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WashPo – Supreme Court Sustains Lower Court Ruling That North Carolina Photo ID Voter Law Is Illegal And Racist!

May 16, 2017




TheDailyBeast -Trumps Chief Advisor Steve Bannon In College Was A Greatful Dead Fan, A Jerry Brown Liberal And A Ladies Man – Now He’s A Hard Right White Nationalist Racist! What The Hell Happen?

March 15, 2017




Time Magazine – President Steve Bannon? The Great Manipulator -Chief White House Advisor – White Supremacist

February 4, 2017

Rachel Maddow – Anti-Trump Backlash Bigger Than Tea Party Racist Backlash

February 2, 2017

Southern Poverty Law Center – White Nationalists Rejoice Trumps Appointment Of Racist Steve Bannon As Chief White House Strategist

November 15, 2016


C-Span/WashJournal – Trump Names Priebus and Bannon To Top White House Jobs – Bannon Is A White Nationalist Alt-Right (Racist)CEO of Breitbart News

November 15, 2016




Harford Republicans Elected Officials Refuse To Dump Racist And Sexist Donald Trump – Will Common Sense Republican Voters And The Republican Aegis Follow Them Into The Alt-Right/TeaParty/ White Nationalist (Racist) Swamp???????

October 23, 2016



SocialView – Trump Humiliated By Reporter Who Asks ” Why are you a racist and sexist?”

October 23, 2016

Alt-Right/Tea Party Republican Aberdeen (Md) Mayor Patrick McGrady Continues To Endorse Racist, Misogynist Bigot Donald Trump For President With Yard Sign In Front of His Properties on Bel Air Ave Near Law Street!

October 10, 2016


Harford County Republicans have pulled down Donald Trumps billboard campaign sign at Republican HQ in Bel Air on Route 1. Harford Republicans have pulled down Donald Trumps billboard sign on Rte 22 at Shucks Corner Rd near Harford Community College. But Tea Party/Alt Right Republican Aberdeen Mayor Patrick McGrady continues to endorse Donald Trump for President with his yard sign on his renovated church property on Bel Air Ave (near Law Street). McGrady continues to endorse  a known racist and misogynist bigot.When will Mayor McGrady act like a comunity leader and face moral and political reality??????/

September 9th, 2016                           October 9th, 2016

Breaking News: Aberdeen’s (Md) Alt-Right/Tea Party Republican Mayor Endorses Racist Bigot Donald Trump For President!

September 16, 2016



On September  15. 2016  Aberdeen’s Far Right Republican Mayor Patrick McGrady used his  renovated church on W. Bel Air Ave. to   endorse his  political preference  for President. A  yard sign was placed in front of the church sidewalk indicating that  the Tea Party/Alt-Right Mayor has chosen to support the Republican racist and bigot, Donald Trump.

McGrady who only won 34% of the vote in his race for Mayor  has now totally secured himself  a one-term legacy as Mayor. As Mayor ,his first decision in office was to corrupt the Aberdeen democratic process by rigging a tie-election  council seat  runoff-vote. McGrady nominated a Republican crony who was not even  involved in the tie-vote.   The Mayor  refused to consider nominating  a qualified  Democratic candidate who tied in the election.  Mr.McGrady said he  didn’t like the Democrat. After 5 months of political stalemate in a matter that should have properly and fairly  taken only ten days to work out, the city council compromised by  caving in and voting  2 to 1 to support  an illegal candidate.


DianeRehm/WAMU – The Rise of the Alt-Right Movement And The Donald Trump Campaign

August 31, 2016

Pocomoke, Maryland – The Most Racist City (Town) In Maryland

July 24, 2016


TheIntercept/RobertMackey – Paul Ryan Calls Donald Trump Comments Racist But Urges Folks To Vote For Him Anyway

June 7, 2016


AegisPhoto – Mayor Of Aberdeen Was Once Pals With White Nationalist John Stortstrom, Vice-President of Route 40 Republican Club

April 15, 2016


Patrick McGrady, Tea Party Republican and current Mayor of Aberdeen ,( Maryland) examines assault rifle in front of Bel Air Courthouse (Gun Rally) . The assault rifle was part of a raffle to raise money for the racially-insensative Route 40 Republican Club. Standing beside Mr. McGrady is the ex-vice-president of the Route 40 Republican Club , John Stortstrom who was revealed to be a “white nationalist” by the Southern Poverty Law Center.. The Route 40 Republican Club was also notorious for inviting Matthew Heimbach to speak before the club. Heimbach is a white nationalist and neo-nazi and currently a supporter of Donald Trump. He became infamous recently when he manhandled  a black female protestor at a  Trump rally. (





WashPost – Matthew Heimbach Is Back In The News – White Nationalist Is A Friend Of the Racist Route 40 Harford Republican Club

April 15, 2016





PapaLonglegs – SNL: Larry David Calls Donald Trump A Racist

November 9, 2015


The White-Nationalist Friendly Route 40 Republican Club Is Now The Route 40 Republican Party. President Fred Mullis , White-Nationalist Vice President John Stortstrom And Treasurer Patricia Scott Have Been Replaced But Is the Club/Party Still A Nest Of Racists?

August 28, 2015




Fortunes Fool: The Life of John Wilkes Booth –

April 15, 2015


ThinkProgress – Romney “No Ones Ever Asked To See My Birth Certificate” – Just A Little Joke Or Racist Dog Whistle?

August 25, 2012

AnswerCoalition – Group Plans To Protest Racist Delegate Pat McDonough – June 23, 2012 – 730PM – WCBM Radio – Pikesville, Md

June 22, 2012

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