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MarylandMatters- Hogan-Jealous Race – Hogan Ahead in Polls But Behind On The Issues

September 20, 2018

CommonDreams – Poll Shows Sanders Widening LeadIn Wisconsin

March 30, 2016


Stephen Colbert – Republicans Panic, Trump Back Up To 42% In New Primary Voter Poll

November 19, 2015

MarylandJuice/ Analysis of Governors Race And Suspicious Untransparent Republican Poll / Turnout Modeling And Sampling Data Not Available!

August 25, 2014




ThePhoenix – Nate Silver Explains Everything

November 6, 2012

New Poll Finds Romney Still Losing Presidential Race

October 1, 2012

NYTimes/Charles Blow – Operation Ostrich: Romney Is Losing Badly In The Polls So Republicans Respond By Attacking The Polls

September 30, 2012

The Nation – Despite Media Predictions Polls Across The Board Show Big Obama Lead

September 10, 2012

NatlReview – Top Romney Advisor Says Reports That Romney Campiagn Knows It Is Losing And That Ohio Is Slipping Away Is “Horse Shit”

September 10, 2012

Five Thirty Eight Political Forecast – 09/08/12

September 9, 2012

PoliticsDaily – Md Gov O’malley Says WashPost Surge Poll (O’Malley 52%, Ehrlich 41%) Is Just A ‘Snapshot’ Of The Race, Ehrlich Goes Berserk And Says ‘No’ It Can’t Be True, WasPost Polls Were The Most Accurate in 2006 Because They Did Not Underestimate Black Voter Turnout (25% of Dem Vote In 2006)

September 30, 2010


WashPost – Poll Shows O’Malley Surging Ahead in Md. Governors Race, (52% t0 41%)

September 29, 2010


Larry Sabato Political Crystal Ball ’08

October 31, 2008


Larry Sabato Predicts Obama Electoral Victory Over McCain 318 to 171 With N.Dakota, Missouri, Ohio, and N. Carolina Still Toss-Ups

October 25, 2008

Sabato\”s CrystalBall

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