows it. He abused his power time and again so the charter has to be refined to restrain any further despotic behavior.

Mr. McGrady just  a few weeks ago again abused his power   in creating the “Criminalize the Homeless” ordinance. Its a terrible despotic piece of inhumane  crap. He did create it. He told the city manager to draw  it up.  But now he disowns it saying he is against it.  He realized its crap  and political poison.  But he pulled a “dirty trick” when he knew his ignorant ordinance had no chance of passing public scrutiny.

Mr. McGrady originally introduced the bill  as a “non-sponsored” ordinance. There is no such thing. It had to be somebodies idea. The city manager doesn’t spend his time  thinking up stupid laws. McGrady thought it up with his crazy Tea Party buddies and told the CM to draw it up. But he also appears to have told the city manger to put Lindecamp’s and ‘Landbecks name on the bill as sponsors as a political trick.

The day after the Republican Aegis reported on its front page about the “Criminalize the Homeless” bill, McGrady’s cohorts at the Harford Tea Party (C4L) attacked Lindecamp and Landbeck for “sponsoring” this inhumane and ignorant ordinance with a facebook political ad. This ad tells you exactly why the Mayor of Aberdeen has to be restrained from acting like  a political juvenile  jerk.

The Mayor was the unidentified sponsor of the  “Criminalize the Homeless” Law. He has stated specifically  “There is nothing we can do about it (the poor)” And he considers their tent dwelling as a  political eyesore in his campaign to “Keep Aberdeen Beautiful”.

  1. Rally for the Homeless – April 10 – City Hall – The “Fireworks” Begin At 7PM

2. Rally to Stop McGrady Corruption – April 10 – City Hall -7PM

Aberdeen fining the homeless petition - rightvoice


Aberdeen Mayor Finds Way To Get Homeless Out Of Aberdeen! Make It A Crime To Be Homeless In Aberdeen!

March 31, 2017

Aberdeen (Md) Councilwoman Sandra Landbeck joined the Aberdeen Tea Party (Mayor Pat  McGrady and Steven Goodin) to co-sponsor a town ordinance to make living in a homeless tent  in Aberdeen a crime.  The ordinance will impose a $50 fine on anyone living in a tent for more than 24 hours within the town borders.

The “Handcuff the Homeless” Bill is meant to create an incentive for the homeless to get out of Aberdeen. Dwelling in a tent outside of Aberdeen allows the Aberdeen homeless problem to become a Harford Couty problem.

Ciuncilwoman Landbeck is quoted in the Republican Aegis/Sun ; “Now we’re unable lawfully to go in and say ‘You need to move’.This ordinance will give us that. We can say , ‘You can find someplace else, you just cant stay here.”

Landbeck went on to say :“It gives us authority to TREAT THE PROBLEM rather than ENABLE THE PROBLEM.”

Criminalizing the homeless is Landbeck and McGrady’s idea of “treating the problem”.

Ironicly the Police Chief Henry Trabert says  “We dont expect to get any real fines out of these people. We know they don’t have money. And we don’t to see them incarcerated, that’s not the idea”

What the hell is  the idea then. McGrady and Landbeck want to criminalize the problem and kick the problem out of town limits. Trabert, the Sociologist-Cop,  wants to solve it as a community social economic problem. “Its our duty to make sure we take care of the people who cant take care of themselves.”

If the illegitimately  appointed Councilman Steve Goodin joins McGrady-Landbeck in supporting the ordinance then the measure becomes law  unless the State or ACLU declares it unconstitutional. Goodin , a McGrady  crony,was chosen by McGrady for this mission . McGrady  solved the election tie-vote last year  by ignoring  the 699 votes that Stephen Smith recieved and instead appointed Goodin to the council  having recieved no votes. If Smith had been rightly  allowed in the tie-vote runoff McGrady would not have enough  corrupt votes to push such an ignorant inhumane measure.

If you don’t stop corruption when it starts it just spreads like cancer..

April 10th Rally at City Hall! Throw the Political Bums Out, Not the Homeless!


#HandCuffsForTheHomeless – RepublicanAegis – Juvenile Aberdeen Tea Party Mayor Considers Phony Ordinance To Fine People Living In Tents $50 Per Day!

March 31, 2017


The ice/snow storm scared the tent city homeless out of there tents for a few days . Maybe the fear of jail will scare them away for good? The homeless  are poor, not stupid.  They know that “Being homeless is not a crime”.

Thoughtless council member Sandra Landbeck verbally gave her support for the ordinance in the RepubAegis.. And the Mayor apparently put pressure on his Police Chief to support  his attention-seeking silly political stunt. “Shady” McGrady doesn’t want to deal with a serious problem by building a shelter, he wants to entertain  his wacky political base and  get his picture in the Washington Post, before he is thrown  out of office.  The Repub-Aegis loves this bullshit too—it sells newspapers.

“The poor will always be with us. There is nothing we can do about that.” – Mayor Pat McGrady

“The poor will always be with you,and you can help  them any time you want…”  Jesus

Repub/Aegis – Mayor of Aberdeen Says Aberdeen Has A Bad “Reputation” – The Simple Solution Is To “Fix the Process”! –

March 16, 2017


Maybe Mayor “Shady” McGrady has a bad “reputation”. He “fixed” the runoff election. He “fixed” the homeless p.r. problem in Tent City. He “fixes” all the Town committees/commissions with “crony” appointments. He even fixed the city insurance with a “crony” kickback.

RepublicanAegis -Mayor Pat McGrady Appoints Two Cronies To Aberdeen Planning Commission : Mike Hiob & Jason Kolligs

March 3, 2017


Mayor McGrady has appointed two cronies to the Aberdeen Planning Commission.  Crony number one is Mike Hiob, a former councilman and a failed candidate for mayor. Mr. Hiob was thrown off the Council by voters for his efforts in support of the Wetlands Annexation political shenanigans.

The second McGrady crony appointted to the Planning Commission is Jason Kolligs. He was defeated in the  last election for city council. The Mayor tried to appoint  crony Kolligs to  the city council to fill the  tied-vote empty seat but failed. The seat was later filled by another McGrady crony.



Aberdeen Mayor Patrick McGrady : Put Your “Not On My Watch”Shovel Where Your Mouth Is!

January 24, 2017

In a humble twiter-tweet, the modest Mayor of Aberdeen Pat McGrady said :

“This is what you get with me as Mayor. Somebody calls and tells me there is a dead racoon on W. Bel Air Ave and its been there for a week. Its making Aberdeen look bad .

NOT ON MY WATCH!!!!!”” Dec 12, 2016) (The  Mayor removes the racoon with his own shovel!)

On the Other Hand: We have an encampment of homeless citizens in tents off Roger Street near the city library. The public cries out . How can this be. It makes Aberdeen look like a heartless place to live. A community that does not care about the poor. A town that cares more about a dead racoon then creating a shelter from the storm for the unfortunate.  Where is the Mayor with his “Can Do” shovel.  The homeless have’nt been out on the street for a mere week. They’ve been  there since at least last Spring, I’ve been told.  Where is the sense of urgency from the Mayor and the City Council. Where is  the ” we all have to do our part” spirit  when it comes to the homeless. The Mayor and City Council have passed the buck to the do-little County govt and have forgotten about there own elected responsibility. Aberdeen needs  a  year round homeless shelter . But it defintely needs an emergency homeless shelter in the Winter.  Mr. Mayor , spare me the gross details about scooping up the dead racoon and  stop TALKING  about doing something  about the homeless. Put your “not on my watch” shovel where your mouth is.


Republican Aegis – Aberdeen Finally Approves Plan To Address Tied Vote Election – Mayor McGrady Officially The Laziest Mayor In Maryland

December 24, 2016

Aberdeen Mayor McGrady Says “There Is Nothing We Can Do About (the Poor)…” And He Does Nothing! – Councilman Taylor Says We Need A Homeless Commission To Focus On A Strategy To Do Something! – The Rest of The Council Is Asleep At The Wheel Again!

December 16, 2016

taylorSUGGESTION: If the City owns the empty Moose Lodge and you cant find any Moose this winter to put in the lodge then  open up part of the Moose Lodge as a night shelter for the homeless in Tent City. Usually this time of the year the churches take the homeless in for the winter nights. If they are not being contacted or they are not interested then common sense says the City government should seize responsibility for the winter-protection of the homeless on the streets. Then the Mayor/Council should seriously consider Councilman Taylor’s suggestion! Make a plan for the future  homeless problem! The Mayor can get away with stalling a crooked  rigged run-off election but he cant get away with stalling on the winter sheltering of the homeless. Human lives are in jeopardy while the  Mayor  hesitates and the Council procrastinates. “Don’t do something, just stand there” is not an acceptable policy. Merry Christmas!

P.S.  Taylor,Landbeck and Lindecamp all received more votes then the Mayor. Melvin Taylor is actually the President of the Council . His direction should  deserve some council respect.


Republican Aegis -Aberdeen City Govt Finally Gets Ready To Make It Impossible For Mayor Patrick McGrady To Rig Another Tie-Vote Election! Amendments Provide Backup Runoff Elections To Prevent Corrupt McGrady Crony Appoinments!

December 10, 2016



Republican Aegis Endorses Current Bull Shit Plan For Helping The Homeless – Encourage Everybody To Do More And As A Backup Plan Give The Cops Utility Knives To Cut Up Homeless Tents

December 10, 2016

Here’s what happens at the Harford County Dept of Community Services when a person voluteer’s to help the homeless in Harford County. You get a phone call two days later asking for $20.00 for homeless veterans. That’s it. That’s Harford County’s DSC  outreach program.They give your phone number to another organization to beg money from you.

What is Aberdeen Mayor Patrick McGrady’s solution for the homeless ? Last December an angry citizen suggested the govt throw the homeless out of their tent city near the library because it was too close to a school. The Mayors response was to  reword Christian doctrine by saying ” We will always have the poor..but .there is nothing we can do about it…” Then the Mayor urged the angry citizen to join him in trying to find  a  better solution.  Soon after the local police raided the tent city and cut their tents up making them uninhabitable.

A year later the same angry citizen makes the same complaint. And now the Aberdeen Police Chief is in charge of social service outreach  for the homeless. This year the police chief says “Homelessness  is not a crime” and he dedicates his job to protect the homeless. After police harassment didn’t work last year the Mayor & council have  delegated the  whole matter to the Police Social Service Out-Reach Dept.

The Harford County and Aberdeen bullshit solution to homelessness is to keep delegating the responsibility to somebody else. And the  Republican Aegis’s  job is to  endorse this bullshit policy.

There is one Aberdeen  homeless veteran who’s tent is in the woods near Wal-Mart. This homeless vet works at Wal-Mart during the night.  He inhabits his tent during the warmer day hours.  He  is homeless because he is trying to raise money for a vehichle.  Wal-Mart doesn’t pay a living wage so he cant pay rent and raise car money at the same time.  Here might be the solution.  Get the town govt/ Harf DCS  to co-operate with Wal-Mart to build a tent city  near their facility to provide third shift workers for Wal-Mart. Or better yet immediately  pass a Aberdeen City  ordinance requiring Wal-Mart to pay all workers a starting living wage of $15.00 an hour. The homeless who are stuck in the woods are ready to work if given some real social service assistance and a living wage.

Save the homeless! Fight for 15!



RepublicanAegis – Aberdeen Police Chief Henry Trabert Takes The Lead On Dealing With Homeless Problem After Mayor/Council Passed The Buck – Councilman Melvin Talyor Steps Up, Calling For A Homeless Commission To Focus On Finding A Strategy

November 23, 2016













Angry Aberdeen Citizen Wants Town Government To Get Rid Of Tent City Homeless Because They Are An Eyesore In His Mind

November 23, 2016

Mayor Of Aberdeen Says “We’ve Got To Work Together”Even Though We Don’t Have Any Idea What We Are Doing. Essentially Mayor Decides To Do Nothing For Or Against Tent City Homeless. Maybe The Problem Will Just Blow Away Or Freeze Up!

November 23, 2016


Aberdeen Mayor Pat McGrady Rigged The City Council Run-Off Vote And Know He’d Like To Make It Easier Next Time With A Coin Flip

October 24, 2016



RepubAegis – Mayor Of Aberdeen/ – Alt-Rt/TeaParty Republican Pat McGrady Still Endorses Racist, Sexist Bigot For President

October 22, 2016

Mayor Pat-rick McGrady wrote this  Trump endorsement for his mother to sign in the RepubAegis/DodgyDagger but he wouldn’t sign it himself because he would rather just put yard signs up in front of his rehabed empty Church . Do you get the alt-right political ambiguity humor here? He has the same name as his mother!!! Hahahahaha! Repub Wing-Nuts might be un-democratic and racially-challenged but they can be deviously witty! Hahahahahahahaha! Funniest line in the letter is  “A change is coming…”  Its a wordplay on Sam Cooke’s famous old racial equality song.. Hehhehhehhehheh!


McGrady property on W.Bel Air Avenue near Law Street


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