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Larry Sabato / Center For Politics Crystal Ball / Univ of Va- Hillary Will Win Presidency With At Least 293 Electoral Votes to Trumps 214 With Still 31 Toss-Ups

November 4, 2016


Pragmatic Political Prognosis Crystal Ball Election Forecast – County Council President Democratic Primary – Jim Thornton Wins 60%+ Of Vote

June 19, 2014

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Pragmatic Political Prognosis Crystal Ball Election Forecast – County Council Republican Primary Distict E – Tea Party Libertarian Dan Lambros Wins With 39% of Vote (Five Way Race) – Affable Factor Wins The Day

June 19, 2014


Pragmatic Political Prognosis Crystal Ball Election Forecast (PPP-CBEF) – State Senate Democratic Primary Race Dist 34 – Arthur Helton Wins With 52% Of Vote – County Council President Republican Primary Race Robert Wagner Wins With 53% Of Vote – Citizens Against Eva Mar Endorsement Makes Significant Differance In Outcome

June 19, 2014


Political Prognostications – Tea Party Republican Patrick “Shady” McGrady Will Not Become Mayor of Aberdeen, He Will Lose In An Embarassing Landslide…Its The Demographics…And McGrady Has No “Common Sense”

October 12, 2011


HarfObama/ Political Crystal Ball* – Maryland State Senate – Art Helton 51% – Nancy Jacobs 49%

October 31, 2010

MdElectionCenter/JacobsCampaignContributions      SenateDist34VotingHistory*”Arthur Helton recieved a write-in vote for Senate in District 34 even though he was on the ballot, bringing his Harford County  Election day total to 12,041. Harford chose Helton over Jacobs who garnered 11,935 votes but was defeated  when Cecil County overwhelmingly selected Jacobs” The dagger , Nov 7,2010

HarfObama/ Political Crystal Ball – House of Delegates Dist 34A – Mary-Dulany James 33% – Marla Posey-Moss 27% – Partrick McGrady 23% – Glenn Glass 17%

October 31, 2010


General Election Results: *Mary-Dulany James (12,639) 29.22%; Marla Posey-Moss (9745) 22.5%; *Glen Glass (10,931) 25.27%; Pat McGrady (9188) 22.86%


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