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Real News – The Buttigieg Promise Stumbles Over Racial Injustice

July 3, 2019

WashPost – Southbend Police Officers Fatal Shooting Of Black Man Is Buttigiegs “Nightmare”

June 20, 2019

VF – A Clear Top Four Emerges In Iowa Poll -Biden, Bernie, Warren & Buttigieg

June 11, 2019

WashPost – Meet The GOP Operatives Who Aim To Smear 2020 Democrats But Keep Bungling It

June 5, 2019





VF – Pete Buttigieg: I’m Not Afraid Of A Hack TV Celebrity And A Guy Who Faked Bone Spurs

May 25, 2019

VF – Hollywood Doners Love Buttigieg But Will Settle For Biden!

May 21, 2019

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