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The Sun – Ryden Behind In Polls Smears Peisinger With Campaign Mailer Lies About Freddy Gray Case! Ryden Appeals To The Racially Challenged Republican Voter With Guilt By Association Gambit!

June 17, 2018



Q: What do Mosby and Peisinger have in common?

  A: They are human beings fighting crime in Baltimore , that sometimes differ on who should or shouldn’t be prosecuted !

NewYorker -How the First Amendment Applies To Trumps Lying Tweets About Obama

March 22, 2017

Politi-Fact : Trump Speech : 51 Lies in 61 Minutes

March 1, 2017


WashPost – Donald Trump Continues To Lie, Pretending He Saved Lincoln/Ford Jobs In Kentucky – Unlike George Washington, Trumps Motto Is “I Cannot Tell The Truth!”

November 23, 2016


Del. M-D James Looks Despearate, Goes Negative On Helton! Do Internal Polls Show She Is Losing??? Sophomoric Smear Ad Looks Like the Work of Devious Republican Joe Snee!!!

June 4, 2014



Del. M-D James is getting desperate. Has internal polling shown that she is behind? There’s only ten days until early primary voting.  Her first five or six mailers emphasize positive messages about jobs and education. But number seven goes nutty negative. It claims that Helton “didn’t do his job  1,019 times”, because he “skipped 1,019 votes as Senator” in eight years. When you go to there “get the facts”website  there are no facts, just the same unverified claim. This is cheap sleazy smear politics. It appears James has turned over her campaign to sleazeball wannabe Republican Mike Hiob and/or cunning real time Republican boss Joe Snee.  M-D James has given up on honesty and integrity!

DodgyDagger/Friends of Helton – Four Pinocchios – Del. M-D James Lies About Her Role In Bringing State Road Repair Funding To Harford

May 18, 2014


BorowitzReport/NewYorker – Debate Victory Validates Romney Strategy Of NonStop Lying

October 6, 2012

NYMag – John Heilemann – Mitt Romney “Etch-A-Sketches” THe First Debate

October 6, 2012

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