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The Sun Editorial – County Exec Barry Glassman Joins The Demagogues To Fight Muslim Funded Developement In Joppatowne! Thanks Ba-a-a-rry!

November 1, 2017


Democracy Now – Jeremy Scahill Says Trump Team Is A Billionare Cabal of Religious Extremists,Privatization Advocates & Racists

January 27, 2017

FullFrontal/SamBee – Fake News Real Consquences

December 6, 2016

Full Frontal/Sam Bee – Feeling Alt-Right (Part 2)

November 1, 2016

SamBee/FullFrontal – Feelin Alt-Right

November 1, 2016

Think Progress – Hillary Clinton Speech On Trump Mainstreaming The AltRight Racist Hate Movement And the Republican Response (Silence!)

August 27, 2016


Full Frontal/Samantha Bee – It Use To Be That Brits Just Drove On The Wrong Side of the Road , Now Theyve Voted For Brexit!

June 29, 2016


CoulterWatch – Anne Coulter Supports Trump, Defames American Heroes, Insults Mexicans

July 21, 2015

warheroes 19727663431_369fd0ccec_m19388279780_e02b961532_m

DodgyDagger/ CoverUp – Fred Mullis, President of Rte40RepubClub (RFRC), Runs For School Board (Dist A) Against Jensen Robinson, Dagger Forgets To Point Out Mullis White Supremacist Friends Matt Heimbach And John Stortstrom (VP of RFRC)

April 29, 2014




Bill Maher – 04/25/14 – Maybe the GOP Should Stop Courting Racists

April 27, 2014

ThePhoenix – Racist, Reality-Challenged, Republican Bigots

June 17, 2011


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