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MarylandReporter – TeaParty Republican Patrick “Shady” McGrady RINOs Audry Scott In Race For Pipkin Senate Seat, And RINOs Delegate Steve Hershey For Voting On Two Bills With Democrats, Complains of Outside Influence While Using Outside Influence,

August 26, 2013


WYPR – Tea Party Republican Sen. E.J. Pipkin Retires And Goes To Dallas After Telling Repubs In Spring That Maryland Has Been Kidnaped And Held Hostage By Dems

August 19, 2013

GazetteNet – Pipkin And Jacobs Elected To State Senate Minority Leadership

January 21, 2011

BrinkleyReplacesJacobsAsMinorityWhipHarfobama   JacobsReplacesKittlemanAsMinorityLeaderGazetteNet

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