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Harford Sheriff Disagrees With Critical Aegis Editorial And Cartoon – Why Does Gahler Want A Raise After One Bad Year In Office?

February 14, 2017


Amateur Politician Daniel Forte Calls Current Aberdeen City Council A Bunch of Ametur Politicians – If Elected Forte Promises To Stop That Stupid Earth Day Crap , Deal Away With That Dumb Ripken Stadium And Stop That Ridulous City Counsel Fair-Pay Raise

November 2, 2015


Political amateur Daniel Forte , Republican Tea Party  candidate for Aberdeen City Council told The Aegis that he believed  that the  current city council  are  a bunch of amateur politicians. To prove that he could be a better amateur politician Mr. Forte  said his experience with complex international negotiations would make him a better negotiator  concerning  Ripken Stadium future agreements. If all else fails we can always sell the stadium to well-connected developers. Forte wants to also get rid of that stupid Earth Day crap  since global warming is a hoax.. And Forte  who owns homes in Aberdeen., Ocean City and Mexico said we can save a bundle of money if we repeal that fair-pay raise for the City  Counsel..


LWVCandForum – Democrat Jim Thornton – Enough Of The Finger Pointing…We Can Do Better… The County Council Has Not Exercised Their Legislative Powers…They Have Not Used Their Leverage To Deal With Teacher Salaries

September 27, 2014

LWVCandidateForum – Republican Jim McMahon Is Waiting For Superman To Solve County Problems , Defines Next County Executive : “He Is Your Champion! He Is Your Only Champion!” (What Are Taxpayers Paying This Guy To Do?)

September 27, 2014

LWVCandidatesForum – Democrat Gina Kazimir Wants Salary Raises To Begin With Teachers And Other County Employees Not Elected Politicians

September 26, 2014

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