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WashPost – Racially Challenged Maryland Prosecutor Renews Harassment Misconduct Case Against Former Pocomoke Police Chief

May 15, 2019

Daily Times – Racist City In Maryland Pays Out $650K In Racial Discrimination Suit – Ex- Pocomoke Cops In Civil Rights Suit Reach Settlement

March 29, 2019


Racist City of Pocomoke, Maryland Under Scrutiny For Firing First Black Police Chief In 2015!

January 8, 2019

RealNews – Md. Prosecutors Abruptly Cancel Arraignment of Pocomokes First Black Sheriff

August 26, 2016

Pocomoke, Maryland – The Most Racist City (Town) In Maryland

July 24, 2016


Real News – 06/07/16 -Feds Don’t Buy Pocomoke’s Justification For Firing First Black Police Chief

July 23, 2016



Racist Pocomoke City Gov (Md) Indicts Their Former Black Police Chief – White Man Revenge For Uppity-Behavior ? Or Just Black Lives Don’t Matter?

July 21, 2016


RealNews – Lawsuit Alleges Retalitation Prompted Firing of Pocomokes First Black Police Chief

January 27, 2016

WashPo/DeneenBrown – 3 Officers File Suit Against Pocomoke City, Md Allege Racial Discrimination

January 22, 2016


WBOC – Lawsuit Alleges Racial Hostility Against Pocomoke Officers

January 22, 2016

TheRealNews – NAACP Plans March In Pocomoke

November 17, 2015

LESNews/WashPost – Pocomoke City Leadership Continues To Target Black Officers – African American Officer Says N-Word Complaint Led To His Firing

November 7, 2015



TheRealNews – Pocomoke City Officials Get Testy As Black Residents Demand Accountability

October 1, 2015

RealNewsNetwork – Illegal Secret Pocomoke Meetings Should Void Illegal Firing Of First Black Police Chief

August 21, 2015

RealNewsNetwork – ACLU Files Second Open Meeting Complaint Against Pocomoke City – Council Woman Gives Inside Story Of Secret Illegal Meeting Leading To Firing of Black Police Chief

August 21, 2015


Real News – Passions Erupt As Pocomoke Officials Stonewall On Black Police Chief Firing , Mayor Bruce Morrison Says “I Am Not A Racist!” But “Hiring Chief Sewell Back. I Dont See That Happening.”

August 8, 2015

NYTimes – Racism In Pocomoke: No Longer The Friendliest City On The Shore – Pocomoke City Fires Its Black Police Chief And Exposes A Racial Rift

August 4, 2015 03chief-01-master675 00POCOMOKEWEB2-articleLarge

LowerEasternShoreNews – Neo-Confederate Democracy On Eastern Shore – Pocomoke Mayor Threatens To Fire Any City Employee Who Signs Pettition To Reinstate Police Chief Sewell Or Petition For Mayor To Resignn

July 27, 2015


WashPost/DeNeen L. Brown – Justice Dept Scrutinizes Firing of Black Police Chief In Pocomoke, Maryland

July 27, 2015


RealNewsNetwork – Pocomoke Black Police Chief Makes Community Policing Work—Gets Fired

July 26, 2015

RealNewsNetwork – Pocomoke Community Calls For Mayors Resignation

July 26, 2015

WashPost/WRDF/LESNews/SBYNews – Pocomoke City Council Sacks Black City Police Chief For Refusing To Dismiss Two Black Officers Who Filed EEOC Complaints About Racially Hostile Work Environment

July 19, 2015


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