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TheObserver* – Jesse Colvin , Neo-Conservative Democrat Running For Congress In Marylands First District, Refuses To Use Google After Social Media Corporation Droped Its DOD Drone Contract

June 2, 2018



Jessie Colvin, a neo-conservative Democrat and ex-military drone intel officer, was angered and upset when he read The Intercept  story that Google planned to stop its  Project Maven drone contract next year with the DOD .

Colvin was so upset that he promised to stop using Google in protest of their decision. He firmly stated  that he was considering using Yahoo in the future.


Mr. Colvin also stated that the Google matter although disconcerting would in no way effect his campaign for Congress in Marylands  first district.

Colvin said he would still fight his uphill battle to convince Democratic voters to support his carpet bagging campaign to put a Baltimore born and raised citizen into  Congress representing the citizens of the Upper Bay and Eastern Shore of Maryland.

Colvin pointed out that he has raised half a  million dollars from NY, DC and Baltimore to convince the voters that he is the best outsider candidate in the Democratic primary.

He also wants to remind voters that he is the only candidate running in the primary that did four tours of duty in Afghanistan even though he had no idea why we are in Afghanistan.

Colvin  explained in his boring nasal-drone voice that he always had the First Congressional district in his heart and mind ever since he went to Ocean City in 1998 for Summer vacation.


*The Observer was the name of Russell Bakers political humor column in the NYTimes in the 1960’s

Steve Johnson Bumped Into Mary D. James In Annapolis This Past March In A Highly Organized Political Arrangemet! – Aberdeen’s Democratic Political Boss Art Helton Arranged A Political-Ticket Marriage Between Johnson And James When They Both Decided To Register For Running For Political Office! Is it A Political-Ticket Made In Heaven or One Made In Hell??!

April 10, 2018

f12d95d4bfbc479782895c1163217f75  Can  Steve Johnson, running for House of Delegates,  save Mary D James’s questionable political  reputation as she tries  a dubious do-over Senate race? Or will James’s defective character drag down Johnson’s character and vote totals in his  June political primary?


James’s political campaign was crushed in 2014 by 15 points,  in her bid for the State Senate when she ran against   Far-Right Republican Conservative Bob Cassilly.   James loss was  due mainly to her political reputation as an ethically and racially challenged Democrat.

She wanted to ride to victory on her fathers reputation as  a common sense moderate State Senator sixty plus years ago. But the Democrats and Independent voters didn’t buy it in 2014.

They didn’t buy it because James is a reactionary political weather vane.  And   Dems and Indies have not forgot  or forgiven James’s for her corrupt shenanigans?

James must have forgot that she wasn’t very popular back in Aberdeen in 2014 where she tried to politically black mail the town government into giving her law firms client ( an upscale CCRC*) an undeserved tax break for the promise to fight for a hotel tax for Harford County.

It was James’s job as elected official to work for the hotel tax.  But she misused her elected political position to bargain for the economic gain of  the her law firm. This was out and out political corruption.

James also made political enemies  with a large number of Southern Harford voters when  her chief of staff became involved in  a bloody drunken  fight  in Del. James’s Annapolis  office four years ago and then  blamed the assault  on an imaginary “6 foot two black man”.

James never publicly apologized for the racist drunken  incident and it was never clear whether she fired her political aide.

And to add insult to injury Mary D. James’s  formidable opponent in her upcoming Democratic primary is her once good friend  and hard working Democratic Party work horse Barbara Osborne Kreamer.  Elected 5 times in a row to the Harford County Democrat  Central Committee (HCDCC) she is the stalwart face of the progressive values of the Harford Democratic party for the past four decades.

Has James  got a political chance against Kreamer ?

Who will the Dems pick in their political primary ? The flawed but talented engaged progressive workhorse or the corrupt entitled bored conservative  show horse?



Resist the good old boy Democratic political bosses in Annapolis and Aberdeen!  Defy the reactionary conservatism and white supremacy of the  Harford Republican Trump Party.

*CCRC (Continuing Care Retirement Community)


Harford County Sheriff Jeff Gahler Opposes Free Speech If He Disagrees With It! Burns His Raven Jerseys In Protest Of The “Treasonous” First Amedment!

April 6, 2018

Reliable Sources – Trump State Department Considering Nominating Aberdeen Mayor Patrick McGrady To North Korean Negotiating Team!

October 9, 2017

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is seriously considering the first term Mayor of Aberdeen, Patrick McGrady for  a position on his North Korean Negotiating Team. After reading about McGradys “hardball” negotiating tactics over the Ripken Stadium Deal President Donald Trump tweeted ” Mayor McGrady of Aberdeen is the perfect man we need to deal  with Rocket Man!”

The unpopoular Republican Mayor of Aberdeen, Maryland caught the attention of the President and Secretary Tillerson in a little read news story in a newspaper called The Aegis published some where in Bel Air, Maryland in a quaint little county called Harford.

The Aegis on Friday, October 7, 2017 published a letter sent to the City of Aberdeen by the Ripken brothers concerning the forever on-going negotiations  over the local minor league baseball stadium contract.  In the seventh paragraph of the historic letter the Ripkens said:

In one of the first negotiating sessions with SMG, their lead negotiator said, “We strongly encourage you to take this deal because the Mayor has a nuclear weapon he wants to throw your way if you dont.”

This one sentence sent a message around the the internet from Facebook to  Twitter to Instagram to Reddit and back to Twitter . Some how it landed on President Trumps very own twitter feed and President Trump immediately tweeted: “Here is the negotiator I’ve been looking for! I’ll bet they wont call me a moron if I get this son of a bitch on my negotiating team.”

The President called  Secretary Tillerson and demanded he put this Mayor Patrick McGrady on the State  Department negotiating team.

At this time there is no word from the Mayor of Aberdeen if he has been contacted yet by the State Department .The State Department refused comment.




Boss Tweed Society* – Aberdeen , Maryland Mayor Patrick McGrady Wins The 2017 Boss Tweed Award For Most Undemocratic Mayor In Maryland (MUM-IM)

August 29, 2017


Congratulations  Aberdeen, Maryland Mayor Patrick McGrady  for wining the 2017 Boss Tweed Award for the Most Undemocratic Mayor In Maryland Award. You earned it!

First, you earned it for introducing legislation in the Aberdeen City Council to fine homeless citizens of Aberdeen $50 per day for living in a tent within the city limits of Aberdeen.

When the Aberdeen and Harford community learned of your cruel and inhuman response to homelessness in Aberdeen they rallied in a outburst of democratic rage at  a City Council meeting with reason and compassion that overflowed the City chambers.

The Mayor had to stop the citizen testimony against the Mayor’s despotic proposal  after an hour and a half of negative  comments and call for a vote to” kill” the measure.

Democracy prevailed but the Mayor came out looking like the  corrupt heartless undemocratic  bastard that he is.

Second, you earned it for opposing democratic reform of the Aberdeen charter.

When the City Council voted democraticly for the Charter Reform you then  tried to overide the Council  vote by attempting  to get citizens to  put the democratic reform to referendum.

Then when you lost the the referendum petition drive you complained that  the referendum process was unfair.

Wow! You are the most undemocratic mayor in Maryland. Once again , congratulations!. You earned it! It is hoped that the voters of Aberdeen will remember your despotic undemocratic nature at the next election.

*Boss Tweed Society is a political satire, political humor, political joke

Atomic Blonde : Allison Galbraith For Congress (MD1)

July 27, 2017



Graphics/Research – C.Jones

Political Oops! Georgia Voters Were Confused In 6th District Special Congressional Election. Most Karen Handel Voters Thought They Were Voting For Texas Actress Margo Martindale!

June 22, 2017

What If The Republican Aegis Wasn’t Such A Dodgy Newspaper!

May 27, 2017


Hometown Girl Makes Good!  Runs For U.S. Congress In First District!   Attacks Republican   Incumbent Andy Harris  For His Support of  Heartless TrumpCare! Releases Devastating Attack Ad On Harris’s Political Chicanery!


“The Thing To Do?” – McGrady Angry Mob Doesn’t Get Enough Signatures On Petitions —–Takes The Law Into Their Own Hands!

May 25, 2017



Post from Dodgy Dagger :


Alternative Funny – KellyAnne Conway (Fitzgerald) Is A Disgruntled Failed Comediane And Singer (Circa 1988)

January 25, 2017

Best Travel Gun Self Protection During the Trump Era – All Guns Are Available At Your Local Wal-Mart! (BTX3 Believes The Trump Era/Reich Will Devolve Into Major Street Violence Fighting Within The Next Year)

December 6, 2016

Btx3's Blog

With the thousands of hate crimes committed by racist Trump followers since the election, it has become increasingly obvious it is up to minorities to protect themselves.

Here are a few good choices for concealed carry weapons.


This is the SCCY CPX-II. It is relatively new to the market. It carries 11 rounds in a 10+1 configuration of 9mm ammo. It is also one of the more inexpensive guns in his class. What I like about it is there are no exterior bumps or controls to snag on a holster or in your pocket in an emergency, and the 11 round capacity. In general, “carry” pistols are not very accurate. They are designed for close range, no more than 10-15′. The large capacity makes up for that. This gun does not have a safety, and to compensate for that it has a heavy trigger pull (9 lbs)…

View original post 739 more words

Mayor Of Aberdeen Says “We’ve Got To Work Together”Even Though We Don’t Have Any Idea What We Are Doing. Essentially Mayor Decides To Do Nothing For Or Against Tent City Homeless. Maybe The Problem Will Just Blow Away Or Freeze Up!

November 23, 2016


LSS – TeaParty Corruption – Jason Kolligs Celebrates Being Nominated To Aberdeen City Council: “To Hell With Elections And Voters! I Came In 8th In The Election But My Buddy McGrady Has Nominated Me To Fill The Fourth Council Seat”

January 13, 2016


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