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Kreamer vs. McGrady: McGrady Won’t Reduce Property Tax As He Promised, City Surplus Mounts Up

June 5, 2016

Jason Kolligs, Tea Party Republican, Says He Is Running For Aberdeen City Council As A Disabled Veteran So He Can Propose Legislation For Property Tax Credits For Veterans And Especially For For Disabled Veterans

November 2, 2015


I believe that our taxes can and should be lower. The property taxes paid in Aberdeen do not reflect the level of services provided for our residents” Jason Kolligs – The Aegis, 10/23/15 – Byrna Zumer, Nine  Candidates Run For Aberdeen Council

The Aegis reports that : “Kolligs also said the city needs better businesses and could work to retain veterans by offering property tax credits, especially to disabled veterans.”


Barbara Kreamer , Candidate For Aberdeen City Council Says Town Property Tax Should Be Lowered To 50 Cents

November 1, 2015



     Barbara Kreamer is an experienced politician and a amiable political gadfly. She was a state delegate and a County Council member for southern Harford. She told the Aegis (Nine Candidates, 10/23/15):  “We have a council that is too willing to go along with the executive. The  council needs to maintain checks and balances.” Kreamer has forcefully and thoughtfully argued that we need a lower property tax to be economically competive with Bel Air and Havre de Grace. She told The Aegis “I think people in Aberdeen need someone who is looking out for there everyday interests”     Dedicated to the public interest Kreamer  believes .”with a good government next time,we could really make a difference for the future of the town…I would like to be a part of the solution”

05/2015 – Barbara Kreamer, Candidate For Aberdeen City Council, Questions High Property Tax And Budget Discrepencies

October 14, 2015



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